Mileage Totals for 5/18-5/24 and things to remember about hot weather running!


 Tuesday-7 hilly miles 54:25, 7:46 avg pace 

 Wednesday- Track: Mile repeats. 6:36, 6:44, 6:48. These are something I need to keep working on to get my times down!   

 Thursday-7 sunrise Miles- 54:55, 7:50 avg pace 


Friday- Off. 

 Saturday-16 miles 2:05:49, 7:52 avg pace 

 Sunday- 5 miles, 8:13 avg pace. Cut my run short because I was SO hot. I ran midday and I’m really not used to that yet! Lately I’ve only been running early in the morning before the sun comes out and my body is NOT ready for heat yet!!

42 miles, 7:53 avg pace

As my body adjusts to the heat, my paces tend to be a little slower than they normally are. I have to Remind myself that this happens and it isn’t a big deal. Once my body fully adjusts, I’ll be fine. This year feels harder to adjust than it has in past years because it was colder than ever this past winter!  These are some charts that have helped me rememebr what happens to my paces during the heat& humidity! I hope they help you too!   

Much like winter running, summer running has an adjustment period too. It’s helpful to know your body’s limits when you’re trying to push it in the heat. Remember to take it easy and slow down if you’re feeling out of it. There have been plenty of hot weather runs that have left me drained because I pushed it too hard. Remember to drink lots of water too!

Enjoy your Memorial Day!!!


14 thoughts on “Mileage Totals for 5/18-5/24 and things to remember about hot weather running!

  1. OH yea, it is so humid here in DC. I am out the door before 5am most long runs to avoid the heat/humidity combo!

  2. I always slow my runs down in the heat. I usually do my tempo runs in the afternoon so I try to pay close attention to how my body is feeling and drink more water throughout the day. I usually find it takes me about 2-3 weeks to adjust to the heat and another 2 weeks to adjust to the humidity. Hope you have a great week! : )

  3. I didn’t even think about the adjusting to hear being more of a challenge due to a more harsh winter. But you’re right on about that. The first couple of runs I was like what it wrong with me?! Oh yeah. It’s like 75* and 99% humidity. Lol lots of NUUN this summer!! Your times are still rocking though chick. I try to run more trail in summer for shade and less pressure for time

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