Mileage Recap, BBG Week 2, & some running things!

Monday-Off from running. BBG- Legs. This week there was so much jump roping. I am the worst jump roper EVER! The goal is to do as many reps of each circuit within the 7 minutes. I actually had to stop my timer when it was time to do the jump roping because to do 100 “skips” (that’s what the book calls them) it was taking me nearly 7 minutes. I told you–Worst jump roper EVER. I’m way too uncoordinated. Maybe this workout will help me improve???

Tuesday: Off. I had planned on doing the Good Times 5k race with my girlfriend. The weather prediction called for thunderstorms & a possible tornado RIGHT at the race’s start time. I still wanted to run it (because the weather is not always right), but, My husband convinced me to stay. It was unexpected 2 day break from running!

Wednesday: 8 miles, 8:24 avg pace, BBG day 2 (arms & abs).
After 2 days off from running, I would’ve expected my legs to feel fresh and well rested, but they didn’t! Every mile was exhausting, and it wasn’t even hot outside! It’s so weird how certain runs can feel so awesome, yet others- you have to work for a pace that you know is slow for you!

Thursday: 7 mile tempo run with my speedy friend, BBG Day 3, Full body.
We were a minute faster than our tempo run last week! 3 tempo miles averaged 7:10. My goal is to continue to add mileage and get my average tempo miles to be down from 6:55-7:00.IMG_6905
I had to move my 3rd BBG day to Thursday vs. Friday because my long run was moved from Saturday to Friday.

Friday: 16 miles,8:14 avg pace. I feel like I haven’t had a great long run in about a month. I know that this week & last, my pace was impacted because my legs are still adjusting to the strength workouts. I started thinking about some awesome long runs that I had last month, and getting down on myself about it. BUT THEN–> I remembered that at this time LAST year, I couldn’t get past a 2:16 for a 16 miler. I remember how HAPPY I was that I did it in 2:16!! Here I was, getting mad at myself for only running a 2:11! I thought about the other good things about this run: That I was a couple minutes faster in the 2nd half than the 1st, and that I was 2 minutes faster than last week. Moral of the story: Find the silver lining for every negative thing in your life!!

Saturday: 7 miles, 7:59 avg pace.

Sunday: 4 miles in 30 min. It ended up being a progression run with my miles being 7:57, 7:22, 7:20, 7:17.

44.1 miles for the week, 8:00 avg pace.

BBG thoughts for Week 2: I am loving these guides. Besides jump roping, I learned some other new not- so- fun things that I’m not good at and dislike: Commando’s! I will gladly take burpees over commando’s any and all days of the week. I love how strong I’m feeling- my body is responding very well to all this new strength work and I love it! Overall, I feel very lean and very strong.

Now for some randomness…(You know you love it)

-Sunday was really wet and rainy here. I wore compression socks for my run-this was the first time I’ve worn them outside in a couple of months. It felt SO good to wear them! I haven’t been wearing them because I don’t want the awkward tan lines that go along with them!

-I have a RACE this week-4th of July themed! To tell you the truth, I’ve been pretty excited and pretty nervous about this race for quite a while. It’s a 5k, which I hate, but its extra special because I set my current 5k PR at this race last year..and it was also my very 1st 5k! It annoys the CRAP out of me that I CANNOT BREAK MY 5K PR. I’m really good at controlled speed over long periods of time..aka marathons and half marathons. I don’t excel at the all out burst of speeds that are required to be amazing at the 5k. They are HARD for me. It drives me crazy that my PR was set at my VERY FIRST 5K back when I wasn’t even doing much speed training!

My husband says that I should just get better at pushing through the pain, and “just book it”. He is right– but this doesn’t mean that it’s easy for me to do it! I’m so hoping for a new PR!! Fingers crossed and please send me speedy thoughts this Friday night at 7pm!

-I really love the Facebook memories thing that pops up daily. It was really weird that I was thinking about my long runs at this time last year. FB must have read my mind because a picture I posted a year ago was my memory for Sunday-I was very proud of that 2:18 run! And another memory from June 28th was a status I had posted that eventually gave me the name for this little blog of mine.
Sometimes I really like the walk down memory lane!!

Do you do a 4th of July themed race?
Any PR’s that feel “unbreakable” for you??


21 thoughts on “Mileage Recap, BBG Week 2, & some running things!

  1. I haven’t raced enough to have a PR I can’t break, but I feel like I get faster at longer distances before my times at speed work improve. I have a virtual race for 4th of July and I’m hoping to break my previous 10K PR.

  2. Great week!! Maybe I missed it, but what does BBG stand for? I’ve been incorporating more strength into my routine lately too and so I’m very interested to hear about what you’re doing 🙂
    I had a period of 3 years when I couldn’t break my 5k PR!!! Granted it was because I was running off and on and so could never consistently get better at it. But that cycle ended last year. Now I feel like I’ve been working towards a 1:45 half for about a year…and it still hasn’t happened for me *sigh* I know one day I’ll break that barrier but it’s frustrating when you work so hard for a goal and you keep falling short. But you’ll get there, Nicole!! Just keep your head up and run hard!!

    • Thanks Charissa! I’m going to do just that! BBG stands for “Bikini body guides”. It’s a 12 week workout program designed by Kayla Itsines. It’s so hard but also so awesome! Check her out on IG! I’m just starting week 3.
      You are very capable of that sub 1:45 half! I know it!!

  3. Oooh how fun!! I’ve been slowwwwwly working on getting faster for my 5K’s (haha, slowly, get it?), but your PR is crazy!! I would love to get sub 25 minutes sometime in this life 🙂

    I’m doing the Firecracker Four on the 4th! It’s really a hoot and my family always does it with me every year too! Great way to start off the day of BBQ’ing and firework-ing 🙂

  4. I think right now, I’m struggling with breaking 1:30. I think I will have to shift my focus from marathoning to specifically focusing on speed training to break my half PR. For right now I’m very happy continuing to run halfs as training runs, and accepting the fact they won’t be a PR. But after Boston next April, I’m thinking of focusing on some speedy halfs at the beginning of the summer. Hope you have a great week!

  5. solid week of workouts! i suck at breaking my PR in the half marathons! i ran a 5k on saturday down the cape and i actually dont even know what my PR is since most of my 5ks in the past were part of triathlons…those dont count as stand alone 5ks right, even though i think my fastest 5k was part of a triathlon!

  6. 1:40 half feels unbreakable for me, especially as I continue to lose speed and feel it while coaching. And you will get better at the jump rope, but there will still be times when you suck at it. Like with running, haha. And my legs just about always feel like lead after a few days off or a rest day. It makes no sense.

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