Training Week July 13-19th, BBG Week 5!

If I was to sum up this week with one word, that word would be “sore.” I kicked my trash all day, every day!
Monday-6.44 miles, 8:10 avg pace

Tuesday- BBG Week 5, Legs & Cardio. 8 mile tempo run.

Wednesday-AM: 7 easy miles-super hot, super hilly, wanted to jump in the pool I don’t have (I NEED A POOL!)
PM: 2 untimed miles at the track for Summer Fun Run!

Thursday- AM: BBG: Arms/Abs. OWWWWWW.
PM: 4 mile warmup, 3 miles of 400s (6x400s) at the track club!
These splits were awesome-I’m telling you: Track work has made a huge difference in my running, HUGE.

Friday-BBG Week 5, Full Body. No running!!!

Saturday-19 miles, 8:36 avg pace. I was really, truly, 100% not in the mood to run on Saturday. I was physically dragging myself out of bed and could have slept all day (even though I had slept 11 hours already!) Thank you, to YOU, “lady troubles” for dragging me down on this long run! My legs felt like concrete blocks and my abs/arms/even my toes were sore. (BBG was killer this week!)
I knew that if I didn’t hit the roads on Saturday, I would have been forced to run on a 93 degree day on Sunday..So….sometimes, you’ve just got to suck it up, buttercup! I did my long run along the course for my next marathon: The Baystate Marathon! It was awesome to have a change of scenery from my typical long run routes, and, even though my body was feeling really sluggish-the miles at least passed by very quickly!

Sunday:7 miles. I really didn’t want to run on Sunday and procrastinated a LOT. It was so hot and humid that I opted for the dreadmill. (that is how you KNOW it is hot: If i’m choosing the treadmill over pavement!!) I just wanted to get this run DONE so I opted for some faster miles. 51:51 for 7 miles, 7:24 avg pace. I did the last 2 at a 6:54/6:40. This past winter, I was training for Boston and a 6:40/6:45 mile on my treadmill made me want to cry and I would constantly express my frustrations swear at how damn difficult that pace felt. On Sunday-> It felt pretty dang doable and I like that! Progress is my favorite!!

BBG Thoughts: 5 weeks have gone by and that is crazy to me!! I can’t believe I’ve already been doing it that long. This week was intense-but i freaking loved it. I’m crazy sore, did exercises that I’ve never done before, and it was so much fun! I showed my husband my progress pictures and he was all “WHOA. Who’s that girl? Can I have her number?” (he is so funny ;)) My Abs are rock hard and I’ve lost a couple inches in my waist. Like I’ve said before- I didn’t start BBG to lose weight, but it ended up happening anyways. I love how strong my whole body feels. It’s that hurt-so-good-kind of sore and me likey.

56.2 miles for the week, 8:03 avg pace. I haven’t hit a 50 mile week since March, and this week was my 2nd highest mileage week for the year! I’m bringing my mileage back up, up, up!

And I just have to show you some fun pictures:

My garden looks SO good. I can take credit for about three of the plants, that’s it. The rest is all my husbands creativity! He has done a wonderful job at making our backyard into “the compound”

And this is his current project!! It’s a hot tub area! Woo hoo!!! It is already beautiful and it’s not even done yet. IMG_7335

I worked HARD all week, so I celebrated with this little yummy cocktail! I made simple syrup from my dad’s raspberries. I froze half, and made syrup with half. THis particular martini tastes like the red raspberry martini from Cheesecake Factory and it is heavenly!!!

My Nephew KILLING it at the Fun Run on Wednesday! 

My little Beans. Love her. 

Again…so cool!

This beauty came in the mail on Saturday….2016, I’m coming for ya. Watch out!IMG_7329

How was your weekend? Tell me something fun that you did!



17 thoughts on “Training Week July 13-19th, BBG Week 5!

  1. Great job on ALL your running! This heat and humidity is killing me but it looks like you’re pulling through with a fantastic week despite that. And those 400 times rock!! I had a kid-filled Friday night – made smoothies with my goddaughters 🙂

  2. I love looking back at a stellar week of training ! Such a feel good feeling and you totally rocked it! I need to start doing this BBG for some abs… haha. Hope you have a fab day!

  3. Wow what an awesome week for you! That cocktail looks incredible too, with fresh raspberries YUM! 🙂 I had a lot of workouts this weekend that made me feel really strong and like my endurance for long runs is growing again! 🙂 Happy Monday!

  4. awesome week nicole! 50+ miles is incredible; you definitely deserved that delicious looking cocktail! we were in burlington, vt for a brewfest. i managed to get some runs in though. stay cool the next few days; it is HOT out here!

  5. You had a great week, even if it was a tough one! Your killed those 400s, and its awesome that you are able to see progress like that for your treadmill runs! It sounds like BBG is a great program; I am so glad you are liking it and seeing great results!!

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