Mileage, 5/25-5/31

Mileage for the week:

Monday: 7 humid miles where I could hardly breathe!

Tuesday: 2 mile warmup, Good Times 5k, .50 mile cooldown.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday:7.01 miles

Friday: 3 miles
I am a die hard Skirt Sports girl…but sometimes, I like to run in shorts, too. These shorts (nike) are my faves of the season! I love their bright color and they’re super comfy! Their only downside is that they don’t have three pockets like my SS skirts do! (so I basically only wear them for short runs)

I was soooo ready/excited for a quick 5 mile tempo run on Friday. HOWEVER. From Monday to Friday, I have managed to break 1 pair of bluetooth headphones, 2 ipods & lose an earpiece from my Yurbud headphones! Well, i think one of the ipods has actually been water logged from this years rainy Boston….But i haven’t been using it so I had no idea! Now all my electronics are sitting in some rice, and I am praying for a miracle! I left to go running and plugged some headphones into my phone only to have the music stop 2 songs in…and then i remembered that I deleted nearly ALL of my music from my phone because I needed to make room for pictures!! Awesome. A silent tempo? No thank you.

After realizing that I truly DO repel technology, I saw it as a sign that just MAYBE i should “give up” for the day. I cut my run short at 3 miles!

Please work!!

Saturday: I knew it was going to be hot (90 for the high). I knew I should have gotten up bright and early (like 4 am early) but somehow I found myself sleeping until 7:30, doing housework for a while, & not getting my run started until 9:30.

At least my outfit was super cute. I LOVE this pattern on the Lioness from Skirt Sports!!!

It was 72 when I started, and by the time I was done, it was 82 with 75% humidity. Real feel felt about 100. YUCKY. I was so hot, so miserable, and could hardly BREATHE. I had to keep stopping to catch my breath. At miles 5 I turned around, danced in some sprinklers in the center of town, and slogged through the next 5 miles. Bla…..

At an 8:37 pace, this was my slowest run in I don’t know HOW long. I keep reminding myself of these things:

Even though I woke up feeling “fast” on Saturday morning, sometimes fast isn’t actually up to you and there are things thrown in your way!

Sunday was predicted to be cooler (70 for the high) and rainy. I got caught in MANY heavy downpours and half the time I could hardly see! Since this past Boston was a really wet & miserable rainy day… I haven’t been exactly excited to venture out into the rain again. HOWEVER…I have always ALWAYS loved running in the rain and Sunday’s run reminded me why! Running through the raindrops is badass. I feel like a warrior champion splashing in the puddles and laughing as the rain falls around me. You really have to take ALL weather in stride and just always try your best. It just is what it is, my friends! 16 miles, 7:58 avg pace, 2:07:32.

This light pink skirt looks red here, and I am absolutely soaked and covered in mud. Whatev.

48.7 miles, 8:06 avg pace.

Some randomness…..This past week, SIL turned 40 and my sis turned 28! I want to wish both of my sisters a happy birthday! My life wouldn’t be as magical and special without these two lovely ladies!

On a random note…I bought these a few weeks ago and FINALLY tried them on Friday. It was WEIRD. The taste was good but the consistency was SO strange… like baby food i guess? Not what I was expecting. I have three more and I hate to waste money so you BET I’m going to eat them…Maybe I will learn to like them?? We’ll see. (I tried the blueberry one)

After my long run on Sunday, I truly enjoyed the rest of my rainy day: Jurassic Park was on TV and the hubs and I had a marathon watching the first 2, and I compressed alllll day in my new grab bag fave! I am LOVING these socks and I’ve decided I need to run a race in the socks with these shoes, purple shorts and a pink tank. #awesomesauce

Have a great start to your week!

Has anybody ever tried the HUMA brand of Chia energy gel? thoughts? Did I just pick a bad flavor to start with??


17 thoughts on “Mileage, 5/25-5/31

  1. I keep meaning to reply to this. It’s funny how many people are dependent on tech. I’m even insane about tracking my runs with GPS of some sort.

    I did give up listening to music completely, though. I used to listen to it for training runs, but never used it in races. One 6 miler, I got about half way through and then the skies opened up, waterlogging and destroying my MP3 player (this was pre-ipods and music on phones). I decided to go without music and I never looked back. I don’t miss not having it on my runs.

    Not sure why I needed to share that, except to say, I think everyone should try running without music. In a way, I think it would be safer in certain situations, races included.

  2. I’ve heard of Huma before and I enjoy chia seeds, but I don’t know if I could tolerate the texture while running. I repel technology also, I’m on my third iPhone since 2012 and managed to drop one in a pot of water boiling for bagels. I don’t even know how that happens. Great week of running!

  3. So I’m guessing sticking your ear buds in rice didn’t work? I’ve all but tried that trick. I can’t believe they wouldn’t make ear buds to withstand sweat. I also can’t believe that I killed ear buds by sweating too much on them! Gross!
    I haven’t tried Huma; I have a hard time eating Gu and Gu-like products but it sounds like maybe Huma is more smooth and liquidy than Gu?

    • it hasn’t worked as of yet…The Bluetooth ones are the ones that are not working, my Yurbuds are missing an earpiece..I’m disastrous with my gadgets! It is SO gross to think that sweat is probably the thing that killed my Bluetooth earbuds! Yuck!

      The consistency of Huma is more like applesauce and slightly lumpy-I think that’s the Chia seeds.

  4. I love Huma! I had the strawberry (delicious – like jam), the apple one (thick applesauce – not for me) and the chocolate (thickest consistency). If you don’t like them I’ll happily take them off your hands.

  5. I’ve never tried Huma, but I don’t know if I’d be a fan of consistency. I have some issues with GI distress, so I usually just stick to what I know. Great week of running! Hope you have a fantastic Monday! : )

  6. this was a TOUGH week weather wise. so yesterday i practically DNFed my half marathon. between the heat/humidity/allergy asthma, i had an awful go at it; turned off my watch at mile 8 and walk/jogged the remainder of it. i was 14…yes 14 minutes off my goal time. it puts me in a deep dark place of frustration 😦 josh managed to have a bike escort, and finished as the third male overall…but he was off his game too. glad i wasnt the only one. but 14 minutes. 14!!!!

  7. I’ve been sitting on some Huma for a while. I love chia but I can’t get myself to try them! Maybe I’ll finally force myself to this week. I lost a piece to my yurbuds during my race yesterday at mile 3. I was so mad! I was fixing them and the pink earphone covering flew off…

    • DO IT!!! I need to know how you feel about them too!! πŸ™‚

      That same thing happened to me during my fall marathon! I dropped one of my buds on the ground and was too stiff to go back for it…I had the other set of buds that they give you so at least I’m able to use those!! It drives me nuts to lose stuff

  8. I’ve never heard of Huma before, but I do like the power bar energy gels and those have a similar consistency to baby food, but not in a bad way if that makes sense? Great week of running! I guess its like time of year that we need to get out the door nice and early to beat the heat and humidity!

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