Top posts/Favorites

The posts below are a few of my posts that got the most traffic. I hope you enjoy!!

My favorite posts:
First run, getting it done, and are you ready for the best story ever?
Proud to be a Kids at Heart/Boston Children’s Hospital Runner, and proud to be returning to the starting line on 4/21/14
Transformation Tuesday

My tips on getting faster:
1. Out of your comfort zone
2. Getting Faster

Thought provoking running posts:
1. Does life get in the way of running, or running in the way of life?
2. Expertise: What is an expert runner?

Funny/Inspiration Runner Things:
1. The Aftermath of After the Marathon
2. The UN-Wave-ing Runner and Friday Laughs
3. Ten Things I learned from my first marathon
4. We are warriors.
5. Some Things you ought to know about marrying/dating a runner…
6. The top five Weirdest/funny/sometimes annoying things that people have asked me regarding running…
7. Funny things that NON running people (and friends) ask me
8. You might be a runner if…
9. Things that make you cry while you survive life after a marathon

Truth in body image:
1. Four Words you will never hear me say
2. You don’t look like a runner
3. In my own skin
4. Be Girly.
5. You do to look like a runner #2

Boston Marathon
1.My first boston marathon
2. My SIL just sent me a text..and it might just be..THE.BEST.TEXT.EVER..
3. How do you run so many Boston Marathons without Qualifying?
4. 4-15-13
5. Kiss my Ass Rolling Stone

Training Tips
1. Training for a half or a full marathon? Some tips for the big day..
2. To get new shoes, or not: how do I know when to change them?
3. How to be a better runner (or better at whatever sport you choose)
4. Things I did right during my last race

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