Vacations, sniffles & celebrations

There really isn’t a heck of a lot to catch you up on with my week post-Boston. After the marathon, I was pretty much a lump on a log for the majority of every day….and it was my April vacation. Catching a mean head cold was NOT part of my spring break plans…but oh well. At least it didn’t come DURING training! Although having a major head cold arrive on the day of the marathon I had been training for isn’t exactly perfection, either. 

Anyway. My sweet husband took last week off with me too. I don’t think he was ready for spending most of his break doing things solo, poor guy. He did a lot of gardening while I managed to go through about 5 boxes of tissues. 

This past Saturday was the first day that I woke up and felt like the cold was FINALLY leaving my body. I could see straight and hear too!! It’s amazing what a little NyQuil and a good nights sleep will do for you… I finally got outside to help with some planting& went for a great run. 




Sunday was family Sunday fun day!!!!  I was beyond excited to have everyone at my house for a late lunch. I hadn’t had a chance to see SIL since MONDAY —-we had previously envisioned a glorious photo shoot with our matching medals, jackets, & finishers smilers. That vision was thwarted by the freezing rain& a few other random details. 

So SIL & I got a great mini photo shoot in my backyard. We are silly!   


So ridiculously blessed to have this girl as my sister!!!

I think I might be the only person who saw pictures on IG from this past weekend and was super jealous that I wasn’t racing. Particularly that I wasn’t there at Big Sur.

It really made me want to enter the lottery for the Boston To Big Sur Challenge! The lottery doesn’t open until October, so…I’ve got some time to think about it!! Seeing the pictures of all the springtime races just makes me THAT much more excited that the nice weather is (basically) here!! Hooray, sunshine, summer runs, & swearing for no reason ( all things I have dearly missed)!

I hope you had a great weekend! Fill me in on some randomness! Or tell me about your favorite run so I can live vicariously through YOU!!!! 


23 thoughts on “Vacations, sniffles & celebrations

  1. You and your SIL are so lucky to have each other!!! Your family fun day looks wonderful and I’m so glad you’re feeling better.
    I raced this weekend and up until this week had been having a perfect training cycle…but apparently you’re not supposed to donate blood a few days before a big race?? Whoops! No PR for me because I am basically functioning with a lower blood cell count right now (which is necessary for oxygen intake!!), but at least I can say it was for a really good cause 😀 Is that random enough? Haha!

  2. haha love the little “photo shoot” I would be doing the same if I had one of those awesome metals and jackets 😉

  3. Big Sur is on my marathon bucket list also! Even though it’s supposed to be super hilly, those views and the ocean air would be worth every second. Boston 2 Big Sur sounds like the most fun week of running – go for it!

  4. you two girlies are so cute!!!! awesome photo shoot! welll, i got sick on friday and spent probably 18 hours on saturday sleeping. the boyfriend is also sick, yet we ran a 5k on sunday whereas i barely held on to sub-8 minute miles, and josh, well, he ran his fastest 5k of his life…5:52 minute miles. must be nice to run so fast and get to the beer tent first 😉

  5. Love the pics of you and your sister. I would LOVE to do Big Sur, those views out there are breathtaking!

  6. I love those candid pics of you and your SIL Nicole!!! You both are too cute. I had a few nice runs last week and flashes of my speed are starting to show again which is a good sign as a prepare for my summer training cycle and my attack on that sub-20 5K I badly want. I’ll post about the later 🙂

  7. I think I would love to do any race in California! My week was super stressful but I had a fun weekend seeing a bunch of my friends from high school! It was a busy and tiring weekend but worth it. I hope that you are feeling better!

  8. You crazy, girl. A few of my friends ran Big Sur and the winds were 25 mph I believe. It would be a pretty epic badass move. And, as I said, you’re crazy, so go for it!

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