Photo dump& …’s Marathon Day!!!

I’ve always said that a lot of Boston’s charm comes from knowing that you are pounding the same pavement as the elite’s are. No matter what wave you’re in, you know that you’re following footsteps of some of the greatest runners. That’s pretty amazing.

Today is Marathon Monday!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even believe it’s already here!!!!! As you read this in probably already on my way to Hopkinton! Or maybe I am even already running! Eek!

 And now the biggest photo dump EVER.   




I wanted to thank everyone for all of the amazing well wishes I’ve received over this training season. It takes a village to raise a child…and it is the same for a marathon. I have the love & support of my amazing Husband, Greg. I have the most incredible friends in the entire world. I have all of you on my little corner of the Internet and THAT is crazy special. I feel blessed to be arriving at he starting line in Hopkinton… Blessed…and Ready to crush it.

***See you in 26.2 *** 


32 thoughts on “Photo dump& …’s Marathon Day!!!

  1. Too funny – I bet we were standing in the same line waiting for Katherine and didn’t even know it. Except I left the line because she was being so nice, chatting with everyone, it was taking forever and I had to get moving on!

  2. I saw on Instagram how you did – looks like you had an amazing race! And all this photos look like you had the best time in Boston – it’s so exciting that you got to meet Kathrine Switzer!

  3. By the time you see this you’ll be done but I will be following you via text and the BAA app. I hope the wind and rain stay mike until you’re done. Enjoy you’re recovery. You’ve earned it.

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