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I have only been blogging for a short time and I love it!
Please feel free to reach out with any comments, questions, or funny stories about your own running!

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8 thoughts on “Contact me!

    • I love this comment! I have to tell you that unless I’m doing a long run-I run commando!! However-if I’m doing a long run-I will wear the reebok runderwear…it doesn’t last all that long though-maybe 3/4 months before I need to get a new pair. Considering that I don’t wear them more than once a week-that’s not that long! I’ve never tried another kind though!

  1. Dear Nicole,
    I was inspired by your marathon story over the years. The 2014 Baystate was my Ist marathon (68 year old male). I BQd with 3:55:24. I think I was the the 2nd to last male to BQ in the race. In April 2016 (Boston Marathon) I will be 2 weeks shy of 70! Although happy (relieved), believe or not I was a little disappointed that I did not run faster (like most runners). I lost serious pace over the last 4-5 miles (excuses!: recovering from cold, major head wind), almost a minute per mile, even though my effort seemed the same

    • Sorry … continuation of 2014 experience.. Rod hewick BQ.. How did you train to remain roughly at pace for the last 10k since most training schedules go to only 22 miles, if that.
      Best regards and congrats.

      • Hi Rod! Congrats to you on your BQ! That head wind was really really tough! You did amazing and I think your story is amazing! To be 68 and still
        Marathoning-this is my dream!
        I really focused a lot of energy during training on fast finish long runs-this got my body used to holding my goal marathon pace while being pretty darn tired. I also did a real lot of speedwork over the course of 18 weeks-this helped a lot! My body learned to continuously keep paces for the short distances. I think this helped a lot! I hope this helps you!:)

  2. Great blog! Teacher here as well. What are the usual costs for a Boston Marathon charity? There is nothing I want to do more than run it. I am going for 50 states and want Boston to be one but I will not BQ in my age group…yet…310…Just won’t happen but Im working on it! Congrats on wedding and all your races!

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