Tuesday News-Day


Today is Tuesday, but I’m really starting to realize that I need at least 2 Saturdays in every week. Come Sunday nights, I just feel like there is soooo much stuff left that I want to do and I’m all “nooooo why is it over??” As I sat on my couch on Sunday and had a Jurassic Park marathon, I read some pretty cool stuff on the web that I wanted to share with you!


1.) Via Marathon: No Evidence “Marathon Dad” Cheated*:
(*edited after original post was published because title was worded incorrectly.)

(Photo credit: Runner’s world) 

 I’m sure you all have heard the story by now: Mike Rossi, Pennsylvania Dad, ran Boston this past April. He brought his kids along with him and upon returning them to school, received a letter that their 3 day absence wouldn’t be excused. Rossi posted about the educational value his kids received from this trip and the thread went viral- it seemed everyone was talking about this running dad- Even People magazine! From there, multiple threads popped up questioning Rossi’s qualifying time for the 2015 Boston Marathon. From Runner’s World:

 “Rossi, 47, of Rydal, Pennsylvania, finished the 2014 Via Marathon in 3:11:45, which qualified him to participate in the 2015 Boston Marathon. He completed the Boston Marathon in 4:01:42”

I’m glad he has been proven innocent, but there are a few things that I am wondering about: Other runners around him were photographed several times on the course, but Rossi had no pics. That’s odd. As a person who has run a ton of races, I know that I have had some races where I’ve been photographed only at the end of it and once along the course-but that hardly ever happens. His timing chip clocked him in only at the start and the finish, and if I read the article correctly-there weren’t any more mats along the route. 

Also, Rossi has apparently done a lot of races and his times are not consistent with his BQ time of 3:11…. If there is anyone who understands leaps in finishing times- it is me. My own times from even just 3 years ago don’t match my latest, faster times.  I remember how AMAZING it felt to BQ. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of how triumphant that moment was for me. I could write a whole book on crossing that finish line and I told anyone who had ears (and still do) about my 1st BQ moment. HOT DAMN, it was important to me. Anyway, this strikes a chord with me because Rossi trained really hard, BQ’d, yet didn’t really post anything about this GIGANTIC moment on his blog or other social media outlets….? How come?? I don’t know….I guess as someone who tried for YEARS and YEARS to get the BQ…. I don’t get not posting about it? But that’s just me. Maybe he didn’t want to seem like he was bragging? (Although I never felt like I was bragging?) 

I will say this: I did not read the multiple forums questioning his times..I had no desire to. My own halved marathon times have been snarled on before by trolls– so I respect that he most likely did complete the race and didn’t cheat. If he DID cheat-than shame on him (and karma is a b****). BUT, I would like to believe that he worked hard and all of that paid off for him with his  shiny 3:11 BQ/PR! 

2.) Meb Keflezighi sets 2 U.S. Records in Masters Debut.

(Photo Credit: Runner’s World) 

OF COURSE HE DID— HE IS THE AMAZING MEB!!!!!!!!! I love Meb!! Such a cool, humble, amazing dude. Someday-I am going to meet him. From Runner’s World:

“Keflezighi, who turned 40 on May 5, two weeks after finishing eighth in his Boston Marathon title defense, clocked 44:23 for 15K and 47:39 for 10 miles”

Holy moly that is FAST. I get excited when I hit 6:20 miles.. Meb’s warmup is probably 6:20 miles…Meb clocked 10 miles at a 4:46 pace, not to mention went on to complete the half in 1:02:29. I want to be Meb when I grow up!!!! 

3.) Save the best for last!! 92 year old Hariette Thompson completed the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon on Sunday and became the oldest woman to complete a marathon! harriettethompsonsandiego15
(Photo credit: runner’s World) 

 From Runner’s World:

“Harriette Thompson, 92, became the oldest woman to complete a marathon on Sunday when she finished the San Diego Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon in 7:24:36. She surpassed the record set by Gladys Burrill, who ran 9:53:16 at the 2010 Honolulu Marathon, 19 days after her 92nd birthday, when she was 74 days younger than Thompson is now.”

This lady is one hot ticket-and she has been through SO MUCH! In the past 2 years, she has battled cancer, dealt with the recent death of her husband (January) and awful leg wounds as a result of the chemo that she underwent. This tough chick has completed this race for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 16 times since 1999- Missing only 2013 as she was battling cancer. Her son Brenny now accompanies her along the course. He makes sure that his momma is well protected, hydrated, and he fields off the constant requests for photographs. He tells them “Don’t stop her, just take a selfie”. Upon coming across the finish line, Harriette said the cheering was “like Lindbergh coming in after his flight” because of the people that greeted her at the finish line. She said that all you have to do is get to be 90 something and you’ll get the attention she has gotten! Harriette cracks me UP and has just become one of my running inspirations! I can see myself dancing across the finish line until I’m 100! 

Cheers to many, many more good running years Hariette, and you keep rocking on!

Any good running stories to share? 


23 thoughts on “Tuesday News-Day

  1. Agreed on the two Saturdays! Two days is not long enough – Fridays I’m exhausted, Saturdays are awesome, and Sundays are workweek eve.

    That last story seriously warms my heart. At the tri Jesse and I did on Sunday, there were people 70+ receiving age group awards and it made me so happy.

  2. Happen to agree that just because there’s no evidence “dad” cheated doesn’t mean he didn’t. They just can’t prove it. The guy knows if he did or not and that’s what it comes down to. I loved him for the letter to the school since the school my kids went to in Texas was the same way – no logic to excused or unexcused absences. My kids’ school now let me take my kids out excused when I went to Boston and we toured the city and also spent a day walking around DC. Much more valuable than what they were doing in school that week!
    ANYWAY, I hope there’s a huge group of us ladies running marathons when we’re 90+ – she is such an inspiration! And Meb? Meb is just, well, amazing.

  3. I agree with “txa1265’s” comment that sometimes they can’t prove wrongdoing but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I also agree with what you said that it was weird he didn’t post about his BQ at all when he seemed to post about everything else. Either way, this guy will now have to run every single marathon with people checking his time to see if he ever comes close to his previous qualifying time. And, if he doesn’t, it will be as if every failure to so will be further “proof” in public opinion against him.

  4. I think marathon dad cheated. haha. don’t meant to be mean, but the only person he is cheating is himself.
    and I love that story of the 92 year old. SO inspiring.

  5. Haha great articles. I did see the story about Marathon Dad and I am still a little confused, but I figure innocent until proven guilty. If someone is cheating during a marathon that’s just sad. Ugh.

  6. OK, I’m going to be pedantic – the marathon guy wasn’t ‘proven innocent’ … they failed to find evidence of him cheating. For Via they are in a tough place – because to disqualify they would need evidence, and merely not having as many pictures doesn’t qualify as real evidence. So they had to say what they said – but look to them implementing split-tracking next year 😉

    The reality is that whether or not he was vindicated, his story fails to pass the ‘smell test’. He has run *exactly ONE* race on a BQ pace … and oh, it just happened to be a race with no split tracking. Then for Boston? Right back to where he was before.

    PLEASE don’t compare yourself to him – I know I sure don’t! I mean, we all have ups and downs, but when you look at YOUR story, or I look at mine – it is one of progression, where you can see ‘oh yeah, started slow, got faster and faster, maybe not linear-progress, but still progress. Not just ‘same, same, BQ, same’.

    Sorry, rant over 🙂

    And it is funny talking about the weekend – my wife was saying yesterday morning that she feels her Sunday night sleep is always off because she is stressed about getting up early and all the stuff for the week, and it has really hit with her new job this past month or so. 🙂 And we did the ‘Harry Potter Weekend’ watching instead of Jurassic Park (which we did LAST month! haha)

    • I totally second you here…. if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck…. it might still be a cat in a costume, but it likely is a duck!

    • This is such a great comment…And I love the word “pedantic”. All of your points are true, I loved the rant 🙂 It makes sense that he would pick a race without the split tracking to allegedly obtain his BQ.

      I agree with your wife…I wake up a ton if times on Sunday night because I’m so nervous I’ll sleep through my alarm!

      Whenever a Harry movie is on I can’t pass it up..I’m a die hard Harry fan!

  7. No great running stories that I can share but thank you for sharing all these! I want to be Harriet when I grow up and dream about running as fast as Meb! The fastest I’ve ran was a 5:29 for like 30 seconds lol I was just excited to see an average 6:40 on my last 5k race. But you know, we runners ALL have an amazing story within us. 🙂 I’m a mom and runner. It’s not big news to the world but it’s big news in my life. Have a fantastic Tuesday!!

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