Since the weather has been so delightful lately and spring is on its way-I thought I would give a shout out to my very favorite running skirt: The Lioness!!

It’s no secret that I love Skirt Sports and their Lioness Skirt. I’ve been an ambassador for this incredible company since the fall of 2014. I love everything about the company: the people who run it, their constant devotion to empowering women, and their products. 

I discovered Skirt Sports and the Lioness skirt by accident during a weekend away back in August 2014. My husband and I had taken an anniversary vacation to the gorgeous Wentworth by the Sea. 

Now, let me tell you, before I found Skirt Sports, I did not like running skirts and couldn’t picture myself in one. I thought it would make me less girly and like I was trying too hard to show that I’m a girl who is out there running.

I had been searching for a while for an awesome pair of shorts with a bunch of pockets. I wanted something to stuff my GUs in for long runs so I didn’t have to wear a wrist pocket or my flip belt. Less is more!!! On our travels, we stopped at Runners Alley in downtown Portsmouth Nh. I saw this cute little skirt, and I was floored when I lifted up the ‘skirt’ part and saw the two deep side pockets that looked like I could easily fit my phone and a couple GU in there. PLUS— the skirt had a zippered back pocket which i knew I would use to put my housekey/money/debit card. I should’ve just bought the skirt on the spot because zippered pockets actually make me a little too excited…but I didn’t. In my head I kept saying “You don’t like running skirts.”

BUT….After a delicious lunch…I made my husband turn around and buy the skirt that I could not get off of my mind!! I even tried it on back at our hotel in FULL running gear because I was way, way too excited to wear it on a run!


Me in my first skirt!


I test drove the skirt the very next day. It was love at first run, and now I am eating all the words I ever said about running skirts being lame because the Lioness skirt freaking rocks.

Some of my favorite features:

-Comfort. This is very important to me. I love the material-It’s so soft and cozy. It does not chafe me at all. Being that I spend a ton of time in my running clothes, I need them to cause zero pain!! It also doesn’t ride up or need any adjusting. Once I pull the skirt on, it stays exactly where I put it.

-Style. I don’t like longer shorts or longer skirts. I’m a peanut and I like my bottoms to be short and sassy just like me. This skirt is irresistibly flirty. I never worry about it blowing up in the wind and showing my undies, because it has built in shorties underneath. BAM.

-POCKETS. This is my very favorite feature, by FAR. the shorties have two deep side pockets, and the skirt has a back zippered pocket.

This means THREE pockets to put ALL of your stuff in!!!!  Another thing I absolutely love about the pockets is that you can’t tell by looking at me HOW much stuff I actually have crammed inside of them:During the 2015 Boston Marathon, I stuffed 4 GU, my cell phone, portable cell phone charger, phone cord, a key, money, my debit card and some Imodium. (Because you never know). The skirt part is so sassy and bouncy that when you run, it kind of “flutters” around you and you don’t notice the bulging pockets.


I race almost exclusively in this skirt, and do all of my long runs in it. It has every single thing I need during a race/long runs: pockets to hold my endless amounts of stuff, cuteness, and functionality. I also have it in every single color. See below…


For the spring line-Skirt Sports has release 3 amazing new colors..I’ve bought 2/3 so far!

Free Love and Marine/Razz Stardust. I had to own them IMMEDIATELY…

To own your race-perfect skirt, RUN (haha) to the Skirt Sports website! Use code GWR20 for a 20% off discount!


Run Free, Run Strong….And race in Skirt Sports!!!!

xo I’ll be back for an update real soon! 


Amazing Skirt Sports Giveaway!!

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but Kathrine Switzer is one of my heros: She is kind of a Big Deal because she was the very first woman to run the Boston Marathon. I’ve idolized her since the first time I learned of who she was-She had the nerve to stand up to her coach and tell him she HAD to run the marathon. She pissed off her boyfriend when she wouldn’t drop out of the race…and MOST IMPORTANTLY: She showed the officials she was boss when they failed to forcibly remove her.

She made history with only putting “KV Switzer” on her Boston Marathon application, and I doubt even she knew what a mark she would come to have in women’s running, and on women’s rights. For decades, female runners have held her to the utmost standards. She is one of the coolest women of all time, and MOST importantly: SHE IS FEARLESS. (I wrote a big blog post on her here that you can check out if you are interested!) Skirt Sports has a struck a partnership with Kathrine and have formed a whole line around her fearless performance in the 1967 Boston Marathon.

I can gone on and on about how much I Looooove the Skirt Sports company. Now I love them even MORE because they asked me to try out and review one of their top selling products, the 261 Fearless Pullover.

(here she is during the Boston marathon 1967 as officials try to forcibly remove her..she is wearing the now infamous gray sweatshirt!)

Kathrine ran the entire race in her gray sweatshirt and sweat pants (hardly the cute style of running clothes that we see now!) This beautiful pullover by Skirt Sports embodies that cotton sweatshirt, but it’s SO much more/cooler than that: it’s made with a dry wicking material, yet, the outside has a warm fleecy feeling to it, and instead of a “frumpy” sweatshirt look, it’s slimmed down and more fitted.


It is ADORABLE…. my absolutely favorite part? IT HAS POCKETS. I love pockets!!! And there are TWO of them in this jacket!!! And they ZIP so NOTHING will fall out of them!! Ahhhhh!!!!! I totally geek out over pockets, can you tell??


I got this in the mail last Monday and I have worn it every single day since. Once on a chilly walk with my husband, once outside running on a chilly Morning, and pretty much every single night hanging out on my couch because I’m randomly freezing after the sun goes down.

It’s so comfortable and not even a tad bulky. You need in this in your fall/winter running life, trust me. What better time of year than now to invest in a new warm running shirt?

Other cute features?

Mittens on the end of your sleeves! (The ends of the sleeves fold over!)
Thumbholes! (that is another one of my favorite things in long sleeve running shirts! )

It’s V neck! (I love v neck running things)

OKAY …now for the best news!!! Skirt Sports is giving one lucky reader a 261 Pullover! Yay!!!!

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I’ll pick the winner using on Tuesday morning, September 30th!