10 Things I Hate About You..I’m talking to YOU, SPORTS BRA!!!

The Sports Bra. It’s a necessary evil for female runners. Why I have been cursed with large knockers is beyond me. But, I have them, sooo I’ve gotta suit up accordingly for my daily runs. If I could get away with not wearing one-believe me, I would take that opportunity because I loathe The Sports Bra..

In no particular order, these are my top 10 hates about sports bras!

1.) When it is too hot out….My sports chafes me in the most irritating places. Not only around the band area, but sometimes along my shoulders..

2.) And then this leads to the dreaded shower burn. The worst is when you aren’t aware yet when you jump in the shower and the stinging water bring on a whole new world of pain sensations that you weren’t ready for.

3.) Of course, it’s not only the blazing sun that chafes you. It’s being wet from the rain too. It’s just as much pain to be sopping wet from rain as it is hot and sweaty from heat!

4.) Let’s not forget how uncomfortable a sports bra can be when you’re pms-ing. Swollen and already tender breasts do not make for a happy runner. Nope. It’s dragging around two heavy boulders and WHY can’t I take them OFF for a day????

5.) That they are pricey. A good sports bra is often the same as shorts and a tank. So unfair.

6.) Even though its necessary, why do most of them make my boobs look like they are in a shelf? A uni-boob shelf situation to be exact…..

7.) Is there anything worse than the scab/scar that the bra leaves behind for you? It makes for an attractive bikini situation, I will tell you that much!

8.) And why does it take so long to go away?? (Mine takes a week-2…depending on how deep the war wound is!)

9.) You can try covering yourself in Vaseline, Body Glide, Amazing Chafe-resisting Sports Bra Gu (I made that one up) but somehow, the bra leaves its mark. (((SIGH)))

10.) The moment your favorite sports bra chafes you and the moment you realize you can’t wear it anymore and have to find a replacement? UGH.

This post has been inspired by a nasty sports bra chafe from a new bra I wore this week….It was noooo bueno and its going BACK to the store!!

Next Tuesday, I will be posting my favorite/least favorite sports bra’s, and links to where you can get them!

Happy weekend!

What do you hate about sports bras?


28 thoughts on “10 Things I Hate About You..I’m talking to YOU, SPORTS BRA!!!

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  2. I have big boobs too – there is just nothing you can do with them I feel l like except drop a ton of cash, and pray that you don’t chafe too badly during a long, sweaty run!

  3. What I hate most? How sometimes even the high impact ones feel insufficient and I want to run with my hands plastered across my chest to keep the knockers in place. I did find a great covering sport bra once and couldn’t afford it. Sigh.

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  5. i have been cursed (as a runner) with big boobs myself, and i actually never chafe! my only issues with sports bras are (1) expensive and (2) i really can never find one that i 100% love. my go-to bra is the moving comfort juno, and it seems to work for me other than making me giving me armpit fat!

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