Oh thank goodness…

that it’s Friday!!! Anybody else feel like this week went by at a snails pace??? Well, we made it!! Finally!!!

I don’t have anything very deep for you today. It’s been a crazy busy week and I a little bit sad! My seniors are gone! This year, I became extremely close with a lot of my kids-they were a wonderful group of young adults! That being said, I’m going to miss them a ton. Goodbyes are never easy, and this week I held back tears many times to say goodbye to some of my most favorite kiddos I have ever had!!

Besides being an emotional basket case- I ran a 5k on Tuesday! Another Good times 5k…and it was about 90 at the start with 60ish% humidity. Fun.

(Temp an hour after the start…still hot)

I was not ready to race again in the heat. Combined with some especially fun female problems-this was just not fun running! It was so crazy hot and I could feel myself wheezing at the pollen swirling up into my nose/eyes,  and the humidity taking ALL the breathability out of the air. I can sum up the race in a few sentences:

-I wanted to stop and be a cheerleader.

-I hated running and didn’t want to run again everrrrr. And especially not a 5k…..

-I was not in the mood to push the pace.

My official time was 21:55. 52 secs slower than my time a few weeks ago. 5th woman, 2nd AG. I will never get over the fact that a 5k feels longer to me than a marathon.  It’s bizarre. Anyway. It was a good speed workout and even though I’m disappointed in my time- I didn’t dwell on it at all. I want to hit a sub 20 minute time at a 4th of July race that I’m doing- this is the “big” 5k race for me for the summer- I think I can do it, but I know that I will have to get better at being uncomfortable at pushing the pace. it just isn’t something that I’m used to! The more 5k’s I do, the more I will become adapted to it. And I keep telling myself that “anyone can do hard things for 20 freaking minutes so get over it Nicole.” I have to build my 5k confidence! Also, I have decided that I would love someone to pace me during my 5k race…any takers???

  I literally envisioned this beer for the entire 3.19 miles. It was cold, It had ice chips in it, and it was heavenly. I am hugging it because it made me so happy! (don’t mind the makeup basically dripping off my face. This is what happens when you don’t have time to wash your face in between work and running a 5k!)

This is the Good Times 5k crew. We are currently thinking about doing the entire weekly summer series together!!

 I’m to enjoy the weekend with family and friends! Maybe one day soon I will get back into a consistent posting pattern!?

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


9 thoughts on “Oh thank goodness…

  1. I hate 5K’s! The definitely feel like a marathon! And it doesn’t get much better than a beer with ice chips in there after a race is there?! Yum!

  2. Funny being on the flip-side of the senior thing with our older son graduating (though they’re in school until June 15th!) … this week was their final band concert, and aside from 32 seniors in the Wind Ensemble (nearly half the group!), the band director is also retiring this year! So it was a water-works fest 🙂

    As for this week … today is the first day I was sure which day it was – FRIDAY! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    • Good luck surviving all of the events without the waterworks starting…it makes me so emotional! The biggest cry-fest moments for me come after seeing the kids graduate who have been working especially hard to wrap up their senior and make it to graduation!

      Have a great weekend, Michael!!

  3. Awesome job with your 5k! I ran one last week and I was dying between the pollen and humidity! You will absolutely hit your sub 20! Hope you have an awesome weekend! : )

  4. that icy cold beer was well worth the wait; way to deal with lady issues and the heat and humidity! that sub 20 is coming! speaking of lady issues and heat/humidity…i got my lady friend during the middle of my 12 miler on saturday. miserable. i am back to normal now and weather is looking good for sunday’s half! have a great weekend – oh and where is your adorable tank from?

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