Recap 2. The Running!

Recap: August 10-16, 17-23.

Cliff notes version: I love running, running is my favorite.

 (((SIGH))) I have had two great weeks of running. I think I always say this though. It’s partly due to the fact that I LOVE TO RUN (DUH). Also, its partly due to the fact that I actually DID have two great weeks of running. So. There’s that.

August 10-16: Running: 57.4 miles, 7:55 avg pace. BBG: Week 9

This was my highest mileage week for the entire year (so far!).

 400s at the track! 6 miles total

Tuesday:  2 miles@8:34, 5 miles @7:26.  I overslept and could only run 2 outside before my husband had to leave for work and I began the mad dash of getting me and a child ready for something we had to do. . . I didn’t want to run this fast, but I was limited for time and I had to hop on my treadmill. In case you are wondering if I was incredibly sore after my workout on Monday, and did I or did I not get incredibly sore after this run on Tuesday? Yes, yes I was (for both!!).

Wednesday: 11 mile easy run,8:08 avg pace

Thursday: 1 mile warmup, 3.15 miles at the Cigna Elliot 5k-21:18. I typically do a race recap on every race I run. This wasn’t a goal race for me at ALL–I was using it as a tempo run and I really felt like I needed a race environment to get it done. I’ll give you the rundown on this course real quick: This race is in Manchester NH and it’s one of the biggest races I have ever done: there are about 6000 runners…for a 5k. I’ve NEVER seen a 5k this big! How big is it? It’s so big that it’s televised!! Anyway, It’s 45 minutes away from me but I still had to leave at 4 for a 6:30 race so that I knew I could get a parking spot (I did). I went into this race wanting to hold my average tempo pace, but still dragggiiinnnnngggg from LIFE/running/BBG…Honestly, I was truly happy with my overall average pace being 6:45. For a sweepy girl with sweepy legs–> I WILL TAKE IT.  
Friday: 4 miles easy

Saturday: 20 miles! 11 with my friend S, 9 solo. I had a 20 mile easy run on the schedule. I was so happy to run with my girlfriend this Saturday. It also happened to be the day I was leaving for vaca…so we got it done VERY EARLY. I absolutely love running with her because I feel like we really bring out one another’s strengths. S came along for 11 miles, and I did the next 9 solo. Before heading out again, I went inside my house to refill my camelbak and use the bathroom 911 poop. I think I took too long to come back out-it was probably only 8/10 minutes…but for me-stopping for that long makes a world of difference. Legs get stiff/ things start to hurt/body parts don’t want anything to do with the nonsense you are making them do.  The next 9 were hard.
I did NOT want to do it.
I wanted to quit. 
I wanted to call Greg and have him pick me up STAT!

Somehow I did it, though. I’m so glad I powered through that run!! This was my first 20 miler for my current marathon cycle. Last year-my first 20 miler was at an 8:56 average pace…this cycle? My first 20 miler was an 8:13 pace. I feel very good about my October marathon goals 🙂


Flashback to last year’s first 20 mile run for Baystate…

Sunday: 6.13 mile recover run, 8:29 avg pace. This was my first run in St. Albans (where we stayed for our vacation) My first mile in any of my St. Albans runs was 100% uphill. You can just imagine how thrilled I was with this. (NOT) I took it in stride and tried to focus on the big picture: HILLS MAKE YOU STRONGER!!!!

BBG recap: This was BBG week 9 for me. I LOVED IT. Week 9 was my favorite week so far. I would love to tell which days I did what, but as I’m writing this recap, all I can think to tell you is that it was hard, i jumped around a lot, and it ROCKED. The end.

August 16-23rd: 48.2 miles, 7:55 avg pace. This was kind of a “cut back week” because I knew I was on vacation and I didn’t want to place a lot of pressure on myself.

Monday: easy 7.05 miles, 55:21. All hills. Running up there made me realize that a run can actually be uphill, BOTH WAYS. My husband asked for clarification when I told him that fun factoid- I told him that rolling hills were happening everywhere I ran. They are no laughing matter when you are doing out and backs (there was no way to avoid out and backs). It was also only safe for me to run in certain areas–I think the whole family breathed a collective sigh of relief daily when I walked back through the door–> I’m not going to lie…some parts of the area are creepy. Sometimes, the main road(s) stopped and turned weirdly tunred into a (scary) dirt road marked private property. Sometimes strange dogs chased me. And no one was around to stop them so I Freaking Booked It. And in totally non-running husband saw a puma jump out of the woods…This was our last day there. I did my run as quickly as possible that day…

So yeah. The whole week was “hard” running for me. It wasn’t actually hard to get out the door-it was the mental part of the run that was hard. I was nervous because I knew my husband was nervous, I was always tired (our beds were slabs of concrete and I’m the worst sleeper on my bed at home that is made of tempurpedic rainbows and clouds). I enjoyed the hilly challenges (as much as one who doesn’t like hills can enjoy hills) and tried to see them in an “it will only make me stronger” kind way. It was not easy to do but I did it!

Wednesday: I had two speed workouts on my calendar last week but I only did one. OOPS. I think this is the first time all training that this has happened and I did not give a Shedaisy! I did Thursday’s workout on Wednesday and totally blew off my Tuesday workout. I managed to do 4 miles at a 7:06 avg pace & I was pretty darn happy with that considering that I was completing it while climbing hills (vs my smooth flat track at home)!

Photo Credit: My SIL! She was out walking and we were passing each other on the roads to Deliverance. (Just kidding. We lived off a 1 mile dirt road stretch.  I just really didn’t love this particular road.)

Friday: We came home! 3 easy miles

Saturday: 4 .20 easy miles & strides.

Sunday: The Seacoast Running Festival Half Marathon. I will be back with a full recap on this race (hopefully Wednesday!). The short story: 1:37 and I did not set a single goal for myself: I had fun and was in a post vaca haze! So yay!

BBG recap for vacation week: I didn’t do it!  I didn’t really WANT to take a week off-but i had to make the luggage cuts somewhere. I LOVE my journey down the BBG road- but I didn’t want to lug weights along with me for vacation. Sometimes….You’ve just got to draw the line with a permanent marker!

This upcoming week is BIG. It’s a 62-67 mile week..I’m pretty sure this will be my highest mileage week EVER! It’s also the last week of summer vacation AND I’m closing out my summer with the wildest party this side of the Merrimack River: Kenny Chesney this Friday night with NINE girls (and 100,000 other peeps at Gillette Stadium!!!)  Lord give me the strength to do my long run on Sunday (two days after!!!)

If you have made it this far down the are awesome and i heart you. That was a lot of info! 


22 thoughts on “Recap 2. The Running!

  1. Wow! You’re so inspiring. Your mileage is ridiculous and you’re so fast. I’m slow and the my highest mileage week ever has only been 30 miles. But I’m still a beginner. While I don’t think I’ll ever get to where you are (or want to tbh) I think I will push to go faster and further. I love reading about how you and others do it because it’s proof it’s doable. And congrats on your faster 20 miler.

  2. Absolutely killing it. Crushing those paces. I have my first 20 miler in a few weeks and I’m already getting nervous… like what if my body forgot how to run that far!? Haha. Have a fabulous week!!

  3. you are such a motivation and inspiration in how fast you have become. i agree with run colby run, you are totally in beast mode. no doubt you will kill that marathon.

  4. hi Nicole! Just started reading your blog, you’re so fast! I live in the area as well (Seacoast NH) so it’s fun to hear about all of the races you’re doing in the area. I am on week 5 of BBG- it’s SO tough, but I am starting to see results!

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