Things I love about summertime running

1.) There is much Less clothing. Less clothing=No planning outfits and layers. That is a Win-Win in my eyes!

Does it get any easier than socks/kicks/sports bra/tank/shorts?? Nope!

2.) Its a really good sweat! I love being soaked from a sweaty run, and summer runs certainly soak me thoroughly! Wintertime just doesn’t give you the same feeling!

3.) It’s light out for the majority of the 24 hours in your day. You can run in the morning at 4:30 am or 8 pm and you will have light along your run!

4.) There are SO many races in the summertime! I have about 20 I want to do and they are all just in the month of June. It’s kind of hard to pick and choose!

5.) Water tastes sooooooo good after a hot run. Bonus if you stumble upon a water bubbler on a particularly hot and humid run. That’s like finding gold. Swallow-able liquid gold…

So. Many. Waters.

6.) The track is open, and most of the time, deserted. I love this because I’m not that good with sharing it when there are lots of people. #stayoutofmylane

7.) Visualizing normal treats like ice cold lemonade/coconut water/frozen banana smoothie’s while doing a long run makes me run faster because i *need* to have them ASAP.

Ok..So this wasn’t lemonade..but this was a picture of my glass of Sangria from my birthday run a couple weeks ago (it was about 80) and this tasted AMAZING. It was so cold and refreshing!!

8.) Sunrises and sunsets. Seeing these things on your run can take your breath away and make you feel so ALIVE.
9.) Early morning bird/frog/cricket noises. I love these noises! And when you hear the frogs at 5am, you can already tell the weather forecast for the day: above 70! (I learned this from my RP-she loves frogs!)

10.) It’s pretty much the best way to get a tan. Yes, I get really weird tan lines from running… But I can tan under a lightbulb so I even out some of those awkward lines real quick πŸ˜‰

11.) It makes me stronger for fall running! Fall is typically a PR season for me and a whole summertime of being a sweaty mess = a PRable fall!

This was from my half marathon this past fall…a beautiful, perfect fall day!

I will be reminding myself of all of these reasons TONIGHT when I am running a 5k!!!!! Oh yeah! I haven’t told anyone this yet besides SIL….We are running another Good Times race tonight AND…It is SILs BIRTHDAY RACE!!! She is 40 going on 25. you can’t get any prettier than her!! Β Cheers to summer running, longer days, and running races with people we love!!

What are some reasons you love summer running?


26 thoughts on “Things I love about summertime running

  1. I love all your reasons! My favorite reason is definitely wearing less clothing though. Nothing beats the simplicity of a tank and shorts! (Plus the necessary undergarments haha)

  2. I freaking LOVE all of the light out, particularly in the morning. It makes me feel way less crazy to finish a run at 7am and have it be light out than finish at 7am and it still be pitch black outside.

  3. yes, yes, yes to all of these reasons!!! Nothing like a good sweat to make you feel like a champ. lol I’m already working on my runner tan. lookin hot for the bikini hahaha Fall running is still my fav season ever but summer running means fall is around the corner.

  4. GETTING TAN! everyone keeps asking me if i went away recently…yup, outside 5 days a week! i have horrible sports bra/tank top tan lines, but whatever! but i am having difficulty with this humidity and heat lately. and allergy induced asthma is sucking now too! looks like this upcoming sunday though may be great half mary weather…64 with 50% chance showers!

  5. I love all the extra daylight for running in summer! I also love how in summer there’s more opportunity and better weather for cycling and hiking, which means even better endurance and more balanced muscles for fall races.

  6. #2. I LOVE being absolutely drenched after a run. And I think I get a better tan mid run with all that sweat : ) Good luck at the 5k you’ll absolutely kill it!

  7. I wrote a similar post last year! As much as I might complain about the heat, I love summer running! All the sweat, lots of hours of daylight, no extra layers of clothes! It’s the best! And I think after having a few rough winters we appreciate the warm runs even more:)

  8. The sunrises might be my favorite thing about summer running! Or the simple fact that it’s actually LIGHT outside when I’m running, even at 5 or 5:30! Very important for marathon training. I also love not having to plan layers and not taking so long to get ready.

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