Training week 8/2-8/9, a few new additions, and some randomness

HI! Happy Tuesday! How are you? Man this was a crazy week/weekend filled with new-to-me things. We didn’t really leave the house (well I did to run, DUH). A lot of big things happened last week/weekend, but lets start with the running recap.

Monday-8/3: BBG Week 8: legs. I stand firm with my statement from last month where I said that I like the odd-numbered weeks much better than the even. I feel like I’m not making any progress, it’s the weirdest thing-and that’s how I felt for week 8 of BBG. But anyway, I made a change last week and swapped day 3 to day 1…In Weeks 6 & 8, the leg day falls on the 3rd session. I made the mistake of following that in Week 6- Which meant I did legs on Friday, and a long run on Saturday. Ow. Not fun. I need to put the leg day AS FAR AWAY from my long run as possible, so Monday is typically the best day. In week 8, I switched up the workouts. I know alot of people probably don’t do that…but I’m sure most people doing BBG are also NOT training for a marathon at the same time.  You gotta cut yourself some slack, kids!!

Tuesday8 Miles, Progression Tempo run-58:33, 7:19 avg pace. I loved this run. The goal was to complete the 8 miles in 60 minutes. I started at an 8 minute mile and worked my way down to a 6:40 mile and ended up finishing faster than the 60 minutes. I think this was my favorite run of the week because thinking of it right now makes me super happy!

Wednesday-12 miles, 1:36:16, 8:01 avg pace. My plan had me doing this run in 96 minutes and that’s what i did! This was extremely hilly so it makes me even happier that I hit the planned times on it.

Thursday- BBG Arms/Cardio, Track night-5 miles, 3 @ GHMP-6:49 avg!  The original plan had been to do 5 x 1 mile repeats. If I had gone running earlier in the day, or the morning-I would have been ready to nail this workout. But track night didn’t start til 7. Unless it’s a race- I hate waiting to run! By the time 7 came, I was done and ready for an 8 hour nap. SO when my girlfriend S showed up to track night–> the plan for mile repeats went out the window! I haven’t gotten to run with her in about a month! We ran some “easy fast” miles together and caught up on life (love that!). I couldn’t believe that we ran 3 miles at our goal half marathon pace of 6:49 and were having a conversation the entire time! The pace felt easy, manageable and I felt like I could’ve kept it up for 10 .1 more miles! This was my other favorite run of the week!!

Friday6.50 miles, easy-> 7:59 avg pace. BBG: Abs & Cardio.

Saturday-18 miles, with 8 at my goal marathon pace. 7:44 avg pace. I needed this long run! I felt great the whole time. The only change I will make next time that my workout calls for marathon paced miles is that I will put them at the beginning. So.. instead of doing 10 REALLY hilly miles & then the goal paced miles-I will do the fast miles FIRST and then let my body pick the pace for the rest. Cause doing them at the end is HARD.

Sunday-6.15 miles, 8:06 avg pace.

55.70 miles for the week, 7:45 avg pace. 

Ok, now for some life updates. We have had a couple of changes in our house.

First….We got a cat! Meet Shadow.

IMG_7668 IMG_7669

I’m way more of a doggie person and have been working on my husband to get a dog. I keep sending him random pictures of heartbreakingly adorable dogs that I want to rescue. I WILL crack him. #mylifemission Anyway. We got the cat because it came with a kid!

IMG_7671 IMG_7665

Girlfriend moved in this weekend! it is a big adjustment going from a weekend- S’mom to a FT S’Mom, but It will be worth it in the end!

Sooo this week/weekend has been lots of adjusting and family time. And cat bonding. Even though I’m allergic to him…He is SO cute and is already my little buddy!

For some other randomness….TUESDAY IS OUR THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0245 IMG_0044 IMG_0539 IMG_0005 IMG_0224

We are going to celebrate sometime this week with a date night! πŸ™‚

Have a great Tuesday!!!! Make it GREAT!! 


25 thoughts on “Training week 8/2-8/9, a few new additions, and some randomness

  1. Happy anniversary! Your wedding photos are so beautiful! That’s so exciting that your stepdaughter moved it! Also, keep sending your husband those dog photos – it certainly works πŸ™‚ Nice week of training, those are some impressive paces!

  2. Are you sure you used to run a 6 hour marathon? Your training week was amazing! And congrats on your new full-time additions. Kids are like running – hard work but worth it.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pics! Also you are KILLIN’ IT with your training! I’m so jealous. I’m still out of commission with my foot. I’ve been meaning to ask you, what are your thoughts on the Hyannis Marathon? I’m definitely dropping out of Baystate now and hope to chase down a PR at Hyannis instead (assuming all heals properly). What’re your thoughts as someone who’s done both?

    • Thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!!! I hope you’re back at it soon!!!

      I’m probably going to do Hyannis again this year. Honestly I really like that marathon and I found the elevation to be extremely similar, if not identical, to Baystate-very flat!! I also went onto “Find My Marathon” -you can compare your time at a particular race to a different race- So..I did a 3:28:07 at Baystate in 2014-If I had run Hyannis on the same day, compared with elevation, etc, I would have run a 3:28:13….very similar!

  4. Such beautiful wedding pictures!! You make a great couple. Happy anniversary! I’m sure it will be a big adjustment to being a full time s’mom, but oh so worth it. Enjoy your time together! We have a black cat too. Her name is Luna. I’m finding that black cats are very hard to take pictures of! They often turn into a blur πŸ™‚

  5. Congrat’s on all the changes! How fun and exciting, and nerve wracking and fun!
    Great times on your tempo run! I have my second ever tempo run tomorrow and they scare me. They scare me because I don’t have the mental thing down yet and I tend to slow down when the tough get goin….
    I have a question for you regarding BBG if you don’t mind … I just started today on legs and cardio weeks 1 & 3 and felt I didn’t get that great of a workout so I did arms and abs weeks 1 & 3 also and then some bicep curls and some dead lifts…. should I have done another round of legs and cardio? How many rounds of each do you do? You’re extremely fit and these workouts have left you sore so I’m not wondering if I did something wrong.

    • Good luck on your tempo run! Don’t let it scare you! you’ve just got to push through it and don’t procrastinate: I know that I just need to push myself out the door and not dawdle!

      I follow the BBG workouts every week exactly as they are listed (with the exception of last week) I usually get through two sets of each circuit-BUT with Legs-It is sometimes less because I feel like the moves are much more involved and time consuming (like the jump hops!). If I don’t finish 2 sets by the time the 7 minute timer goes off, I don’t keep going until the circuit is complete. I’m usually so tired!!!
      I hope this helps you-let me know if I’m not being clear! Sometimes its hard to explain!! πŸ™‚

  6. Nicole, way to go on the 3 mile tempo at your goal half marathon pace! I hope you plan on repeating that workout and increasing your tempo distance incrementally as you get closer to race day!! : ) ALSO, major congrats on your anniversary. ❀

  7. Happy anniversary, and it can get complicated when cats come with children. Like, what if you don’t want that style child? What if you want a purple or paisley one? The struggle is real. But you will be an amazing FT SM. I would hire you πŸ˜€

  8. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! your dress is gorgeous, as are you of course! you totally nailed all your workouts, and then some last week! holy crap girl! im allergic and i am afraid of cats!

  9. Happy anniversary!!! You look so beautiful in your wedding pictures… Your dress is so unique I love it! That’s so exciting that you got a cat, shadow is precious πŸ™‚ Great job on your training last week!

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