A race entry giveaway!

My amazing SIL won this prize a couple months back from an online raffle that she entered. Being the most amazing, generous person that she is—she gave it TO ME to use here on the blog! I’ve been meaning to type up this entry for a while but just haven’t had any time! But today seems like the perfect day! So lets talk half marathons and June in New England! 

I love half marathons. I love them even more than marathons-the half mary is my jam. It’s the perfect distance for a great workout. With 13.1 miles, I can use it as part of a training run and have lovely scheduled water stops. It’s the perfect distance to really assess my speed. It doesn’t take up too much time in my day (like a marathon does!) and it doesn’t require as much “taper” time ( I hate the taper!).

In New England, The month of June can go either way with the weather. It can be BEAUTIFUL and Sunny, or cold and rainy. June is pretty great for racing weather though…you don’t have the dead heat of the summertime yet but you have warmth (even if its raining!)

 The Giveaway!


The Mayflower Brewery Half Marathon takes place on June 14th through the scenic back roads of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Finishers get a short sleeve tech shirt and a huge beer stein! And a medal, lets not forget THAT important fact! There are $1000 in cash prizes awarded to the top three male/female winners, and also to the top three for the age group awards. Schwwwwweeeeet!!!!!


Some more sweet fun facts about this prize:

-You will get FREE POST RACE PICS….I have spent $50-$60 before on just a single print….running i*sh ain’t free my friends!

-A beer glass with my tech shirt? Um, yes please.

-Oh and they give you a beer at the finish line. YUM.

-There are TWELVE water stops. That’s a boat load of water stops

-There are also 2 stops with GU!!!!! That is a big dam deal in my book!

-It’s a 7:30 am start time. I used to hate early start times….But lately? I love them. I like that at 10 am, I will have already done more with my day than most people will in the entire 24 hours!

-They are mailing awards… don’t really like waiting around too long so I like that you can still get your award later on, too.

If you would like to win this awesome race giveaway, please leave a comment below!* I will draw the winner on Wednesday, April 22!!! nd

*Only one entry per a person. Winner will be notified by blog post on April 22. Winner will receive promo code in which to enter the race.

Good Luck Everyone!


21 thoughts on “A race entry giveaway!

  1. Um, you had me at the beer at the finish line….lol….love to win! I may sign up anyway….sounds like a great half. Thanks to you and your sister in law for the giveaway.

  2. This race sounds awesome, I’m definitely interested 🙂 thanks Nicole and thank you to your sister in law!!

  3. If I didn’t live like 3000 miles away from this race, I would love it! New England scenery + beer stein + free beer sounds like such a fun race!

  4. I would love to race in Plymouth! Would be a great way to start summer!!
    I will be running the Providence Marathon in May and it would be a good motivation not to be a slacker afterwards!

  5. I live in Plymouth and this would be perfect plus I saw you at Duxbury 1/2 and will be cheering you on and everyone else @ Boston I’m the oerfect choice ; )~♡

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