What’s next? And some randomness, per usual :)

I haven’t written anything yet about what is next for me with running and racing. I have to say that at this  time last year, I was sooooooo happy that marathon training was done. I had PR’d at the Hyannis marathon only two months before, but didn’t perform well at the 2014 Boston. I wasn’t particularly upset about not doing well at Boston-Everybody has off days, and I was simply excited to have a whole summer of shorter races ahead of me. I spent the summer working really hard at improving my speed with weekly tempo work and regular track work sessions.

This year, I launched into training for the Hyannis marathon with a vengeance.  I was more than 100% confident that I was going to hit a 3:08. I trained, like a boss, for that stupid marathon that was cancelled because of the stupid snow. (I’m not bitter at all, huh?)  I got over it, claimed the motto that “it is what it is” and I moved on. I set my sights on my spring marathon, The Boston Marathon. I’ve said it before-Boston is a party to me. No matter what goal I set, it is way more of a celebration than a platform in which to display my athletic improvements. It’s just not an easy Race day(for me). 

So here I am, end of April already! I feel like I did very well at Boston: Given the day, the weather, the waiting around…..i did great and didn’t turn into a popsicle when I finished (ALMOST, though, ALMOST). But I didn’t hit the goal my coach had set for me. I often feel like “all the things” need to align in order for me to have the “perfect race.” Some of those things, for me, are weather and waiting around to start for a race. I don’t like waiting! I just want to GET GOING ALREADY PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

 Now I’m debating a May full marathon. I’ve had a few in the back of my mind for a while now. Pretty much since Hyannis was cancelled, I guess.  It’s been a topic hashed out between my running partner and I (who is glowing & due at any moment, might I add). She knows how I feel/felt about the differences between running the Hyannis Marathon & running Boston is for Children’s: Running Hyannis is for me. Hyannis was for PR’ing and setting my goals up high. Running Boston is for Childen’s: slapping ALL the kids hands that I possibly can, stopping for hugs, and making the day of it….having an absolute blast with it. I’m proud that I did that exact thing once again this year.

 So the more I think about it….The more I kind of want to do one of the May marathons that I’ve  been looking at! I’m not tired, I’m not suffering from a post marathon burn out, and I feel great. All reasons to keep going strong until May. I’ve researched running double marathons and I think I really do stand to make a time I want (not 3:08. However, kinda close)

I’m writing this post and I have no idea where I’m going with it. So…I guess it’s more “thinking out loud” to share my thoughts and kind of organize them a little!

Whether or not I do (another!) spring full is still up in the air. Regardless, I plan to still have an Amazing spring/summer of shorter races that will be great times with friends! 

And now for some randomness.

-Today is THE BEST DAY!!! I have a date night with my BFF!!!  


My husband bought me (and bff) tickets to see my FAVORITE: ERIC CHURCH!!!

Why did he buy me tickets??? Well my friends, because Eric Church is my FAVORITE…aaaaaaand……because….. FRIDAY IS MY BIIIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! 

I hope to have a a few minutes today to write a post for friday….but if not? HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!! 

Any other May babies? 

Ever do two marathons within a few weeks of one another? 




44 thoughts on “What’s next? And some randomness, per usual :)

  1. This is actually the major reason why lots of players wear some sort of a protection while
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  2. Happy birthday! I’m running my first full marathon in October so don’t have any experience, but since you have all the training behind you and you don’t feel burnt out from Boston, I would think it would be good to just go for it! Plus in May you don’t have to worry about the summer heat!

  3. Happy Birthday, Nicole!!! Whatever you decide to do I’m sure it will be right for you…but if you want to wait a little while longer and do a June marathon and travel for it, there’s always Grandma’s Marathon in Minnesota 😉

  4. Love Love Love doing marathons close together. Like you said….you are already trained!! I think as long as you are feeling healthy it’s doable. Rest and recovery are key for back to back marathons. Oh, and a massage wouldn’t hurt either!!

    Running York marathon in Pa (May 17) – used to be Bob Potts

  5. Yes – I ran two marathons in six weeks in the fall of 2013. I ran Wineglass in early October, and it was unseasonably HOT. Just miserable. My worst marathon by time. But, I figured I was trained so I ran Richmond six weeks later. My longest run between the two was 16 miles. I pr’d at that Richmond. Now I’m much older and slower than you 🙂 But I felt great after Richmond.

  6. Have so much fun tonight! I love Eric Church but haven’t seen him in concert yet. I saw Luke Bryan last winter and had THE BEST time!

    Kudos to you running two back to back marathons! I would love to but am too nervous of injury. I ran my first Boston this year and now totally understand you’re love of this race! Which May marathons are you looking at?!

  7. ohhhh! what full may marathon would you consider? i have never done two marathons within two weeks of each other. then again i have only run two stand alone marathons (and two in ironmans). definitely dont push yourself, but you know your body best 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!!

  8. Happy birthday!! I did 2 marathons 5 weeks apart and ended up with a stress fracture. So no, that didn’t end well. I think I might be running another in September to try to improve my BQ. Have a great weekend!!

  9. Happy almost Birthday! I have done two marathons within two weeks of each other and I was surprised at how good I felt. I went into the 2nd with no time expectation and ran a time within a few minutes of my time a few weeks before. It definitely can be done. Go for it!!!

  10. First of all have fun on Friday!!
    As for your next marathon, I am curious to see which one you will chose. I was going to do Hyannis too as my first…
    I am now debating between the Maine coast one in ~ 10 days and Vermont @ the end of may. I’m leaning towards the first one because temps will be cooler. However Vermont seems an easier and funnier one. Thoughts?
    btw you rock!

    • Thank you!! I’m still so bummed about Hyannis. Booooooooo.

      I don’t know anything about the Maine coast one…Hows the elevation profile? I’m looking at one in NH on May 17th. The Vermont City marathon seems like a good one and I’ve heard only positive things about it. However, I don’t want to spend the extra money on a hotel room, so that is why i’m not leaning towards that one.
      good luck and keep me posted!

  11. Happy early birthday! I know how you feel, not wanting to wait. But you might want to see if there is a good June marathon–don’t push your body right back for a May one. Just my 2 cents. Have so much fun with your BFF!

  12. Happy Birthday! I’ve never done two marathons close. I typically suffer the post marathon blahs and have no energy to muster! Good luck finding a marathon!

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