My Gear/Fuel

For longer runs, I like a more cushioned ride. My #1 shoe is the Brooks Ghost. Currently I’m in the Brooks Ghost 7. I’ve been running in this shoe for years and love it. Each new model of the shoe is more efficient than its predecessor. It’s very cushioned, and comfortable, yet still lightweight. My feet love them! I tend to get about 300 miles out of each pair.

I also run a lot in my Pureflow 2’s. These shoes are really lightweight but still have enough cushion so that my feet feel great on semi-longer runs. I have used them for all types of workouts and have run long runs and marathons in them as well. I typically only get around 150-200 miles out of each pair.

(My top two shoes!)

I also do a lot of speedwork in Brooks Pure Connect 2’s. I like this shoe because I feel like I’m running with nothing on my foot. The mileage for this shoe (for me) is around 150-180 miles per a pair.

GPS Watch:
I have a Garmin Forerunner. Using my Garmin has made me a much better runner. I love seeing my splits and comparing previous runs. I have had a couple of minor glitches with the Garmin software, but overall its been one of the best things I’ve ever owned. IMG_5246

I have the JBL Synchros Reflect BT Headphones. They work great and stay in my ridiculously small ears. My headphones connect by bluetooth to my ipod nano.

-Hydration I use a Camelbak for nearly all of my long runs. I love it! It keeps me hydrated without needing to stop at a store for a drink. The one I have is designed for women and I got it a while ago this one is comparable to my green one.

-Food I’ve tried a lot of different kinds of fuels for long runs-Honey Stinger, Powerbar, and Shot Blocks. My favorite is GU. I like the consistency and I get a solid burst of energy after I take it.

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