It’s the final countdown! & Mileage recap for 6/15-6/21

Happy Tuesday!! How was your weekend? Mine was really fun and filled with all the best stuff: Friends, family, fathers and of course:running!!

This is the last week of school, and today is my last day!!!!! Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it’s already here! The final countdown of hours left in my school year is ON.

Mileage/BBG Recap for 6/15-6/21

Monday:(no running) BBG-Legs& Cardio. first day of BBG!!! As I mentioned last week, this workout is extremely challenging! Friday was the first day that I woke up and WASNT sore in my legs from Monday’s workout.the moves are easy enough, however they are extremely effective.

Tuesday- 7 easy miles. First run in you new Ghost 8s, and they were a dream come true to my happy feet!!

Wednesday- AM.  7 miles with my girlfriend, middle miles @7:13 avg pace. I love the tempo run!! All summer long, I will be working on getting that tempo pace DOWN.

  Wednesday PM-BBG-Arms & abs.

Thursday-4.25 easy miles

FridayAM1.5 mile warm up, 6x400s w/400 recovery in between. Splits were 1:29, :30, :30, :29, :30, :30. As far as 400s go-this was probably my best, and most evenly executed splits that I have ever run before. I am so happy with my progress! It was fun to do these with a friend who is a little bit faster than I am-I loved chasing after her and it definitely motivated me to dig in and go for it.

Friday-PM- BBG,abs/cardio, 2.5 mile run. On Friday, I was really happy with myself for completing a FULL week of these workouts. Each BBG day, I found myself to be really excited for the hard work I was about to do. Kind of like track workouts-I get totally excited to nail those splits!!!

I can see progress in myself already. My legs feel SO strong and my whole entire body feels stronger. I’m excited to see my weekly progress!


 Saturday-16 miles, 8:20 avg pace. After a whole week of new-to-me workouts, I’m not surprised that my pace was that slow! I’m completely okay with long run paces slipping sometimes because I know that it will take me a few weeks to get used to the workouts.

Sunday: 5 miles, in the pouring rain. This was such a refreshing run. Summertime rain= happy girl!

46.3 Miles for the week, 7:53 avg pace.

Do you like running in the rain?
Anybody out of school for the summer?


22 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown! & Mileage recap for 6/15-6/21

  1. Wow, great paces on your runs. Maybe some slow for you, but would be awesome for me! 😉 School was out on June 1st for my kids. Feels like summer is almost half way over since lots of pre-school events (cross country, band) starts in early August, although school is back in session Aug. 20th.

  2. I prefer if it starts raining while I am already out running- in the summer heat that usually feels so good! It’s tough to go out to start a run when its already raining.
    My school year ended on June 15th…but I still have to work:( but it’s a nice break from the craziness of the school year!!

    • I’m not sure if you mean how to do a tempo, or, how do I wind up liking that type of run–So i’ll answer both! 🙂 I start the tempo off with a couple of miles of warmup, usually 2-3 and then I launch into the faster miles. Depending on how long i’m going will determine how many miles I”m doing. If it’s a 7 mile run, than I will do 3-4 at tempo pace. If it’s a longer run, I’ll do more miles at faster paces 🙂
      I really like the tempo because its set at paces that are “comfortably fast” at my goal marathon pace, or, at least close to it, vs “all out sprinting” which is what a 5k feels like to me.And that is TOUGH!

  3. That is a solid week. It’s always awesome when you see improvement in your workouts. Makes you keep on working harder because your song progress.

  4. Those are some awesome paces you ran this week, and great job on fitting in all those strength workouts! I don’t mind running in light rain, it’s when there’s thunder that I stay inside.

  5. awesome week of workouts nicole! i do like running in the rain but sunday was a moonsoon so i held off on the cape until it was over…but it was still 100% humidity and i was drenched by the time i finished 6 miles! SCHOOLSSSS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!

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