Mileage & an issue 

I had some great runs this week! (Until Saturday) 

Wednesday:  A track workout to celebrate National running day! 8 miles total.

Wednesday night: 3 miles with my new running friend Shannon!!

Thursday:Hills!! I watched McFarland USA on National Running Day and this quote stuck in my head. That movie is SO good & i highly recommend it for some good old Run-Spiration!

Friday: Tempo run with my new friend! It was a nice cool morning and we had a terrific run.

Saturday: 16 miles in 2:08…I was about 4 minutes slower than I thought I would be because my stupid left foot started hurting out of nowhere. I had to stop about 10 times and massage my foot/take off my shoe and rub the top of it. It is SO weird. I would have called for a ride home, but I was so far away that I felt guilty asking anyone to interrupt their Saturday and come to get me. (The hubs was at work) . My shoes are new-60 miles including Saturday’s run. (Pureflow 2s) it’s really odd that the 2s did this to my foot-I wore a pair of 3s that caused a pain in the same foot -however I haven’t worn them since that particular run. I’ve probably had 5(?) pairs of Pureflow 2s and it has never happened.  It feels like a pulled muscle from my big toe to the start of my ankle, it’s so weird. I’m partly blaming this one pair of work shoes that I wear all the time. I’ve been icing it and taking Advil…it still hurts. I am not happy!!!! I took Sunday off from running in the hopes of letting it rest/heal…hopefully a few days of no running will make it A-Ok. (I HATE DOCTORS, and will probably go *only* if it is 200% necessary )


40.1 miles, 7:48 avg pace. 

The rest of my weekend was relaxing and fun…

A trip to Bass Pro Shops for my husband…  


Mr Mac’s Mac & Cheese in Manchester, NH….I got the buffalo chicken mac & cheese, my husband had chicken bacon ranch…BOTH were amazing!!! If you’re ever in the area, you NEED to check it out!

Sunday Funday with my favorites! This girl: She is the funniest kid ever and she happens to be my niece!! I am a lucky auntie!!!  

SIL ❤️  

This guy. I like him.❤️❤️❤️

She is the funniest niece EVER!  

Look at those legs!!    

And finally….icing my foot as we drank Sangria!  

I hope you had a great weekend! 

Anybody ever have a random foot pain like this? What’d you do? 


13 thoughts on “Mileage & an issue 

  1. grr my comment didnt post…let’s see if this one does. i really really really hope your foot pain is just a fluke thing from a sneaker being too tight. fingers crossed the pain goes away after your rest and ice! i am having horrible back pain right now (and have had back pain for 12 years). Tina B. mentioned ART in boston; i go to Kate at least 1x week and she is amazing. let us know how that hoof feels!

  2. Sorry to hear about your foot! I have been having some odd pain for the last 2 months. I can’t figure out if was the new running shoes I’ve been trying to break in or if it has to do with the insoles I put in my boots. I just want it to be nothing. Hopefully yours is nothing and feel better soon!

  3. I’ve had issues with my plantar but never on the top of my foot. Focusing on rest, ice, and stretching (particularly my calf) helped a great deal. Hope it feels better soon!

  4. Injuries are the WORST! That happened to me before. I rested (RICE!!!!)for a about 8ish days (I rode the bike tho!) and it was from tying (new shoes) too tight!!! Try skipping the middle lace holes (I skipped two) right over the highest part of your foot. It totally helped. I even left them that way for the remainder of my boston training just to be safe! Also try taking Motrin/Advil around the clock, about every 8 hrs. That stuff works best when in your system for a few days! Good luck!!!!!!

  5. I’ve never had foot pain like that but I’m all of a sudden dealing with IT band syndrome in my hip! It is so incredibly painful! I’m heading to NH to visit my family at the end of the month. My sister lives in Manchester, so I will definitely check that mac n cheese place out! Yum!

  6. Every once in a while I will get random aches and pains in me feet. Im pretty sure that one time I had it where you described, and it felt like my shoe was tied to tight. I rested for a few days and then laced my shoes slightly differently and it hasn’t bothered me since. Hoping it goes away quickly for you!

  7. I’ve had some random foot pain over the past few months–rest generally took care of it. Ice for symptom relief, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! I test drove a pair of shoes recently that didn’t cause any problems for a while, but the past 3 times I’ve worn them, I’ve had bad pain in my arch. So my best advice would be to wait, heal, and then try them again on a short run and if it happens again, send them back.

  8. sorry to hear about your foot! Running injuries suck. If it keeps up, I HIGHLY recommend going to see someone certified in Active Release Technique. I’ve gone to a place in Boston that I swear by but you can go to to get more info and find a provider in your area. Good luck!

  9. Hope it turns out to be nothing and it’s better soon. I’ve never had actual foot pain although my tendonitis was in my inner ankle down to the foot. I wanted it to be random but it wasn’t. The milder tendonitis I had in my knee came on very randomly though.

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