The top questions I’ve been asked about BBG

I’m six weeks into the 12 week BBG program and I’ve gotten a ton of questions via email, in person, and on my Instagram about BBG. I decided to do a post to address all the questions and hopefully help everyone understand it a little more. 

1. What is BBG? “BBG” stands for “Bikini Body Guides.” It’s a 12 week downloadable PDF guidebook program designed by Kayla Itsines and her partner, Tobias Pierce. You work out for 3 days a week for 28 minutes. There are 2 circuits per each workout and you repeat each 7 minute circuit twice -this makes up the 28 minutes. It’s an ass kicking workout. The moves are easy-lunges, burpees, tricep dips, push ups,to name a few. It’s the combinations that are killer.

2. What do you do in the workout and how much does it cost? The best description that I’ve found on what BBG actually entails was sent to me from a friend from the website “Well and Good”:

The method is alarmingly simple (and surprisingly effective—I can personally vouch). The $69.95 PDF contains twelve weeks of workouts, with three days that includes two series of just four exercises that you complete in seven-minute circuits, twice. It totals 28 minutes of “high intensity, plyometric, resistance jump training,” according to Itsines.

3.) Did you have to buy a lot of equipment? I didn’t buy a single solitary thing for this workout besides the actual guide book. She suggests you buy a foam roller, jump rope, yoga mat, 2 workout benches, and weights. I already have 5, 10, 12, and 20 pound weights at my house. Some of the exercises have you squating on top of the two weight benches- For this, you can stand on two chairs. A lot of the ab exercises have you holding onto the back of the weight bench-I lay down on the floor and hold on to a molding at the base of a doorframe. For the “step up” leg activities, I use actual stairs. You can get pretty creative with things in your own home, trust me. A lot of the activities have you holding a bosu ball. I use a weight in place of that.

Some suggestions:
-you will benefit a lot more from these workouts if you use weights. If you don’t have weights, I would purchase two sets. Everyone is different-I use the 10 and the 12’s, but maybe you would be more comfortable with 5 and 10. If you are brand new to working out or weights, err on the cautious side and go lower- You can always buy higher weights later.

-Get a yoga mat. You’ll be sweaty and they’re easy to clean.

3.) Do I need to have a gym membership? Nope. See above. I’m sure you could do all of the exercises in a gym, but i like to limit myself in looking like an ass in public ( i save that for 5k races): I am seriously dripping with sweat and cursing and sometimes almost falling over with exhaustion. I like the privacy of my own home for that!

4.) Do you like BBG? I freaking LOVE it. I have seriously never been stronger or sore-er in my entire life.

5.) Do you think it’s making you faster? I get asked that all the time and that’s tricky. I do a whole heck of a lot of speedwork so that contributes. In my opinion, the extra strength training is not hurting!

6.) What about the jump rope? Do you use it? Ok NOBODY asks me that but i have to put it in here that I have STOPPED trying to JUMP ROPE. I am SO BAD AT IT and i have ZERO desire to improve my jump roping skills. I jump rope in place. I think if you are the kind of coordinated person who can actually jump rope and not trip and fall–that is excellent and you may see even more results than I am. I will tell you that if there was a contest for world’s best jump roper in placer- I would win. #canttouchthis. So i wanted to include the above fun fact in here for all of you uncoordinated people clumsy like me to tell you that I’m seeing results with my pretend jump roping!

7.) How did you save the PDF? Did you print it out? When you buy the guide, you have 24 hours to download & save it. I saved it to my laptop and my Ipad. I know girls who have saved it to their phone’s, but I don’t have enough room on mine. I also didn’t print it out because that would be a huge waste of paper. It’s really easy to use on any device.

8.) What do you use for a timer? The IPhone has a built in timer so that’s what I use!

9.) Are you being paid to do this workout?  I FREAKING WISH. I bought it with my own hard earned money and I’m not being sponsored. Just a girl who wants to get Strong. 🙂  I figure that by now, SOMEONE must be wondering that little fun fact so I wanted to disclose it to you.

10.) Did you buy the nutrition guide? No I didn’t. I eat really healthy as it is, and I’m pretty good at making wise choices for what I put into my body.

I want to also touch on a few points that I think are really important:

-I have said before that I didn’t buy this workout to lose weight, and I swear I mean that. As any chick in her 30’s will tell you: cardio just doesn’t cut you up and make you defined the same way it did for your body in your 20’s. Sad, but true. BBG is making me the best version of ME. Everyone’s results are different, and No two people will have the same things happen for their bodies.

-I wanted a strength workout that was easy to follow. One that I could do whenever I want to, whether that meant M/W/F at 5:00 am or T/TH/F at 8:00 pm. The beauty of it is that you can do it whenever YOU want to do it.  That’s pretty freaking priceless.

-When you see the transformations on IG that Kayla posts, you might think that it’s really an image based program with millions of girls taking selfies of themselves as they continue to become obsessed with their own image. However, if you take the time to read some of the captions on the pictures: You’ll see that it’s so much more than that. It’s “finding your strong” and being more comfortable and happy with who you are. Kayla is constantly addressing this in all of her transformation posts. She wants her workouts to empower you and make you happy with YOU. That was another reason I chose it.

-The online empowerment on Instagram for BBG is HUGE. If you already have it and follow Kayla or any BBG girl- you know what I mean. They are so encouraging and helpful. I think that a workout that empowers women and brings out the best in everyone is pretty great. Women all over the world are paying one another some pretty high compliments-I think that is fantastic!

For more info on BBG, you can go Here. You can also download a free week and sample it out!  

Any questions that I did not address, PLEASE ask away in the comments so I can answer away! 


16 thoughts on “The top questions I’ve been asked about BBG

  1. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been reading all of your posts about it and have been very curious and looking for new ways to get strong. You are so right, I’m turning 39 (eek!) in a few months and the regular old stuff isn’t cutting it anymore, and with kiddos I need to be super flexible on when I do my workouts. This sounds awesome. I may start after marathon training is over!

  2. I like how thorough and honest your review was! Strength training is so important for everyone, especially runners, and having a structured program can keep us accountable when we’d really rather rest or not do a second workout. I’m trying to add kettlebell back into my routine – that made such a difference in my strength and power when I used to do it a couple times a week!

  3. Thank you for the info on BBG. I wondered what it is all about too. I think I might sign up for the free trial to see what it is all about. I’d love to add in something more to my one day a week Body Pump
    Schedule. I love the flexibility of being able to do it at home.

  4. I’ve always followed Kayla on instagram and love how toned she is. I always thought the guide was a little pricey, but I just signed up for the 7 day free trial to try it out!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Great review. I definitely have noticed a change in my running once I started to consistently (read once a week) added in plyo’s and upper body strength training. I don’t think it allowed me to get “faster” per say, but I think it helped build strength in smaller muscles that I do not typically work when running and therefore helped increased my endurance. Not to mention strengthening my joints through stability. Always a plus for running! I’m glad you found a program that is working so well for you! I just might have to investigate : )

  6. You are not the only one who can’t jump rope! I am so uncoordinated in that as well. I haven’t decided to take the plunge into doing this workout yet but I’m considering it. And thank you so much for all the helpful info!!

  7. i am always hesitant to add strength training (outside of what my coach gives me to do) for fear that it will make me sore for key workouts. even when i do yoga, i feel that residual soreness during runs and my coach doesnt like that! whoops! are you finding that you are sore when running during these last 6 weeks?

  8. Loved this post!!!! It made me excited to continue on with BBG more than I already was. I can’t jump rope either!!! When I did that day, I literally looked like a fool trying to jump rope around my yard. I live on a main rd so I was def putting on a show haha! Thanks for this post.

  9. The way that you talk about it, I might really look into this, especially to follow up after Chicago. Right now what I’m doing is working for me and not overloading my body, but it might be nice to have something a bit different before I start training for Boston.

  10. Great info! Strength training is so important…we can run all the miles but there are so many different benefits to the straight training. This sounds like a great (but tough!) program! I’m glad you are enjoying it so much. I would be a little hesitant to pay that much for a program, but if you actually follow it and stick with it for the 12 weeks than I suppose its worth it! Thanks for sharing!

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