Why do you run so much??

One thing that is said to me all the time is that I run a lot. I agree-I do run quite a bit. I’m not injury prone, so I’m pretty lucky. And while I’m not a streaker & do take days off: I know my mileage is higher than a lot of other runners. 

Honestly I like to run. No, I LOVE  to run. I don’t know that most runners love running in quite the same way as I do. But, maybe you do, I don’t know. 


 Running is “my thing.” It’s my zen, my jam, my happy place, my therapy. It’s the place that calms me down when I’m stressed. I find comfort in it when I’m sad. It’s how I can work out a problem quietly in my mind.

 Running can fuel me, motivate me, and inspire me. It brings me immense joy. It’s not an actual person, but I would consider running to be a friend. It’s always there for me. Running doesn’t care if I take a day off or a week-it’s just happy that I came. 


 Running is a high moving, high intensity activity and it calms me. I feel centered after a run. My head is on straight and on days where I run-I feel more focused and ready to tackle the challenges of today. 


 Running changes me. It made me competitive when I had never before seen that side of myself. It made me gutsy. It made me determined and goal-oriented. 



Running makes me strong. When you start to build your endurance-each new “farthest” distance you hit is a Big. Damn. Deal. Feeling the strength in the legs that just carried you x-amount of miles is dizzying. It’s like walking around with a super power knowledge because YOU my friend? YOU just ran “x” miles!

I also find my running-“strong” to come from speed workouts. Hitting the track isn’t for the meek. Whatever your fast is-a track workout tests it. Giving it your all until you feel like you could puke? I’ll tell you what-once you’re done? You’ll realize how much ass you just kicked-and the ass I’m referring to is your own. You are your own “strong.”

 Running also makes me strong in other ways. I’m often forced to dig emotionally deep for many different things that I would never talk about on this little blog. However, through running, I have found a powerful connection to my mind, body & soul as they work together at the same time. I have a better relationship with myself because of running. 


I love high mileage weeks-I always have. Miles teach me new things about me, new things about the world. Miles let me explore and conquer. Miles change me. 

So, I run a lot. And I like it. 😉

Let’s hear why you run!


8 thoughts on “Why do you run so much??

  1. Yes! I agree miles change us. If I knew I wouldn’t get injured I do think I’d run more miles in general, and push the speedwork more too. I know my limits now though! Running is an amazing gift and I feel really lucky to have found it 🙂

  2. When I started running 2 years ago when I was really honing in on fitness, my mile was about 17 minutes. Running for me was an easy way to get moving, I could do it at the park or through the city. My mile is under 10 minutes now and most days it’s under 9:30. It’s about pushing your legs over your mind. How fast can I go today? How far can I go before I can’t. I don’t go more than 3 miles, but I think a short distance let’s me push my speeds and vary how I run.

  3. I feel like no one would be asking you why you do blank so much but because it is running they ask. People didn’t necessarily ask why I rode so much (well, some did); we don’t ask why people read so much (not often). It is just the things that are viewed as being somewhat out of the norm socially or whatever. I say, do it.

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