Official Past Race Times


In an effort of FULL DISCLOSURE on my blog, I thought it was time to disclose ALL of my past marathon/half-marathon times so that you can see exactly what I’m talking about when I say that I am on the UPSWING of my running career..even though I’m getting “OLDER”…

But, Hey guess what?! I’m also getting BETTER the older I get!! See for yourself!
Here’s the not so good,the bad, and the improvements! No judging, please!

Official Race PR’s
Marathon: Baystate 2014: 3:28:07 (the first BQ!)
Half Marathon: 2014: Half By The Sea: 1:35:56
5k: 20:07 (Hinkley Allen Manchester 5k)
5 Miler:34:55 (Marathon Sports 5 miler)

All race times:

Baystate Marathon:
this course is beautiful, scenic, and completely flat. How can you not do insanely well?!
2011- 4:17:08
2012- 3:54:13
2013- 3:47:35
2014- 3:28:07 ***Current PR, 1st BQ

Boston Marathon:
2006: I have tried to find my official time for this marathon.. I know it was over 6 1/2 hours, but recorded times stop at 6..
Soo… Yeah. I’m going to be kind to myself and say “6 1/2”
2008: 5:27:06
2009: 5:38:58
2010: 5:28:54
2011: 5:01
2012: 4:59:53 (keep in mind- this was the year of the was a 90 degree day.. I would’ve finished by 4:15 if it hadn’t been SO HOT!)
2013: projected finished time: 4:08:07..but..I never got to finish… I was less than a tenth of a mile away from finishing when the first bomb went off..and about 15 feet away when the 2nd went off. For a quick reference on this, see this post. Or this post . I also think the projected time is incorrect-it would have been 3:57-3:58.
2014: 4:29:49 (not my day)
2015: 3:30:46

Hyannis Marathon:
2014- 3:45:45.

New York City Marathon:
I would really like to do this again someday. I was SO SICK that day. Imagine all the worst stomach problems along with some other unfun surprises. It was awful. The only thing that got me to the finish line was knowing my girl Jenny was waiting for me!

Eastern States 20 Miler:
2008- 3:49:14

Stu’s 30k
2015: 2:42:37

Half marathons:
Applefest Half Marathon:
2013: 1:43:01 4th in AG

Big Lake Half Marathon:

Duxbury Half Marathon:
2015: 1:37:01, 2nd in AG, 5th Female

Funky Kingston Half
2014: 1:52:14

Great Bay Half Marathon:

Hyannis Half Marathon:

Half By The Sea:
2014: 1:35:56 (Current PR) ***2nd OVERALL FEMALE

Jingle Bell Half Marathon
2014: 1:37:48 *2nd in AG

Manchester Half Marathon:
2007- 2:26:07

Moose on The Loose Half Marathon:
2014-1:46:11 **not a PR BUT -I won my age group!

Narragansett Summer Half Marathon
2014: 1:45:48
2015: 1:42:47. 1st in AG

New Bedford Half Marathon:
2015: 1:42:47

Triple Threat Half Marathon:
2014:1:41:11 (5th in my age group)

Wolf Hollow Half Marathon:
2013: 1:51:35
2014: 1:42:14


7/3: Hinkley ALlen Manchester 5k 20:50.8*2nd in AG!
8/26: Good Times 5k. 21:23, **Third Woman Overall.

3/28: Jig & Jog 5k: 23:35. 1st place & 1st overall finisher.
5/5: (Good Times 5k Series) Cinco Devine-21:03, 3rd Women Overall
5/26: (Good Times 5k Series) Christmas in May 5k, 21:55, 4th Woman overall, 1st in AG
6/13: Run For Lyme Disease 5k: 21:37, 1st female, 2nd Overall finisher
7/3: Hinkley Allen Manchester 5k: 20:07. 2nd in AG, 7th Female

5 Milers:
2014 Marathon Sports 5 Miler-34:55

2014-THanks4Giving 10k: 46:443 *2nd in AG, 5th female



8 thoughts on “Official Past Race Times

  1. My first time here. I just ran my first half, great bay half marathon holy cow was it hard. Doing wallis sands tomorrow.

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