Since we last spoke…

What a busy few weeks!!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging! I have to say, it feels really weird not to be on a regular posting schedule. I wish there were more hours in the day and that I could have solid hour to put towards blogging. (((SIGH)))

But the good news is–> There is a lot of great life stuff happening lately. That is the most important thing!

Two weeks ago, my little buddy said she wanted to come for a run with me. So we laced up, and out into the world we went! She did really well and made it about half a mile before stopping/dying of thirst/complaining. I told her we HAD to do an entire mile though and we walked/ran the rest of the way. I have NO doubts in her athletic abilities…check out girlfriends stride- She’s a natural!

I also ran a race- Surf Town Half Marathon in Rhode Island. I should really get around to doing a recap for it, but time is not my friend. So I’ll sum it up in just a few bullet point sentences:

-I loved the course-It was really pretty, along the ocean, and very flat (until Mile 11)

-I ended up cancelling my hotel and driving down the morning of the race.. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive. Highways make me nervous and so do long solo drives-This definitely contributed to me not doing as well as I had hoped. Live and learn!

-It was PERFECT racing weather: overcast and slightly misty.

-Official time: 1:37, 16th/1004 females

-I was ok with my time.. I had originally set my sights on a PR for this race. BUT..I know long drives slow my legs down. Anything over an hour and I can really kiss any goals I have goodbye. It ended up being a great tempo run for me. When I was all done-I had a ton of gas left in the tank, and I felt that I could’ve done another 13.1 miles at that speed.

A reader sent me this pic…As you can see-I zoomed it in a little 🙂 So cool!

Had some big confidence boosting workouts including a solid ladder workout, all faster than the goals I had set. BOOM.

Registered for Boston….

Ran the longest, slowest long run EVER. This was an exercise in building my mental game for my marathon as well as getting time on my feet: I ran the two double loops of my upcoming marathon (Baystate Marathon). The first loop was fantastic. The 2nd looped dragged on and on and i HATED IT. But I did it & I know that on October 18th: I will be running my race and reflecting back on this particular run while dominating Baystate. 🙂

Oh, and back to Boston-I have been accepted…Yay!

I also said goodbye to my beloved Garmin. RIP, 610. We had many good runs together! There were many tears & a 12 step program towards my acceptance of its passing. (moment of silence for Garmin 610)

Another confidence building workout: Mile repeats, old school and with a stopwatch! I felt so hardcore..

My husband is an angel and surprised me with a new Garmin. His reasoning for purchasing this model? “It is better so we are getting this one.” Love him.


Family Outing: My buddy did a 2 mile walk with SIL & my niece while I ran the 5k. It was a Superhero themed race to honor the late son of my friend Scott. It was an awesome day and we dressed as matching Wonder Women! I won 2nd place overall female. (Got outkicked in the 2nd mile-my legs were tired from the mile repeats 2 days before!) Official time 21:02, my Garmin read 20:50.

I got to run into an old friend there too and it made me so happy! She heard my name being called at the podium and ran over to find me. I love good surprises like that!

Aw. Love him.

This run made me SO happy. I set a goal for myself a year ago to break 2:40 in a 20 mile run. This thought never left my brain. To me: 15-18 mile runs are a lot easier to run faster. There’s something about 19/20/22 mile runs that make me slow down. So this run made me very excited!


OH yeah–I don’t know that I’ve ever said this on the blog-but Dave McGillivray is my personal hero. He is the race director of the Boston Marathon but SO much more than that. He has run across the country twice, done many Ironmans, and there has even been some swimming across the English Channel. He is the pioneer of raising money for charities and his first trip across the country started with him raising money for the Jimmy Fund. He is a stand up dude. I met him once before and have a picture with him too. He has a book called “The Last Pick.” I highly reccommend it–> I reread his book every year in the taper weeks before Boston. I think Dave is the only other person on the planet who loves the Boston Marathon as much as I do. Anyway–MEGA RUNNING GEEK MOMENT—He was running the Superhero race. AND I MET HIM. I put away my shy, quiet girl, channeled some bravery, walked right up to him, shook his hand and told him he is my hero. I didn’t even ask him to take a pic with me because I was too nervous. THis one is from my friend Scott so I’m including it here for you to see! Dave is 2nd from the left  and my friend Scott is on the right:)

You might also recognize another well known man in this pic-Team Hoyt was there as well! They are equally as amazing!

Last long run before Baystate-first 8 @ 8:13 pace, 2nd half 7:35 pace. Feeling real good about those race goals. It was chilly-50 when I started. It felt sooo good to do a long run in this kind of weather! I love this watch and how the VO2Max predicts your race times 🙂 The watch knows me so well! 😉

TODAY is my buddy’s 9th birthday! We have big plans for her big day!

And this is where I leave you! Happy Hump Day! I hope you have a great long weekend and get Monday off too!


17 thoughts on “Since we last spoke…

  1. We’ve missed you but it sounds like you’ve been super busy! Congrats on the 5k! Pretty badass. And girl, you’re going to kill it at Baystate. I seriously CANNOT WAIT to hear about it. It’ll be amazing!

  2. I Miss you, but I’m glad that you are having such a great time! Still running and taking names, I see! Love to see so much happiness and love your little family!

  3. yay welcome back nicole! such amazing workouts have been completed since we last heard from you! love all the updates and congrats on getting into boston! hurray! i finally PRed in the half, and am looking to take down 2 more halfs within 6 weeks 🙂

  4. Great update and thanks for sharing everything – I have been loving it on IG and FB, and so much great stuff, and I totally agree that blogging is so much less important than LIVING! 🙂

  5. Sounds like you have been busy! It’s always such a treat when my kids ask to go running with me, which isn’t often! I get a better response if I ask them to run, but rarely to they bring it up on their own. My daughter started cross country this year and it is so exciting for me to see her running, and enjoying it!
    Congrats on getting into Boston! I got cut, so it stings a little when I see those acceptance emails. I’ll have to give it another try!

    • Aww i’m sorry you missed the cutoff Lisa. That’s tough and I have a friend who that happened to…UGH. So sad for you!!

      I think my little one would be excellent on the track team..I’m hoping she ends up going in that direction- I agree that it would be SO much fun to wach them run like that!! 🙂

  6. While it is hard not to be as active on the blog, I just took a break too and I didn’t mind it. I’m glad to see everything has been going so well for you!
    I love that blue skirt you wore for the race. I wish Skirt Sports still sold that pattern!

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