Allllll Things Boston

My brain has now become a whole bunch of Boston MUSH. I can ONLY think about race day. And the weekend surrounding race day. And everything surrounding Monday. EEEK!!!!!

If you want to be overwhelmed with pictures from my Boston weekend, you can follow me on my IG account. I promise to upload tons of pics to document these HUGE days of mine that I have coming up! 🙂

I wanted to tell you all what I’m planning on wearing/taking with me on Monday! I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on this before, but now is as good of a time as any!

Boston is a horse of a different color. I leave my house REALLLLLY early and then wait a REALLLLLY long time to start. I dislike this.  I’m typically in Hopkinton by 7:00 am. This year, I will be there a little bit later than usual since I’m getting a ride in instead of taking a bus. I’m hoping that since I’m in Wave 2 this year (i’ve only ever been in the last wave) that it will be easier on my body….I’m not the biggest fan of waiting for a race to start….and neither are my legs.

I will be waiting in a church in Hopkinton on the morning of the race (after I get dropped off). I’m only allowed one clear gallon size Ziplock baggie…Your regular  post “race bag” that you receive from the BAA (Boston Athletic Association) must be dropped off prior to Monday since it must be searched. I’m not going to get into the whole bag process except to say that I’m not checking one. I’ve found it to be extremely tedious to retrieve it, and I’m going to give my girlies my bag to keep in their car for me.

Typically, I bring a “fanny pack” (that is the grossest phrase & I can’t even DEAL with it without sticking my tongue out and saying YUCKY) type thing with me to carry all of my stuff in. This year I”m going to do something a little bit different: I’m going to try to hold all of my things in my skirt. There is a chance that I might still need my fanny pack (Again I just loathe that word) but as of this moment–I”m not planning on it.

I just love my Lioness skirt(s)…so cute and SO functional…#WINWIN


Here are some things I am bringing, or are considering bringing.

1.) The sneakers. I literally cannot make up my mind. At any second I waver between a new pair of Brooks Pureflow 2’s and a new pair of Brooks Ghost 7’s. My reasons for each:

-The Pureflows:
I love racing in lighter shoes and I loooove the Pureflow 2s & have a few pairs that I stocked up on when I knew the 2s were being discontinued. I love how cushy the Pureflows are and still feel light. Think running on clouds meets snug-fitting, element-protecting socks that you won’t even know are actually there. I ran my last marathon in a pair of Pureflows. My feet were pretty happy.

-The Ghost:
Although they weigh maybe an ounce more, they are like running on a slightly more stable cloud than the Pureflows. I love the Ghosts! These shoes have been my go to shoe since…Like forever ago. The Ghost shoe is solely responsible for some of my most amazing long runs. My love for Brooks began with the Ghost shoe, and to this day-its the only shoe I will buy blindly. What do I mean by “blindly”? I mean that regardless of the price–>I will pay it for a new pair of Ghosts..even if its a brand new model that I’ve never run in before, I will pay top dollar. I love the shoe that much and have firmly believed that each new model has only gotten better. Fine wine has nothing on the Ghost…

Anyway I cannot decide. I’m leaning towards the Pureflows because I know I won’t be on my feet that long. However. The Ghost has always been perfect to me too. I pretty much am up in the air and even after listing all these reasons for me to review? I can’t make up my mind!

So lets move on to…

#2. The bottoms.
I’m wearing a Lioness skirt. Even if I wasn’t a Skirt Sports Ambassador…I would be wearing one of these skirts. I LOVE THEM. Now to decide the color….Pink, teal, and…Tomorrow I’m getting a black one delivered… I need to have ALL the color options… #priorities.

3. Socks. I’ll be wearing compression socks. (DUH)


Oh more on my fave skirt…. I “m choosing the Lioness skirt because it has two very deep side pockets on each side of the compression-y under shorts…. I am pointing to one of the side pockets here...
And, the skirt also has a sweeeeet back pocket… When I’m doing my long run, I put my house key, money and debit card in this pocket because I like that it zips shut!

4.) My Children’s Hospital Singlet. Proud doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel rep’in this shirt. IF you ever get the chance to represent something you believe in…DO IT.

5.) The electronics and sun protectors…My Garmin, my Oakley sunglasses, my bluetooth ipod nano and my bluetooth headphones. I loooooove my bluetooth headphones. I’ve never worn them during a marathon before so I’m pretty excited to try them out at Boston!  I know alot of people like hats during the marathon, but I have actually one of the smallest adult female heads in the WORLD and a hat AND shades feels weird. My scalp has never been burned because I am a creature of the sun….sunglasses are what I typically wear during a race!


6.) Also, bringing, but not pictured here …..
-I’m deciding between a battery case for my iphone vs one of those little charger sticks that you charge & then plug your phone into. I have a charging case but think its way too large, and I am getting the stick thing tomorrow. (Target has them for like $5!!!!). Sidenote: During the marathon, I turn my phone on airplane mode…it saves on battery life& I don’t use it for music anyway!
– I will be bringing 4 -5 GU’s with me and cramming them into my skirt pockets 🙂
-Immodium…because I have had Boston’s and 1 NYC Marathon filled with porta potty visits galore and I don’t plan to do it ever again……..ain’t nobody got time for that when its time to set a PR :))

7.) And because you might be curious... My “Post Race” bag will have clothes….salty snacks….and a new pair of kicks to change into.

8.) Pre-Race- I just realized that I left this out and you might be wondering: My start time is 10:25. For a lot of runners, this is a late time to start their run. For me, this is actually right around the time I would normally head out for my long run. The only problem I have with Marathon Monday is that I have been up for so long before starting the race. If I was at home, I wouldn’t have even gotten up until 8:30 ish, ate breakfast, got ready & left. So, naturally I’m hungry when I’m waiting. I’ll have my normal breakfast when I get up of an egg sandwich on toast with a slice of prosciutto and cheese. Children’s has tons of food& liquids for us inside the church where we wait, so I will have a couple pretzel sticks and maybe a honey stinger waffle.


Just because I love this pic so much, I wanted to tell you that I will be seeing this line in THREE FREAKING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND…I get to see THIS FACE tomorrow!!!!!!!! YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will try my best to check in with some things before Monday but I can’t make any promises!
My Bib number is 14809…in case you are curious!
Thanks a million, trillion, zillion times over for all of your well wishes… knowing I have people in my corner thinking of me will make these little feet fly a little faster :):)



21 thoughts on “Allllll Things Boston

  1. Best of luck today! Ha … I hate the term fanny pack also, mainly because I am English and in England your fanny is your VJJ!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So, so, so excited for you!! I hope I get to see you somewhere along the route. My friend is in the 11:15 wave so you’ll be ahead of her. I’m not sure where we’re setting up shop, but we plan to try to see her in a few places. I know one is near the firehouse around mile 17 and then by some “golden temple” place that I guess Brigham and Women’s is using as a home base for team members. I’ll keep an eye out for your snazzy singlet! Good luck!!!

  3. You are going to do amazing twinnie! Enjoy the weekend … live in the moment … and be proud of your first Boston 26.2 as an official qualifier 🙂 I say go with the Pure Flows chica! They are the money makers and you’ve had nothing but success in them especially on race days 😉 I’m so stinking proud of and I’m so gonna lose my voice down here in Florida on Monday in between patients as I scream for all you wicked fast runnah’s 😉

  4. Good luck even though I’ve been following your journey and I don’t think you’ll need it; you seem sooo ready! I wanted to ask about the race plan. I think I read before how you treat Boston as a party (and rightly so), so I wondered if a PR is on the docket, or if you were just planning to see how it goes?

  5. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo
    You know how excited I am for you. Seriously. I say take it all, see what feels right the day of. ALL THE FEELS

  6. I can only imagine how excited you are! You are going to do so great, I believe in you! I also plan to wear my Lionness skirt for the next race. I think the blue and black one will go great with your singlet! Wishing you the best of luck!

  7. Its getting so close!! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to stalk you…I really hope its a quiet day at work so i can follow the race. I remember last year’s was over spring break and I took that Monday off to watch the race. I think spring break should always line up with Boston! 🙂 Im sure I will tell you this again before Monday but GOOD LUCK and have SO much fun!!!

    • Ahhhhh thanks Lisa!!! I absolutely cannot CANNOT believe it’s HERE already!!!!!! I love that you’ll be stalking me! Yay! I hope it’s super quiet for you!
      Massachusetts has their spring break during the week of Boston…I love that the two coincide!
      Hugs! Thank you!

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