Saturday ❤️

What’s weirder-the fact that I’m posting on Saturday, or the fact that I’ve only posted one other time this entire week??? I’m not sure either!! This week has been crazy for so many reasons-so please bear with me for a while!!! 

In the meantime, It’s silentish Saturday-one sentence per a picture style!

Race pics from last weekend…I am RIGHT up front for all the starting line pics!   

Had to buy the pics of me because they are kind of bad ass…


She was beyond impressed by those little bubble things on her ice cream and basically ate THOSE and not her ice cream…  

I have no self control when it comes to SOCKS.  

Need to make this!  

  I have had some of the most gorgeous sunrise runs this week! 


I am back to planking for at least 10 a day-I slacked for a little while!  

Are you kidding me? NEED.  

 Had the most amazing long run this morning!!  


Off to lunch with my little…happy Memorial Day everyone! I plan to take a some time and honor those who have served And have unfortunately lost their lives fighting for this wonderful country of ours. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, good weather, and great times with your family and friends! 



14 thoughts on “Saturday ❤️

  1. You totally just reminded me – I get paid on Friday and I legit need new socks! I feel like I’m down to like my last three pairs, and those barely even match!

  2. I totally forgot you were a badass planker! I need to get back into planking as well. Did you do 10 mins at once, or stop and re-start your stopwatch till you got to 10? Either way, you’ve inspired me! 🙂

    Those race pics ARE awesome, gotta love a good race photog 🙂

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