Fun things Friday!

What an amazing week of running stuff!

I mentioned earlier in the week that I have a new friend that I run with, S. Not only is she an amazing runner and running partner-she is a mom too. A few years ago, she realized how into running her oldest child was and decided to plan an event so that her daughter could really experience the joys of running. There aren’t always a whole lot of running things for little kids, so she created a Summer Fun Run for kiddos from our town at our local track! So amazing! 

This is my first year with the program-I volunteered to help out and S made me the distance coach! Kids ages 3-13 run either .25 miles or .50 miles with me! What a blast it is! Kiddos also get to do sprints, long jump, obstacle course, & a relay! 

My niece has been dying to run and do running related events. So naturally, I signed her up for it. The girl is a natural born athlete and was crushing every event! 



So proud of my little buddy❀️

A few weeks ago, I was talking to SIL, and we were trying to nail down a day that we could go to the track together. I said to her “I’ve always wanted to start my own track club kind of thing-I know there’s a lot of people who want to work on their running and don’t know what to do on the track that will help them get faster.”  She agreed and told me to put it on Facebook. I really thought there wouldn’t be such a big response to it-maybe me and two or three friends…but there were about 50 people interested!!! So we planned a night-and the first night of “Track Club” was this Thursday. For the first week, we did 4x400s. Next week we’ll build on that. We had a great turnout and it’s something that I feel is going to continue to grow because there are so many benefits from group workouts! WRECKING CREW! 

And last: some pictures came back from my 5k last week…this is my favorite!  


Have a great weekend everybody!

Do you ever meet in a group for track work? 


18 thoughts on “Fun things Friday!

  1. How fun and exciting that you created a new running group! I need running friends … none of my friends run 😦 and I’ve thought about creating a running group but I doubt anyone would want to run at 4:30 am!

  2. You are amazing. And so is your niece! She will be lapping you before you know it πŸ˜€ Or at the very least trying to!
    I’m so proud of you for going after your run/track club. That is seriously awesome, and I’ve no doubt it will be a great success!

  3. you look so incredibly strong in that picture! i normally do my track workouts by myself; i should get the fast boyfriend to join me to kick my ass! happy weekend!

  4. What a fantastic 5k picture! You definitely look so focused on that PR goal! And it sounds like you’ve had some great summer events so far. I hope your track club keeps on growing πŸ™‚

  5. Great race photos!! Mine are always on a down beat and gravity is not kind to me… haha. I’ve actually never done track work ! (should probably start….) but I like doing my tempo runs in a group. Holds me accountable and gives me extra motivation not to slack! Hope you have a fabulous weekend πŸ™‚

    • I like partnering up for tempo runs too. Some miles, my partner is a little faster, some miles-I’m a little bit faster. It helps a TON to have someone who is holding you accountable.

      Gravity isn’t always kind to me either..oh man, some pics are terrible!

      Have a wonderful weekend, Jamie!

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