Mileage Totals: June 29th-July 5th, BBG Week 3

What a fantastic, amazing, incredible running week. I had so much fun with all of these runs and I couldn’t be happier!

Monday: Running: Off, BBG Week 3, Day 1: Legs & Cardio This week’s workouts were idential to Week 1.
Week 1, day 1 is ridiculously difficult. It leaves you feeling so sore that you contemplate if you can actually DO any more workouts, again, ever. This time around, it felt a LOT easier, and I went to bed without my legs feeling like they were going to fall off. It was still just as hard, but my body is starting to adapt (slightly) to these strength workouts.

A planned tempo run with my girlfriend S turned into an easy run. When I woke up, I thought I was fine to do a tempo run. It wasn’t until I actually started to run that I realized how sore I actually was. The paces we held only a week before felt basically impossible on legs that had done a hard leg workout just the day before. Lucky for me-my friend was up for anything and she didn’t mind switching it up to an easy run.

Wednesday: BBG Week 3, Day 2: Arms & Abs. Running: 3 different runs (400s, 400s, 2 miles).
Run 1: 400s at the track with S. I love running with my new (ish) friend. She is pretty much up for anything, and so am I. She never backs down from a challenge, and we are a really good match for each other! Wednesday morning, we set out to hit the track for some 400s. The goal was 8x400s. We were 4 x 400’s in when it started to downpour with a side of thunder & lightning. I’m all for rain, but I have to call it with a thunderstorm. We called it a day and headed home. My first set was SO GOOD and my best 400s EVER: 1:26, 1:26, 1:28, 1:27.
Run 2: I headed back to the track a few hours later and ended up finishing the workout. It’s really hard to do another 400s workout just a few hours later than your 1st. I don’t recommend it. My 2nd set was a little slower- (that is to be expected though) 1:28, 1:30, 1:30, 1:27.

Two weeks ago, S and I had done another set of 400s where my average was 1:29/1:30. Both of these were faster and I’m so pleased!Β Later that day/night, I did my BBG arms & ab workout. I can tell I’m so much stronger because I was able to do 3 rotations in the 7 minutes where I usually barely make 2. Progress! Run 3 was a cool down after BBG-a slow 2 miles.

Thursday: 7.01, 57:59- 8:16 avg pace. I took it really easy and did one of my favorite 7 mile hilly loops. I didn’t push the pace at all and just enjoyed the hills.

Friday: BBG Week 3, Day 3: Full body. Running: Hinkley Allen Manchester 5k! a new PR 20:07! πŸ™‚ Splits: 6:11/6:50/6:14/.55.
Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 8.43.16 PM1st mile: Mostly flat with a slight downhill at the start. Mile 2- Mostly UPHILL. Mile 3-A straight shot downhill!!!! My Garmin read 20:07 for 3:15, 6:23 avg pace…official results have me at 6:29 avg pace. WHATEVER. It was fast & I am happy. I wish i had been faster on mile 2- if I had held the paces I did in mile 1 & 3 I would have pulled a 19:27/19:31 time. To me & my tired legs- we were keeping the same effort on those hills, but obviously that effort doesn’t always translate over into speed. This just means that I have to keep working on getting faster on those hills so I can nail another 5k πŸ™‚

Saturday: 6 easy recovery miles, 49:50, 8:18 avg pace. I have to tell you that I could barely sleep because I was so excited from my PR the day before!

Sunday: 17 mile long run-17 miles, 8:14 avg pace. I was happy that the 8:14 pace felt really easy and manageable… My legs were still a little heavy from the 5k & it was REALLLLLY warm..but overall I’m very happy with this long run!

48.6 miles for the week, 7:54 avg pace.

BBG recap: I’m now three weeks into the 12 week program. It is such a tough program but I have to say that I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. I am sore from the workouts-but the strength is really carrying over into my running, just like I wanted it to. I’m so excited to do every workout and I can see/feel lots of results already. I have a lot of new definition in my abs (maybe someday I will post a pic, but don’t hold your breath) and I love how strong and lean I’m feeling. The thing about hitting your 30’s and also being a runner is that you don’t tone up quite as easily as you did in your 20’s(sorry to those of you in your 20’s who are reading this!). Aging-you’re a bitch. These workouts are making me see some serious definition and i like it! I debated skipping Friday’s workout since I had the 5k at night, but in the end I didn’t want to do it Saturday, and I didn’t want to just skip it-so I did it anyway. My motto is “do it right or not at all”– I won’t see results if I don’t do the workouts! #DUH.

I had a lot of inquires asking how I got a 43 second PR on Friday, so I typed up some tips. I’m not an expert, but hopefully, they are helpful! Check back tomorrow!

Β Me and my little buddy hope you had an amazing 4th!Β 

What was your favorite run of the week?


21 thoughts on “Mileage Totals: June 29th-July 5th, BBG Week 3

  1. First, CONGRATS ON BREAKING YOUR 5K PR! That’s amazing, and I’m so excited for you! It was a tough one to beat πŸ™‚

    Also I have MORE questions about BBG (still haven’t pulled the trigger on buying my own guide haha). Do you find yourself buying a lot of new equipment for it? I really don’t have bunch of stuff right now. I have a dungeon-y basement with my boyfriend’s workout equipment, but I’m not even really sure what’s down there. I got the first week “trial” she offers and it already includes things (like TWO workout benches?) that I don’t have. Just want to make sure if I get the full guide I’m not spending like an additional hundred bucks on workout equipment. Let me knowwww when you can! And congrats again πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!! πŸ™‚

      I didn’t buy anything besides a new jump rope. For the weight bench stuff-I haven’t been using one, I just step up on my stairs because it’s about the same height. I’ve noticed that in future weeks, there are some exercises where you are stepping on two benches…I think I’ll still use my stairs. I didn’t have to buy anything else because I already had weights & a yoga mat. I hope that helps you!! Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you!

  2. BBG sounds so challenging but so beneficial! I’ll have look into it to give some structure to my strength training.

  3. Loved your update and posts! I just started bbg today and have been perusing to see how other people are finding the program. Very inspiring to read that you’re enjoying it this much.

    Looking forward to following your progress!

  4. WIll BBG make me superwoman?? And do you have to have an internet connection to do them? Because I am thinking that I might need to suck it up buttercup and do them if you are having such great results!

    • Haha YES it will!! You have to have an Internet connection to buy it. After that, you have 24 hours to download & save it. I saved it to my iPad and my Mac. I know you can save it to your phone too, but I didn’t have enough space to do that! Once you save it to a device, you won’t need to use the Internet again!:):) I hope this helps!

  5. Congrats again on the PR! So awesome!! Best run of the week was my long run in Nantucket… always nice for a change of scenery : ) Hope you have a great day!

  6. Awesome week – and so excited for your new 5k PR! Looks like you guys had a great 4th!

    For me – running during the spring/summer/fall is always such a joy, and I’ve finally gotten into the groove of mixing things up during the week, which is always fun. So choosing a fave run? Probably the 12.5 mile hill run πŸ™‚

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