A “Stronger” ME.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with strength workouts. My interest has waned and I put it on the back burner to do “tomorrow.” But then tomorrow comes and once again, it’s pushed off until “tomorrow.” It’s a cycle! But its one I want to FIX because a stronger me is a stronger runner. When I am adding strength workouts, I feel so much better about myself. I feel better and I always think I look better too. So. I have been searching for “something” to help me get back on the strength train.

Even when I am incorporating strength regularly into my workouts, I find that I can get caught up in doing the same old thing all the time and that’s not good either! If I were to only run EASY runs ALL the time, I would have never started to get faster. By incorporating things like tempo’s and track workouts, I started to build up my speed endurance. That made me a better runner. It’s the same thing with strength- If I’m only doing the same old squats and arm workouts, I won’t see any progress and my body will get used to the workouts.

I absolutely love Instagram. I feel like that is where I make a lot of connections with people. It’s kind of like reading blogs, only you see just a little snapshot of what’s going on. I follow mostly all a LOT of runners, healthy food bloggers, running/food bloggers, and of course friends and family! It’s the MOST fun social media site (in my opinion). I can get tips from amazing runners, see my favorite runners as they progress with their training, and get an idea for dinner-all in my IG threads. Ok, I’m digressing…ANYWAY… Somehow, one of my IG friends must have posted a progress pic of themselves- a typical before and after photo, and it had the hashtag #bbg. Once I clicked on that I stumbled upon millions of pictures of girls with their progress photos, and eventually found out what “BBG” even means.

“BBG” stands for Bikini Body Guide. It’s a workout program designed by Kayla Itsines. It targets all body areas with special emphasis on abs. I followed Kayla on IG– she is just about the most motivational person EVER and I love her! She posts TONS of progress pictures of girls doing her workouts. They are all pretty amazing to see. I kept going to her website and looking at the guides but not buying them. She designed the workouts because she was a personal trainer hearing the same complaints from women in the gym all the time about hating their abs/thighs/butt, etc. Now millions of women all around the world use them!

SO finally, last week, I took the plunge and bought the guides. One thing that really sold me is that to do the workouts, you don’t need to go to a gym. Weights, a yoga mat, a timer, and I believe a jump rope are all you need. It’s a digital download book and I can view them as an ebook on my IPAD. It’s only 3 days a week for 28 minutes. That is NOTHING. I’m so excited about taking on a new challenge and I know that the regular strength exercises are going to make me a better runner. It’s a 12 week program and after the 12 weeks, you can buy the next session of weeks 13-24, or I believe just start the cycle all over again for your 12 week program. (It seems like a lot of girls do that)

I would like to tell you that I didn’t buy this program because I think I need to lose weight. I feel like I should make that clear because I’m sure someone will ask me that at some point. I really want to add strength training to my life. The main reason I bought a workout program is the same reason a lot like people join a running club or hire a personal trainer- Sometimes you need the extra motivation that comes along with joining a group. You’ll learn new stretching techniques, workouts and someone is planning them all for you so you don’t have to do the hard work! I like that I’m following a guide that is telling me what to do!

I started the BBG workouts this past Monday. Good LORD. It’s Thursday and I am STILL SORE. My inner thighs are still hurting! The first two days- I swear to you that I was “marathon sore”. My husband has been watching me do the workouts and says that I’m so sore because I’m finally doing a “real” workout..as opposed to a 10 ab/leg video. All I know is that I’m a runner, have been a runner for 15 years—and earlier this week I discovered new muscles in my legs that I did not know I had. This is a new challenge for me and I like it! I have been doing the workouts after I get home from work and still keeping up with my regular running stuff in the mornings.

Even though I LOVE seeing people’s progress pictures, as it stands right now-I’m thinking I probably won’t be posting many or ANY “progress pics”. I teach high school and am friends with a lot of former students on various social media sites. The thought of being half clad and having a picture of me for a student to stumble upon makes me cringe. NOPE, can’t do it.

When I set out to run on Tuesday morning, I thought I would be holding a terrible and slow pace. It took my legs about a mile to feel good and get warm. Once I got going though, I felt great and couldn’t believe how STRONG my legs felt after a day of working out. It’s a pretty good feeling! I get sore from running-but this new kind of soreness is very cool. I know I’m working out muscles that haven’t been used this way in a while.

I’m really looking forward to being a “stronger me” this summer!!

Have you ever bought a workout plan to make you stronger?


19 thoughts on “A “Stronger” ME.

  1. so awesome, go girl!!

    I recently completed (and blogged about) my experience with Jamie Eason’s LiveFit trainer. It’s 12 weeks long, you do need a gym, but it is FREE! I loved it and have noticed the biggest progress in my legs.

    I’m about to begin PiYo, which DID cost me some mula, but I am excited to challenge my body in a new way.

  2. I’ve been increasing how much strength training I do recently as part of my marathon training. It definitely makes me sore, but I’ve noticed that I’m much stronger in my tempo runs and speed work! It’s amazing how much difference 30 minutes a few times a week of strength training can make.

  3. That’s interesting because I am feeling the same way about strength training. I just got the Runner’s World IronStrength DVDs. 🙂 I haven’t tried them yet but I was intrigued by their advertising (I’m such a sucker for stuff like that!). I’m hoping the workouts are not too long because ideally I’d like a 20 min workout. We’ll see if I follow through!!
    Good for you doing those workouts. Who knew you had those leg muscles! 🙂

  4. I’ve been changing up/increasing my strength training lately and really loving it! I’m planning a post for tomorrow with some of my new workouts. And I have bought strength training books before, but usually just use them for a few months before I get bored and switch to something else.

  5. I need to bust out of my strength rut (again). I get way to comfortable in it. And, to be fair, with my PT sessions right now, doing that takes up time and brain power! Once we space those out more (hopefully in the next week), I should have a bit more time to dedicate to strength.

  6. I started strength training right after Boston to give my body a rest, and after 30 minute leg plyo circuit, my inner/outer thighs, glutes, hamstrings, everything was SO SORE! It’s amazing what a difference it makes using our muscles in different ways. I actually use my friends 21 Day Fix Extreme DVDs to incorporate strength training. Mainly because I love that I don’t have to leave my apartment to do the workout and it’s only 30 minutes long. So manageable.

  7. So I’m definitely intrigued. I also have a super hard time sticking to my strength training workouts. I just get bored too easily and I always think I rather be out running instead. Will you keep us posted on your progress (not necessarily pictures, but just how you feel, how they’ve affected your running, etc.?) Also I can’t tell from the site, can you just download it in PDF format and print it out? I don’t have an iPad so if I do take the leap and buy it I just want to make sure I can actually use it! This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

    • I put it on my laptop too, and I know a girl who put it on her phone too…plus you can print it out too…I just didn’t want to do that because it’s a lot of paper.
      I absolutely will keep you posted! I’ll include it with my weekly mileage recaps! It’s $70 AUD but it ended up costing me $50…I had a coupon and the American exchange rate is less for us (does that make sense?!)

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