Seacoast Running Festival- Northshore Half Marathon Race Recap

I ran this race on 8/23, however I haven’t had any time to finish my recap!

This race was awesome. I always appreciate running a race course in an area that is familiar to me and this did not disappoint. While I didn’t know every twist and turn along the course, I knew where to go, park, and even the secret spots to pee in. #score.

The race started at 7:30, in Salisbury Center. The race website boasts :

Our grand finale will be the Northshore Half Marathon. Weʼve created a beautiful, flat and fast course that will take you through the streets of Salisbury, Rail Trail and portions of our state reservation. Following the race, come back to the Shock Top Beach Bar for a rewarding after party that includes great music and awesome prizes.

This description was right on the money! I’ve run my fair share of races that say “flat and fast” but they are instead, hilly or rolling hills. The course was also very pretty- I love the Salisbury Beach area! There were so many times that I wanted to stop and take a picture!

Runners had a choice of 4 separate events they could run: A 1 mile race, 5k, 10k, and the half. You could do one or all four if you wanted because the other 3 took place on Friday (5k @7pm) or Saturday (10k @8am, 1 mile at 12). After running this race, I thought it would be fun to do ALL FOUR next year (or am I just crazy?!)

I know a lot of people like to read these details so I will include them here, bullet-style:
Alarm: 5:00 am
Ate: Breakfast sandwich of pastrami, egg, tomato, swiss cheese, english muffin.(Pastrami is my newest obsession. Just go with it)
Drank: 1 water
Commute: 40 minutes
Left at: 6:15 (would’ve left earlier but I had a little personal matter to attend to first)
Wore: Skirt Sports Lionness skirt in “Safari” print, a plain blue tank that I purchased from TJ Maxx 150 years ago, Skirts sports Kelly Sports Bra, Reebok “Runderwear“, and my Brooks Ghost 7’s.

I jammed out to some tunes the whole way there and thought about my goals for the race. Most races that I do-I “run” into them with a set goal in mind. I thought about the fact that I was just coming home from a week of being away on vacation. My nutrition was not my typical 19 servings of fruit and veggies a day, and my sleep patterns had been lacking for the whole week (as in-I got hardly any). I made the decision to just head out and have FUN with the race. I didn’t care what time I finished in. I had wanted to do a “longer tempo run”, and a half marathon setting is the most perfect environment to do that in.

I was SO stress free for this race. I didn’t question my outfit, breakfast, shoes…I even grabbed my oldest pair of Ghost’s to run in…And I didn’t grab them until the morning of the race! For a goal race-I typically run in new-ish shoes that have less than 20 miles on them. Stress free probably equalled a better race day for me, which rocks.

I got to the start of the race at about 7:00. I grabbed my number and a few freebies (heating pad and sunglasses!) and headed back to my car real quick to pin the number on. I hit a secret spot to pee- The bathroom house on a side street, and then warmed up for about .50 miles. I had wanted a longer warmup and had originally planned on running 2 miles. With the bathroom stop- I just didn’t have enough time though …and the bathroom stop *NEEDED* to happen.

The race started right on time with the race director wishing everyone good luck & to have a good race: THANK YOU to the police and the race director who made this happen: I hate when starts are delayed, it drives me CRAZY. I feel that runners (or maybe its just me?) like to time everything perfectly, right down to when you take your last bite of food before you race and the time you hit the bathroom. A delayed start wrecks everything and more than once, I have started a race feeling like I could pee AGAIN (nerves!) or randomly get hungry and it drives me nuts.

The weather was PERFECT for a race: raining slightly, but still warm enough that a tank and skirt were fine. There was NO hot sun shining down on me and I love not being overheated in the summertime!!

I fell into 3rd place within the first 2 minutes of the race. I kept that lead and continued to pass people as I went. I held my goal half marathon paces (HMP) for 4 miles, and my goal marathon pace (GMP) for 1 mile. During the 6th mile, a nice man & lady wished me good luck and passed me by. I kept 4th place until mile 11 when 2 other females passed me by. For me, the toughest section of the course was between miles 8-12: You went through a chute but MAN it felt LONG. Heading into it, I had a feeling it was going to be long because the leading man & 2nd place man passed me on their way out of the chute and then I passed NO ONE else. I kept thinking “when will this freaking end?” And then it got super windy, and I let the Waaaaambulance come in and I slipped to an 8 minute mile. 11/12/13 felt really sluggish and slow. I really didn’t care if I got passed or not and Just. Wanted. To. Be. Done. I really think it was the chute that dragged me down. PLUS, the fact that it wasn’t a “goal race” for me-it left me with no pressure to myself at all and I didn’t feel the need to “push it.”


My final finishing time was a 1:37. This put me in 6th place for the females, and winner of my age group 🙂 I was really happy with this!! I loved the pancake flat course, the perfect weather, and the fact that I was running along the oceanfront…it was great.

There was a beer tent and live music for runners to enjoy post-race. I couldn’t stick around though and the super sweet race director gave me my prize early: a gift card to a running store! SCHWWWEEEEET!!!!

All smiles after the race…and wearing my new free sunglasses that have since become my go to running glasses!!

The reason I had to rush off after the race is because I was heading to my cousin and his wife’s gender reveal party!! He is one of my favorite people on the planet (and his wife is great too!) I was sooooooo excited!!!!!!

And…Its going to be a boy! YAY! There is nothing like a new baby in the family to keep life really fun and exciting!

I will be back at some point this week with a recap of last week’s running!

Ever run a race along a beach?

Does race scenery make a difference to you?


11 thoughts on “Seacoast Running Festival- Northshore Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. I think scenery definitely helps me. I ran my first half along the banks of a river and it was gorgeous. Wish it would have had a bit more breeze like a beach would…but it still helped take my mind off the actual run.

  2. I ran the 10K on Saturday, and it was completely flat too. The first 2 or so miles were on a shaded trail which helped keep me somewhat cool despite the gross humidity that morning. Definitely recommend it!

  3. I say this every time, but serious. You are beast. The best settings for races are the ones when you know where the secret pee spots are. #thestruggleisreal I feel like I race harder if I’m on a boring course, but I race happier on a nice one. And either race can be good, you know?

  4. Awesome race – totally killed it. I live right on the water so most races and long runs are done by the beach which make them go by so much faster. Nothing better than pretty scenery to distract you from a long run. Congrats on a great time and your AG win! Very very exciting!! I’m going to have to live vicariously through you for your Surftown Half recap… so sad it’s full 😦

  5. your time is so kickass for being a training run. congrats on AG win! im actually not sure if race scenery makes a difference to me. usually i am in a pain cave and dont even notice what i am passing by! but i do prefer beach-side races.

  6. Girl! You killed it! Super, SUPER impressive. Especially since you had NO goals in mind! Amazing. How’s Baystate training going? Seems like you’re on target to PR! I’m hoping I’ll be out there to cheer you on. My boyfriend is still scheduled to run the marathon but I’m still out with my foot injury. Podiatrist finally said I have tendinitis due to the accident. I’m on week 7 of no running, but I feel a lot better. Hopefully I’ll be back soon. Just need to work on building strength back into my foot and keeping it from tightening up on me. I also FINALLY started a running blog of my own, you were a big inspiration. That and not being able to run at all, I needed some way to channel my obsession. Hope you have a good week! Are you back to school now?

  7. Congrats on an awesome race! I like to have some nice scenery while I race but unfortunately I find that most of the time I zone out and don’t pay attention to whats going on around me! Congrats on your cousin and his wife expect a baby boy- very exciting!:)

  8. Hey! Great job!! Sounds like the perfect race. Race scenery makes ALL the difference to me! If I get bored, sometimes I lose mental focus. My favorite race courses are rolling hills with lots of change of scenery. Long straightaways really bring me down. I understand what you mean! Most of my local races are along the beach. It’s pretty, but I detest running on the boardwalk (i.e. long straightaway). Have a fabulous week! XOXO

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