A few of my favorite things!

Happy weekend everybody!!! Lately I have been using a few things ALL the time and I wanted to share their awesome-ness with you!!

BUT FIRST. This popped up in my memories -It’s from 2011. My husband built my little a snow fort in the backyard. She was only 4 in this picture and a tenny little thing! I just love this memory and I’m SO THANKFUL that it hasn’t been a bad winter!!!

1.) I would normally NEVER post pictures of underwear BUT I had to tell my runderwear loving friends about these. They are Under Armour and I love them! They’re one size fits all and I love how cozy the material is!

2.) I am OBSESSSSSSED with my Nike Vapor Flash Vest and Nike reflective running tights. They are REALLY expensive, but, in my opinion-totally worth the money (I got them for Christmas!). I will have them for years to come and I try to take really good care of them. This is the only pair of pants that I wear at night/during the morning for outside runs. They are very flattering and I am HIGHLY visible. I’ve been described as looking like I’m wearing “flashlights” while I’m out running!

The vest is fitted but I have found that I can still put a base layer on, comfortably, underneath it and not feel squished or like I’m suffocating. 🙂

I’ve read a lot of reviews on the pants and I was a little skeptical about getting them-A lot of people said that the reflective parts come off in the wash. I wash them inside out on gentle cycle, and I haven’t had any problems!

  Lights on!

Lights off! This is what a car sees when they drive by me. SO MANY LEVELS OF AWESOME!


3.) Nathan Firecatcher Hydration Vest. I bought this as an alternative to my Camelbak. I LOVE my camelback but I often get chafed by it in the summertime so I wanted to find an alternative. This vest came with two front bottles and I bought the bladder for the back of it. I’ve used the bottles before but I prefer the bladder. I think if I was an ultra runner, I would use the bottles too since it would be a piece of cake to refill them at stops.

I still love my camelback a lot, but this vest has yet to chafe me so it’s been the first thing I grab for all of my long runs this winter. I do like the way the Camelbak sits on my back slightly better than the Nathan vest, though.


The vest also has pockets on both sides of the front straps: a pocket and a zippered which is pretty cool!


4.) The Night Runner 270’s. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these. This was another purchase that I was extremely skeptical about. I didn’t know if they were worth the $60, plus there was no store that I could go and check them out at. I don’t like to spend money on a product that I’m not absolutely sure about! I thought the concept of them was really cool and my headlight was uncomfortable & not that bright. I was looking for a better solution for running in the dark and a runner I follow on IG had posted about these.

Whenever I post a picture of them, I get a LOT of questions.  I think the company needs to market themselves a little more & put more info out about their product by way of more videos. (I’ve posted videos on my Instagram before but I don’t have a YouTube channel so I didn’t post it here) Their website is nice, but I think it needs a bit more info about their rockin product because it seems that people are just as skeptical as I am.

But I bought them anyway and hoped for the best. I use them ALL the time. ..morning, night: it doesn’t matter. They are rechargeable (love that) and you plug them into a USB to do so. I’ve gone up to 3 weeks without charging them and typically use them 2/3 times a week.

The range of visibility is incredible. You can read more about it on their website but here is how I like to describe it: They are really bright flashlights for my feet that make me feel safe & well seen. I also don’t bring my headlight along anymore-but if I’m out running in the dark, there are also street lights that are on. So this means that the roads are not TOTALLY dark to begin with.

I HIGHLY recommend them to all my night and morning runner friends. I’ve even taken them along with me to the dark track in the wee hours and I love being able to see my feet!


Happy Weekend, Friends! Have you tried any of these things, or tried any excellent running products lately??


12 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things!

  1. im pretty thankful i dont typically run in the dark and dont need to add to my evergrowing collection of workout gear 🙂 btw, you wear underwear to run in?! fascinating!! and happy warm weather week here in MA!!!

  2. I have always wanted that Firecatcher vest but I always end up trying a different one that I never like as much. Part of me thinks maybe I just don’t like vests, but I feel like I just haven’t found the right one yet!

    Those shoe lights look cool. Do they help you see the sidewalk in front of you? I’m always afraid of tripping on uneven pavement when I run in the dark.

    • The vest ties a little bit more awkwardly on me that my camelback does-but It has yet to chafe so I kep going back to it.

      They do help me see the sidewalk in front of me-quite well, too. I really love them. I don’t even use a headlight or carry an additional flashlight with me, anymore. I think that if I was running on roads with NO street lights that I would still use an additional light. Hope that helps you decide!

  3. Do you have any theories as to why the vest doesn’t chafe like a camelbak? My camelbak will chafe if I’m wearing a tank. Summer running in Texas is miserable with any kind of sleeve, even short sleeves, so I’m going to have to switch up my hydration come April or May.

    • I have a few theories :First- did you know that you aren’t supposed to machine wash your camelback? I did NOT know that and I’ve washed it a bunch of times. This could be one of the reasons for the chafing. My camelback chafes my back if I’m in a racerback tank. If I’m in a full back tank-I’m fine. But its annoying because then I get weird tan lines haha! And obviously, running in a sports bra and camelback is out of the question and would make for some pretty painful runs!!
      Second-I think the vest sits higher on my back that the camelbak does. SO somehow that translates to less chafing? I hope that makes sense!
      I hope this helps you!

  4. Those pants caught my eye when they first came it but yeah, they’re pricey 😦
    I’ve been looking for running underwear; I’ll have to check those out 🙂 have a great weekend!

    • I know!! THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE!!! I would have never bought them for myself but they were my “big” Christmas present from my husband. (So funny that a pair of PANTS qualifies as a big present bc they are so much $$$)
      Have a great week! 🙂

  5. I REALLY need to finally buy those NightRunner 270’s! My old headlamp is getting tired (even with fresh batteries it is not so bright anymore) and my backup (a cheapie my brother had left at my house but didn’t need back since he doesn’t run since his heart attack) is not very bright.

    While the specific runderwear isn’t exactly in my scope, the subject remains popular – I had a new pair of compression shorts (or rather I had bought three a couple of years ago but only rotated two through the wash for some reason) that caused a chafing line on my waistline (ugh!), and a post I wrote about compression shorts under tights is STILL my most popular post nearly two years later getting tons of hits and a new comment every now and then!

    Love your reflective stuff – it is SO important to be as visible as possible, and that stuff looks so great as well! I have nothing to add – just the same old stuff – and since this winter is much more mild than the last few I haven’t even been pushing the boundaries of my gear … heck, I have only cut back from my ‘summer morning run’ distance TWICE this year, once for sub-zero, once for ice.

    Happy weekend!

    • The Night Runner’s are fantastic! Put them on your list of “must have’s” because every nighttime/morning runner needs as much help as they can get!!

      We have been so lucky this winter. I can’t believe the differences between 2015 & 2016’s weather. It’s crazy.

      I have an old BBG post that still gets a ton of hits and I am still getting lots of questions & emails from it! I guess it is full of good information-just like your compression shorts post! 🙂 I love compression socks but I’ve never tried anything beyond that-I’ve always wanted to try a pair of tight but they are pricey!

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