Women and running…”Moving from exclusion to exclusivity”

Every year, I write something about my hero, Kathrine Switzer. I can’t do her any better justice than what I wrote last year. She is an incredible woman and I am proud to be following in her marathoning footsteps. Kathrine is also part of the Skirt Sports team and has her own line designed after her number “261” that she ran while she was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon.

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The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


Every year around this time, I put a small update on Facebook about the first female runner of the Boston Marathon. I wanted to give you a brief history of her story in hopes that you pass it on to another woman to inspire her to begin her own journey as she turns the word “CAN’T” into “CAN”.

In 2014, it is a commonplace thing for a woman to run a marathon. You probably know at least 2-3 women who have run one, or at least you know of a few. In 2013, 42% of the marathoning field was made up of women, with the greatest age percentage to be within the ages of 25-44. The median finishing time is 4:42:58. (Source) Running is a booming trend continually on the rise- runners(especially the gals!) are literally everywhere.

Back in 1967…women weren’t considered for entry…

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