I didn’t dissappear & a mileage recap 6/8-6/14

First of all…HOW is it already halfway through June??? My “Facebook Memories” reminded me on Sunday that June 14th, 2012 it was my last day of school. Thanks FB. If I remember correctly-that was also the year I thought I was going to DIE during the marathon because it was almost 90. That year- we had no snow days. This year, we had 8 snow days so the last day of school is June 23rd. But….All those snowdays were so fun when they were happening  though….right??? 

Anyway. My hope for the summer is that I can get back to regular posting again! Every week there seems to be lots of Life Stuff that is happening that takes precedence right now.

Mileage Recap:

I took Sunday and Monday off from running. I wanted to REALLY rest my foot and didn’t want it to develop into a bigger problem. I was pretty nervous that it was going to develop into a full blown injury!!! The rest really helped and so did the Advil and the icing! Thanks for all of your suggestions, guys!! I now know it was from my shoes being tied too tight.

Monday -off, rested my foot

Tuesday-6 easy miles and my foot felt really good! took it for an easy paced test run and it felt great.

Wednesday- 6  easy miles with a friend.

Thursday- 7.6 extreme hilly Miles up Keyes Hill road in Pelham NH. Even though my next marathon isn’t hilly, I need to get better on hills. This road is actually full of rolling hills. No matter which direction you’re starting at-you’re going to be climbing!  I was happy to have this be my average pace up these mountains!! I am going to try to work this road into a run once a week. Maybe I will even be brave enough to do hill repeats on it (but probably not bc this hill is murderous!)  


Saturday- Run for Lyme disease 5k, 2 mile warmup, 3 cooldown

My cute friend Mareena let me know that there was a local race in our town and asked if I wanted to do it, too. The race started a mile up the road from me and took place on roads that I run on all the time. It was pretty much a no-brainer!

The race was organized as a project by a 14 year old kid named Jake Mercier. 5 years ago, he became extremely ill with a mysterious illness. He was an active kid who was suddenly struggling to get out of bed in the morning. After a 15 month waiting period, they finally diagnosed him with Lyme does seem and put him on antibiotics. 7 months later he was finally healthy again. I can’t imagine how scary that was for his family! He organized this race as a way to raise money and awareness of Lyme Disease and fund future research. The fact that a kid organized this race is amazing to me and was the final hook for me to sign up for another 5k (i serially hate them) However, it was worth running my most hated distance to listen Jake and his mom each make tear jerking speeches right before the race. So touching!

It was a little bit surreal to be at the race start:The Englesby Elementary School (formerly the Englesby Junior High) where I went for my 7th & 8th grade school years hosted the race. It’s always a little strange to be back at a school you went to as a little kid! The weirdest part was that the school looked EXACTLY the same as when I went there!

It was a beautiful day …for the beach. It was so freaking hot and the sun GLARED down at me. GLARED. Hot. I could hardly BREATHE. I think if it had started a little earlier like- 8 or 9 I would have done a little better…but 10 am was prime time for the sun! 


I took the female lead pretty early on-within the first few minutes. I kept it for the whole race, even though by the 3rd mile I positively wanted to DIE. When the police escorts drove by me to lead the way, I wanted them to pick me up. Ugh.

I was the 2nd finisher, even though the race results say I was third? That is WEIRD. You can see me outkicking the 3rd place finisher in the pictures, and he happened to be by my side at the start…I was clearly a few seconds ahead of him, yet the race results have him in second-and we both have the same time of 21:37…. SO weird. But anyway…I was the female winner, so YAY!

Run for Lyme 5k
I really dislike this picture, but I had to put it on here to show you the 2nd place dude and how he’s behind me!

21:37 for the win 🙂  

The best part of this was that I got to also run with two of my friends!! My good friend M and M’s husband B! This was M’s first race post baby and she did AMAZING!


It was time to get ready!!! My BFF had a very special secret date with her boyfriend. It was a secret engagement surprise that we were in on…and the plan was one of the most creative engagement plans I have ever heard of! My girls and I hung out for a little while while we waited for her arrival. It was awesome! Girl time followed by a side of celebrating 🙂

The newly engaged couple:) How amazing does the background look in this?!

Sunday: 15 slow miles with very heavy legs. I do not like the run after a 5k! It’s so hard and it hurts!!! Afterwards, it was a trip to Dick’s and my husband bought me some new Ghosts! 🙂 I haven’t run in them yet but I ‘m really looking forward to it!

43.5 Miles for the week 🙂

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I’m sorry this post is a day late…Life happens I guess!!!


22 thoughts on “I didn’t dissappear & a mileage recap 6/8-6/14

  1. We had a young girl with a simile illness here locally and they held a 5k for her treatment. Very touching and such a good reason to run! It was my son’s first 5k. I’ll never forget it. 🙂 your hubby is so sweet to buy you new kicks!! I’m overdue for some new shoes…getting that itch. And a pain in my knee. I always know when it’s time for new shoes thanks to me trusty knee lol and about life….yeah….you can see where I’ve only been able to post once a week. Since I took on personal training and still working in the pharmacy I’ve been booked solid and I still need family time! Blogging has always come second even though I enjoy it so much.

  2. Congrats on a great 5k! Glad your foot is good to go 🙂 I learned my lesson about tight laces after my first marathon – ouch! I also relate to life stuff just being crazy this time of year. We have a trip to Seattle Friday and hopefully after that things will calm down.

  3. What an amazing time you’ve been having – congrats on the first place female win too, what an awesome accomplishment! The only time I see the police escorts is when they’re bringing up the rear behind me, lol 😉 And I just took a run around my old elementary school too, and it’s a real trip! Nothing’s changed except for me and it’s quite strange!

  4. woot woot,1st female! rockstar! and congrats to your bff (and my brother who also got engaged on saturday)! i spontaneously raced on sunday in my neighborhood and it was the hilliest 5k i ever ran, and boy does it show how i need more hill work! and why in the world do some summer races start so late…10:30am?! too hot and humid for me at that time!

    • Yay huge congrats to your brother too!!!!! I love engagements!
      I agree-Seriously why do summer races start anything later than 9am? I do not understand! It is HOT people!!!
      I am making a pact Witt myself to do MORE hills every single week! I need them in my running!

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