Happy National Running Day & Why I Run!!!!

Happy National Running Day…One day late!!!

I keep wondering….When did National Running Day start?? According to my husband… “Every Day is National Runner’s Day to you,  Nicole”.   Huh. OK. Well. . . . Yeah. I’ll give him that one.

Why Do I run? So many reasons! When I think of my life before running, its really not as clear to me as my life is AFTER I found running. It’s like running gave me an identity. Running gave me a reason to spend quality alone time and sort through anything that was going on in my brain. This alone time shaped the rest of my life too. Becoming a goal setter made me set other non running goals too.  And that’s pretty cool.

In honor of National Running day, I’m going to give you some of my favorite reasons I run with some silly pictures!

1.) Because running dates are SO FUN!!!! This was one of my running dates last year with my RP on NRD. We did 9 hilly miles that morning. Good times!

2.) Because RACES ARE AWESOME!!! This pic is from my very first 5k last July. We were 2nd and 3rd in our AG. 🙂

3.) Thank you running for making me crave delicious and refreshing beer–> There is nothing like a long run to make you want BEER!! (well, I do anyway!)

4.) Getting new shoes is always great, but the first run in new sneaks is always amazing!

5.) Because running races with friends gives you a reason to wear matching shirts (we are both wearing superhero tank tops, although its pretty hard to tell)

6.) NEW RUNNING CLOTHES make me just as happy as new running SHOES…Look at that face. So happy!

7.) Last year I accidently stumbled upon Skirts Sports and fell in love. THANK YOU RUNNING for providing me with this amazing partnership!!!!

8. Thank you running for helping me make new friends!! This is my girl Erin here…she jumped in to help me BQ for the first time. It was so special to share this moment with her!!

9. THANK YOU RUNNING for getting me out the door on holidays to run and thank you Race Directors who sacrifice time with your families to put on great races for us runners!! THis si me and SIL on Turkey day last year! 🙂

10.) Thank you running for providing me with never ending possibilities for cool selfies. Garmin slefies, snow selfies, cool view selfies. Really, I could go on and on…

11.) Thank you running for saving me from sadness. I was sooo sad about my winter marathon being cancelled, and even though running was essentially the cause of my sadness, it also got me out of the funk.

12.) I love running because I get to share some of the MOST amazing moments with those closest to me. SILS first (but not last!) Boston!

13.) I love that I was able to meet one of my hero’s, Kathrine Switzer!


14.) I don’t really have a reason for putting this picture in here..It just cracks me up every time I look at it! So  I guess I love that running provides me with more funny situations than I could have ever imagined.

15. Thank you running for giving me a reason to form a gang…This is the Good Times Gang!! Don’t mess with us, we’ll “run” right over you!! (I crack myself up)

16.) I love that running has given me a deep love of Compression socks!!

Happy National Runner’s Week (yup, I made that up, just go with it), everybody!!

What are some silly things you discovered because of running??


19 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day & Why I Run!!!!

  1. Love this! Definitely thank you to running for all the cute clothes and shoes, and for post-run beer!

  2. I don’t think you would know what to do with yourself without running. Then again, you might be denying the world the opportunity of having the most prolific knitter ever. Happy National Running Day!

  3. There are so many great reasons to love running! I am sure that I would have never discovered compression socks if it weren’t for running:) Running definitely helps me to think more clearly about everything going on in my life. Happy National running week— that should totally be a thing!!

  4. I discovered how shameless I can be when I need to use a bathroom during a run. I’ve also discovered an amazing community that is one of the most supportive, and most positive groups of people I know. Hope you have a fantastic day!

  5. did anyone read the “thank you running” points like jimmy fallon’s thank you notes?! cracked me up 😉 love this nicole. i love running because it allows you to explore new places; i get excited about traveling so i can run in new areas and see new things! i love running because bad runs (ones we view as failures, etc.) are humbling and despite emotionally and physically dragging us down at the time (even after) will eventually turn into a positive and show us what it is like to dig deep!

    • haha i did NOT read that! How do i find it???

      I completely agree with you!! I always look forward to running in new places! My girlfriends are used to it and pretty much expect me to go out and scope out the new areas that we are in and find cool places for us to go… I love doing that!

      • Ha, I meant I was reading YOUR “thank you running” in the same tone Jimmy Fallon uses when doing that skit on his show. Sadly he doesn’t actually have a thank you running segment 😦

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