2015 Baystate Marathon Recap 

Congrats to all of my fellow Baystate Marathoners who completed the half or full this past weekend! It was a very cold and windy day and we DID IT!! I’m sorry for the delay in the recap, but today was really the first day that the fog has lifted from my brain because I have been so very sick.

Before I launch into my recap, I want to say THANK YOU to the Baystate Marathon race director, Glenn Stewart and the Baystate staff. This is the second year that I have been their official race blogger and its an honor to represent this amazing race. It’s run by the Greater Lowell Road Runner’s (which I just proudly joined!) and they put on a terrific day for runners. Their tagline is “for runners/ by runners” and it really is. The expo is run by its members and always feels very home-y to me. I say it all the time-The Baystate Marathon is my favorite marathon. It’s well organized, staffed, and I always feel completely safe when I’m running it. The course itself is terrific and usually there are some gorgeous trees to help get your mind off the 26.2 miles. This past Sunday did not disappoint. If I wasn’t running a race, I would have stopped a whole bunch of times to take pics because the trees were STUNNING!! (Sidenote: I had the honor of being #10 this year because I was the very first person to register. This is how much I love this race:))

Let’s back up to taper week: Wednesday, I began to develop a slight cough but didn’t think much of it. Thursday, the cough progressed and I could feel it taking root in my lungs and couldn’t stop coughing. I asked my IG running community for help and was BLOWN away by their quick responses: Since last Thursday, I’ve been drinking Emergen-C and special teas, swallowing Zinc, downing Apple Cider Vinegar shots, making homemade concoctions, and sleeping/hydrating a TON. These things helped the congestion in my lungs a little bit but the cold still worsened. By Saturday, it was in my head, and by Sunday, I couldn’t even pop my ears due to massive head congestion.

I really weighed my options because lets face it– doing a marathon when you’re sick isn’t very fun. There are a few other full marathons that I’ve always been interested in so I thought about signing up for one of those with the hope that my cold would be gone by then. But my brain kept going back to these thoughts:
-I’m perfectly tapered for Baystate. What would happen if I pushed the race out 1,2, even 3 weeks??
-My family was ready to come to the race
-I trained all summer along the course

So I told myself that even though I didn’t know if I could meet my goal for the race, I would still go out and try my very best. If I ended up feeling worse, I knew I could call my husband or my dad to come and pick me up. (I didn’t have a fever, and if I did? I definitely wouldn’t have done the race.)

The weather dawned bright and sunny…but COLD. I didn’t want to wear a lot of layers during the race, so I figured I’d just try to keep on the bulky layers until I got warm. I thought that I would be warm by the 2nd mile (that’s my typical mile that I throw my clothes away) I wore my original Lionness skirt, this sports bra, black arm warmers, black compression socks, pink tank top, cute new Chica bands headband I bought at the expo. 

It was a whole lot colder than what I’ve been used to lately. Before Sunday, the coldest run that I had done so far was 50 degrees. My Garmin says that it was 28 degrees and I think that feels right! I got to the start at 7:30. My dad got as close to the starting line as he possibly could and dropped me off. He told me to call him if I needed a pickup. I didn’t have long to stand and wait around and for THAT, I am so grateful!

I saw a few friends before the start, dropped off my bag, and lined up with the 3:15 pace group. My plan was to stay with them through the half and if I felt good, I could branch out on my own. If I wasn’t feeling like I could go any faster-I would try to stay with them, or, as close to them as possible. BUT… This was my plan pre-illness. I definitely felt that it was doable, but with a head/chest cold,  I had no idea what would happen.

I could barely even hear the National Anthem being sung because my ears were blocked. And I don’t remember a whole lot about standing in the starting corral-I think i was a little surprised that I was running a marathon and it felt a little surreal. I blame that on the cold meds…. BLAAA. I had a thick fleece on over my cute outfit, and underneath that-a throw away sweatshirt and gloves. I disposed of the fleece right as the anthem was finished being sung..seriously…it was SO DAMN COLD that I could hardly bear to part with it. I didn’t even realize until I sat down to write this post that I took no pictures of my race outfit, and no pictures of me at the starting line.. It really didn’t even occur to me. I was way too nervous about racing while being sick since it’s something I’ve never done before.

The gun went off promptly at 8 (I love that) and we were off!

  I tried to snap a good picture of my pace group leaders shirt but it was tough!

Miles 1-9.
I learned from my mistakes of running in a large group from last year: The orange cones lining the course  tripped me up…a lot. I didn’t want it to happen again, so I stayed at the back of the pace group. It was primarily men and just 2 other girls… If I fell….I would have gotten stomped on by really tall men!

I didn’t shed my gloves until mile 7…and even then I was really hesitant to do it. I was a little sweaty and it was either toss the gloves-or toss the sweatshirt. I didn’t want to get to a situation where I was suddenly walking and freezing and wishing I hadn’t thrown it away so the gloves were tossed. As soon as I tossed them, I immediately cooled. I’m now wondering if I should’ve kept the gloves and tossed the sweatshirt because I never warmed up again and kept that damn ugly, old sweathshirt on for 26.2 miles. (and it was an old zip up shirt that I think I got from high school!)) 

I stayed with the pace group this whole time. Everything still felt good, and I figured I had a good chance to hit the goal I wanted to hit.

Mile 10.
My cute running partner Kristina told me to look for her family  at mile 10 and I ALMOST MISSED HER and the GIANT AMAZING sign she made me!! I asked her how I was doing and she said GREAT and that the 3:15 pace group was right ahead of me and that my goal was going to happen. She told me she’d be there for the second loop and I’d see her at Mile 20.

Mile 11.
Tra la la la la! I get to see my friend again at mile 20! Yay!

Mile 12.
Rourke Bridge- See my friend Marli and I’m SO thriled that I face planted into her to give her a hug. She tells me to keep going and that I’m doing GREAT!

Mile 13.
I’m tired.

Mile 14.
I think the pity party started right around then. I didn’t want to be there, I wanted to go back to bed, I wanted to be warm…I wanted a lot of things. I think this was also when I realized the 3:15 pace group was a little farther ahead of me than what I’d planned. I thought to myself “It’s ok! The 3:25 group hasn’t passed me yet! I’m good.”

Mile 15/16/17.
My breathing started to feel really laborious (that’s what happens when you run IN the cold WITH a cold, duh), and I saw the 3:25 pacer’s shadow over my shoulder as they slowly passed from behind me.(((SIGH))) #Sadness. It’s really hard to remember a lot of details from around that time besides hitting the WALL. I WANTED to go home with Kristina when I saw her. Or call my Dad. I just didn’t want to be there anymore and marathons are dumb, and running when you’re sick is dumb and I probably was even thinking that running itself is dumb. Sniffle sniffle, cough cough, and cue the Waaaahhmbulance!!

I hit the 30k in 2:24 and I remembered that when I did Stu’s 30k back in March, I ran that in 2:45. I realized things might not be that bad after all.

Mile 19.

Mile 20/21
I see my beautiful friend, running towards me! I tell her how sad I am about the 3:25 group passing, and she lets me continue to cry and moan to her. Then she tells me she’s going to run with me for a little while. (company is amazing during a marathon, FYI) She starts telling me funny stories of her day of spectating. She gets me out of my own head. Along mile 20, I also saw my beautiful running partner S! I almost missed her TOO because I was looking down at the road! She brought her kids to cheer me on and it was amazing! I only wish I could’ve stopped to hug her, but I’m not sure I would have finished if I did that!!!

Kristina and I hit mile 21 and she told me that she has to turn around and get back to her husband and cute little baby. She said that she KNEW I was going to finish and at that moment? I knew it too. I am 100% positive that I would’ve given up if it weren’t for her words of encouragement. She was really sore from her tempo workout the day before, but she still pushed me to get my pace faster because she knew exactly what I needed at that exact moment. I’m forever grateful for what she did for me! Never underestimate the healing power of friendship!!

Mile 22
4 miles left? I can do 4 miles in my sleep! I picked up the pace a little because I was almost done!

Mile 23.
I felt so strong mile 23! I started to pass people and dream of a martini and French fries!

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but my stepdaughter was going to be at the finish line with my SIL, my MIL, and my niece. I said “my family is at the finish line” over and over in my head and it became my mantra. I was so excited to see my little’s face!!

Mile 24
This was my slowest mile, and I don’t know why. My legs felt like they were moving fast but my split ended up being an 8:58.

Mile 25…almost there…Mile 26…yay! I happened to look down at my watch at exactly 26.2 miles and it read 3:25:50. I guess it’s a PR from my 3:28:07… But it’s not official so I have a hard time considering it an actual PR.

I crossed the finish line, officially, with a 3:28:33. 26 seconds off of my “official PR”, and pretty far away from the time goal I had set.

Over the first few days of being sick, I think I went through the denial stages and I definitely struggled the most with “anger.” Of all the times to get sick (and I’m NEVER sick): its the week of my big race. What dumb bad luck. But you can’t plan everything, and I definitely trained like a bad-ass for 4 months and did the hard work. “It is what it is” and I DO know that I had a terrific time-whether I was sick or not. A 3:28 is fantastic: It’s a BQ with lots of cushion . I didn’t enjoy myself as much as I usually do during a race. I just love this course and to be sick while running it…well. It just wasn’t as fun as it normally is for me!

Some fun pictures from the day…

This is right where my family is standing. I’m waving both hands because they were on BOTH sides of the street, haha.

I was immediately a popsicle after the finish and I regretted not packing a blanket in my bag. SO freaking COLD outside!!

  This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. You can’t really tell, but that’s my little one bundled up in this coat. SHe was hugging me for so long telling me she was proud of me. It meant the world to me that SIL captured it 🙂

This is my girlfriend Kaey who volunteered that day. She had a bunch of friends who were running and thought it would be fun to volunteer. I LOVE her. Anyway, someone snapped this pic of us and I know for a fact that I was feeling like I was going to pass out right here and Kaey walked with me for a while until I got my feet back! Thanks girlfriend!

  Kaey made us some signs 🙂

Family hugs 🙂

After the race, it was off to our local watering hole! (We go to the same place every year.) Every year-> my niece and I take a picture together. I love that she comes to all my finish lines, too because she’s the funniest/sweetest thing!

Being silly with the hubs 🙂

The SILS and our photo bombers!

Me with my little ladies 🙂


And some of the professional pictures:


See?? I told you I kept the sweatshirt on ALL DAY!


This pic above?? THIS is my very favorite racing photo of ALL TIME. And I run a whole lot of races so THAT is saying something my friends!

This years medal were STUNNING. They are red to signify the LAST of the bridges that the runners cross (it’s red :))


I didn’t get the time I wanted, but you know what? It was still a very good day. I ran my favorite race and was blown away by all the support I received. I felt the love all around me! That’s the most important thing. I had my family there for me, my friends, and all of YOU in my corner..so THANK YOU.

I have to say that running is a lifetime sport for me. That’s always in the back of my mind. And, I’m learning that PR’s and official times don’t define me. You are great even without the “great” times. That being said… I will get my goal someday and I’m not worried about it 🙂

And oooone more picture:


This is a “throwback” to my very first Baystate Marathon. You can see how little Aly is! She was only 5 here 🙂 I will never forget this race, as long as I live: This was the first time I was ever able to break the 5 hour mark with a time of 4:17-I think it was a PR of about 45 minutes for me. Knowing that I could do something so amazing gave me a LOT of hope. I’ve kind of taken that hope and run with it over the years. I will never ever give up on my dreams, and neither should you. It’s ok to miss a time goal you set for yourself because it just gives us more inspiration to go out and knock it out of the park next time.


Thank you for reading this really obnoxiously long post 🙂 And as always, Run Free, Run Strong my friends!



34 thoughts on “2015 Baystate Marathon Recap 

  1. Girl you rock! I would have bailed the second I got sick!! Amazing time considering the circumstances!! Definitely makes you that much more of a badass doing it sick! I thought you were before, but this throws it over the edge 😉 Congrats!

  2. I FINALLY got to read your re-cap (mixing grad school in with two kids and marathon training is NO JOKE). Great re-cap (as always), I wanted to do this race this year, but my SIL got married that day, next year! I have a race in Seekonk SUNDAY instead. At any rate, the end of your post with the throwback pic really got me- your time for that race was my time for my first marathon last year. If you made improvements like that, I can too! #inspirational

      • It was yesterday- not a PR; lesson learned, races with less than 200 marathoners are really lonely. Nice (but hilly) course, I might think about doing it again once it gains popularity…..

  3. way to dig deep nicole! i cant believe for you to be sick, you were still so close to your PR! i know it wasn’t your goal time, but you have such a positive attitude about it, and hey, there are many more races in the future to get that goal. i’ve PRed twice this month, including yesterday which i didnt think would happen bc i just signed up! my bf missed the 3:05 BQ time yesterday by 1:47, and it was heartbreaking. any BQ race suggestions for him?!

    • Oooohhhh that STINKS for Josh. 😦 I’m doing Hyannis in Feb-the course is really flat and very comparable to Baystate’s course. I’ve also heard that Disney is a great marathon but that involves a whole lot of travel for us!

      WHAT!! A surprise PR for you?? I love it, congratulations!! I tried to sign up for that half that you’re doing in November but they’re already all sold out, boo!!!

  4. Congrats on running the right race for you that day–I know you would have loved to run harder and faster, but you still ran a fantastic time, and were sick to boot. I hope you are recovered by now? This race seems like a great, family affair type of marathon, and those are often the best!

  5. Congrats – you did what you could and really still had a good race! I relate to the annoyance and disappointment of being sick and I’m seriously hoping I can hold out over the next week! I was sold to miss my half in sept due to a stomach bug – and I never get sick either! Very frustrating timing.

    • I remember reading that you couldn’t do your half bc you were sick..that was such a bummer! IF I had a stomach virus, I wouldn’t have done it either. I don’t think there’s any way to race through that because it would be so awful.

      I’m so excited for you…EEK!!!! TWO MOE DAYS!!

  6. What a recap!!!! I am so bummed we didn’t meet up, Nicole. I absolutely loved, LOVED this race. The PR and BQ didn’t hurt either!!! Way to completely rally with a cold. So stinking impressed with you. I have a nasty cold now and can’t imagine running into the kitchen, let alone 26.2! BEAST!!!! 🙂

  7. Congrats! I’m sure it was a tough day, and I’m so sorry you were sick leading up to the race. I did 2 races when I was getting over a cold at the end of the summer and it felt SO hard to run my goal pace when I felt that way! I’m glad that you were able to find so many positives about the day because you did amazing, and I know you will hit your goal soon enough!

  8. There’s the part of me that hopes I can one day say 8:58 is a slow mile (especially at mile 24) and the other part of me that has no desire to put in the training to get there lol. But seriously, fantastic job just finishing when you’re feeling that sick and even better to be that close to a PR. Just imagine the next race you run healthy!!

  9. Awesome recap! I loved all the great photos!! I rarely get any photos at a race. And the ones I do see I’m like eeeew!! anyway, a 3:28 is freaking awesome! I understand that feeling though. Even though I PRed my 10k this past July it still wasn’t what I really wanted. I’m just hoping to squeeze in under a 3:35 this Nov 7th down in Savannah. Last year I didn’t train for the marathon in Savannah AND came down with a serious sinus infection. It. was. the. worst. run. of my life!! I remember sobbing afterward. But this year…it is on!! Congrats again on a speedy marathon!!!! You are a rockstar and you have a GREAT attitude girl! have a beautiful weekend~!

    • I know, I hardly ever buy the pictures from races either…most aren’t worth it!!
      EEEEKKKKK Nov 7th is SO SOON!!! I’m jealous…is that weird? I already want to run another marathon but I know it’s not smart right now:)

      That race sounds AWFUL for you! I hate the feeling of defeat that sometimes happens post-race. You WILL get your goal this year though! Believing is seeing 🙂 Keep telling yourself that YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS and you will 🙂

  10. Your attitude is AMAZING and let me tell you: great job on Sunday! I was hurting just reading this: having such a bad cold is already awful and painful. Combining that with a marathon… let’s just say that I, personally, would have probably not finished/not showed up at all. WTG!

    • It helps me to hear that other people struggle. I think that’s something I’ve learned from being part of the IG running community… there are so many runners out there who show me that every run isn’t lollipops and sunshine and filled with a runner’s high. Running is real and the struggles that accompany it are most definitely real 😉 We just have to remember not to let the struggle define us.

  11. Great write up, great pictures, GREAT TIME – Well done! Take confidence from it knowing what you’ll be capable of when you’re not ill.
    What I’ve learnt from your write up – try and get as many supporters dotted around the course as you can – it helps lift you out of the marathon-tunnel-vision.
    Try and get a short race in as soon as your cold has lifted so you can get a true record of how fit you are. 🙂

    • Yes to the supporters! I ended up seeing my friend Marli another time..forgot to mention it in the writeup…but it was late in the race-23ish…I really needed it! Having someone along the course will really pep you up!

      I’m planning on that short race soon! 🙂

  12. Awesome job! I love what you said about racing times not defining you. I’ve been struggling with a lot of let down from missing my goals at my race this weekend, and this is something I need to remind myself of. I plan to run for life and one bad race doesn’t define me! Thanks!

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