Mileage 8/24-8/30, 8/31-9/6

Well. There’s nothing like a weekly check in…on a Friday. This back to school/wife/mom/runner combo is really testing me! Thanks to all of you who are hanging in there as my life tries to get itself into a routine!

Mileage Recap, August 24-August 30th: 

Monday, August 24th: 5 easy miles
Tuesday, August 25th: 1 Mile
Wednesday, August 26th: 13 miles with my running partner S!
Thursday, August 27th: 9 mile tempo run, 7:26 avg pace (and I broke out my last pair of Pure Connect 3s. I love this shoe!)


Friday, August 28th: 4 easy miles
Saturday, August 29th: NO RUNNING. I broke a 25 day running streak because I could barely get off of the couch! (too much fun at Kenny Chesney! #worthit)

Sunday, August 30th: 20 miles, 2:44, 8:12 avg pace

Mileage total for Aug 24-August 30th: 52 miles 8:00 avg pace 

August 31st-Sept 6

Monday, August 31st: 5 easy miles before starting the school year!
Tuesday, September 1st: 4 easy miles.
Wednesday, September 2nd: 8 miles, 59:35—>This was  supposed to be a progression run with the last 2 miles at a sub 7:00 pace. It was not. I wouldn’t call it a “fail”, but I was a little disappointed in myself. (more on that later…)
  Sporting a sweet headlight on my morning runs….don’t be jealous!!

Thursday, September 3rd: 5 easy miles
Friday, September 4th: 20 miles, 2:43, 8:12 avg pace
Saturday, September 5th: 6 easy miles

Sunday, September 7th: 9 miles of 800s! I’m not gonna lie, its been hard to hit the track lately. And I love the track, so that’s really saying something!! It wasn’t ideal to push my 2nd speed day off until Sunday, but I was SO glad that I was able to get it in. I was able to negative split ALL of my 800s: 3:21, 3:12, 3:09, 3:09, 3:07, 3:01, 3:01, 3:00. I felt VERY badass after this run!  Mileage total for August 31st-September 6th:


So. I said this already, but I have to say it again: Thanks so much for hanging in. I hate not responding to comments and trust me-I’m still reading them ALL and I love every one of them…but it’s been hard to keep up with LIFE never mind blogging. I’m doing a lot of adjusting lately! September is always a ride on the struggle bus. Getting back into a routine is hard. Life is Hard. Being a new mom is Hard. Getting up everyday and remembering to All The Things is Hard. I’m learning that “Mom Brain” is actually a real thing. I can’t believe that I never thought it was. I’m trying to get myself and my little buddy into a routine. We’re not there yet..but we’re working on it. Life is always a work in progress though, isn’t it?

I am trying to squish everything into my days and it just isn’t easy. But I’m learning to adapt and I think THAT is the most important thing. BBG (bikini body guides) has taken a little backseat: I’m still doing it-but not the 3 workouts per a week. It’s been more a cram-it-in-while-I-can type thing. Making time for running has been easier. In the back of my mind-I’ve always known that when I have children, running will be a challenge. I was right! I get up early to do it before work, but some days I’m just too tired and don’t end up going until my husband is home from work.

Running/life…this is a balancing act. It tests my patience and wears me out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a little bit proud of myself for the amount of multitasking that I’ve been doing. I haven’t had too many mental breakdowns yet. I’ve been very lucky that my SIL has been there to be my sounding board and teach me all these mom things I never knew anything about!

ANYWAY. This weekend is exciting because I’m RACING!!! This race has been my “goal half” race and I have it in my head that I’m going to nail it. Although, I have to tell you-I’ve been pretty nervous about actually hitting my goal time. Over the past month, I haven’t been pushing myself as much with my tempo run times. So we’ll see what happens. I’m not giving myself an “out” to fail, and I am going to try my hardest!!!


And just because we all know I’m random…Here are a few fun pictures from LIFE.


Kenny Chesney concert! I love my cowboy boots! And I wore these at my wedding…my beautiful bridesmaids bought them for me as my shower gift….I’m one lucky girl!


The Chesney crew….Man that was a good day! Take me back! It’s been two weeks since this concert and I’m STILL thinking about how much fun we had!

My little beauty swimming at the lake on Labor Day Weekend!

We like Moscow mules and just wanted to tell you!

This sums up our Labor Day Monday. It was the first time playing for my little buddy! We loved it!

Tell me something good! 🙂 Happy weekend everyone!


19 thoughts on “Mileage 8/24-8/30, 8/31-9/6

  1. you seem to be doing a kickass job at balancing life! way to beast mode through all those runs! i thought of you on saturday; we went up to hampton to run the half marathon course and there was a huge seafood festival that blocked the first portion of the course. it was a $hitshow! im glad i went to preview the course, but wish all those people werent there smoking and walking 4 across the street and sidewalk! what race are you doing this weekend?!

  2. Good luck on the race! I completely hear you on life stress and feel the same – sept is really tough with new routines and an endless to-do list that keeps growing. It’s overwhelming at times for me. You’re doing amazing with your running despite things being a little crazy! I find sometimes I run better during times like these anyway!

  3. Good luck lady!! You are doing awesome! I don’t have kids (yet), but the 4:00 AM mornings to get all the miles in before work every day are starting to catch up a bit with me! 1 month until marathon day for me! Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and keep pushing forward!

  4. Good luck at the race! You killed those 800s! I’m so jealous! Still no running over here but I’m getting closer! I feel like now I’m just scared to start again because I don’t want to do it too soon and hurt my foot all over again.

    Also, I miss your posts but hang in there! It sounds like blogging should definitely be taking a back seat for you right now! Hope you’re doing ok!

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