Mileage Recap 7/27-8/2 & where the heck have you been?

The blog had its 2 year anniversary this past week!!! Whhhaaaat!!! It’s crazy that it’s been that long already! I love my little corner of the inter-web-google-space! But sometimes, I really need some time off. In the 2 years i’ve had this space, I’ve never taken a full week off. I didn’t blog or even think about blogging last week. I didn’t actually go anywhere, but it was a terrific mental break. The only think that I kept up with on social media was my Instagram account.

Sooo. I’ve been running a lot! And I just finished week 7 of BBG! 7 weeks go fast, let me tell you. I’ve seen so much progress in my body, it’s pretty cool. I haven’t skipped a single workout–that’s kind of a big deal.

Mileage Recap:

Monday: No running, BBG Legs. SO ridiculously sore after this leg workout!  Tuesday: 7 tempo miles at half marathon pace, 6 miles at an avg of 6:57. No cooldown because I ran out of time!

Wednesday– 8 miles easy, but it was disgustingly gross outside. I could have hopped onto my treadmill, but it was one of those days that I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea.

Thursday-BBG Full Body, 4 miles-1 mile warmup, 3 miles of 400s at the track with splits of 1:33, 1:30, 1:28, 1:26, 1:26, 1:26. My schedule called for more 400s but I was tired and the heavens opened up with crazy downpours and thunderstorms.

Friday-19 mile long run on the Baystate Marathon course. The night before my run, I was SUPER excited to wake up and go. Once I started running, I realized how sore I still was from my 400s at the track. The 2 hours and 42 minutes might as well have been 6 hours-it just felt like it wasn’t going to end, ever. BLA.

(refueling after my long run! This beer is excellent, by the way!)

Saturday-4 miles, 29:59. BBG Arms/Abs. Week 7 complete! I”m obsessed with my 2 new skirts form Skirt Sports. (use SSGWR20 to save 20%!)

Razz and Safari print! So cute!

Sunday: 9 easy miles!

Total: 51 miles for the week!

And some picture randomness for you! This upcoming week is going to be a toughie. Mile repeats, a progression run, and a long run that has half of it at MGP. Naturally, I have food on the brain. Roast chicken dinner for Sunday night and it was AMAZING.

Saturday afternoon we celebrated my niece’s birthday with a mother daughter froyo date to Orange Leaf… was in the Orange Leaf Limo! My girl knows how to celebrate in style! 🙂


Do you think she was excited?? 

.IMG_7561 IMG_7535 IMG_7554

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend! Tell me something fun that you did! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Mileage Recap 7/27-8/2 & where the heck have you been?

    • Oh the humidity is so rough. I don’t work during the summer, so technically, i Can run whenever. My running partner has been really sick since mid July-before that, we were running together every day and we’re done before 7am. I miss her so much and without meeting someone-I don’t have as much motivation to get up super early! It’s tough to get up early solo-you’re a rockstar for doing it alone super early all the time!

    • Oh my love I have missed you too. I just caught up on your weekend post! But before I comment-I must catch up on all of your posts from last week bc it seems like you have had a LOT of things happening!
      And also? I really want to go to your home state. Would your mom mind if I showed up to visit and asked your dad to take me tubing? Is that weird? #youareawesome

  1. I think I’m more attentive on Instagram and Facebook than the blog-world at this point, so I have been loving all the stuff you’ve been sharing and talking about! Awesome runs!

  2. yay, welcome back! i was hoping the training was going well…and it was! solid week as usual for you nicole. as usual, we were down on the cape for the weekend. got in 1/2 mile repeats, a 20 mile bike, and previewed the brewster brewrun course that is next saturday…5.2 mile race…hilly course…at 4pm?! what are the race people thinking?!

    • What an awesome weekend! I love the cape and would go/live there every week if I could do so.
      4pm race start is SO weird. I’ve never run one that starts at that time. It’s either morning or night…7pm would be better! I hope it’s not too hot for you at that time!:)

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