Officially in Taper!

This weekend flew by WAY too fast! There was time only for fun family things on Sunday and I ran out of time before Monday to write down anything that happened!

Saturday morning I ran the Duxbury Half Marathon. My coach had a 14 mile long run on my schedule with 10 of those miles run at goal marathon pace. I wanted scheduled water stops and to practice drinking water without my Camelbak while running at faster paces. I always find it hard to run “race pace” when I’m running at home through my own neighborhoods. I feel like I need the race energy & excitement of it to keep me going at the right pace!

This course was rolling hills- definitely good Boston training! I’m really happy with my 10 middle miles. I was pretty tense on the drive to the start because it was pouring rain and could feel all of my muscles on edge. I had zero time to stretch out before the race and ran to get my number, and cramps nearly made me stay in bed Saturday morning and try to do this run on a dreamdill. 10 middle miles at an avg of 7:19. After my 10 miles were up, I slowed to 7:40/7:45 paces…I could have kept pushing it but I really want to save that for Boston! Still, I wound up being the 6th woman & 2nd in AG with a finishing time of 1:37:01. Not too shabby!

And now, I’m in officially in taper! My coach recommends a 2 week taper vs a 3, and I have to agree with that. I like that I had a long run last weekend that was really speedy. Three days later and my legs feel good and speedy instead of exhausted. And, only 13 more days to go! EEK!!


26 thoughts on “Officially in Taper!

  1. Congrats on making it to taper and a successful long run! With that pace, I assume that means your goal is a 3:10? That’s an enormous improvement, way to get after it! PS, I also suck at race pace practice. This is my first marathon training for a time goal and my MP workouts are always the hardest, it’s just so hard to stay at that pace on my own for some reason. Glad I’m not the only one!

    In normal 3-week tapers, the longest 20-22 mile run is usually the last one before the taper, but it seems in 2 week tapers this is not the case and most folks do their 20-22 miler second to last and then a shorter long run at goal MP as their last long run before taper. Am I getting this right? I’ve thought about trying a 2 week taper instead but am not sure how to do it.

    Bring on Boston!

    • Thank you!
      MP workouts are stressful and feel more demanding to me than any other workout.

      My coach had me doing my 22 miler on the weekend of 3/29. That run was completely at an “easy pace” for my body- No MGP miles thrown in at all.
      The 14 miler this past weekend is considered to be my last long run and its 2 weeks out from marathon day. This helps to keep up my speed. I’m now considered to be in taper because all of the hard workouts are done and the last “big one” will be my actual marathon on APril 20th. I hope this helps you!

  2. I’m really bad at doing race pace without the race also..
    Not too shabby at all. good job girl.!!

  3. holy crap, amazing job with those 10 speedy miles (and the half overall)! you are SO ready for boston! bring it on sister!!!

  4. Great job on the race – 6th woman overall is awesome! You are going to do amazing at Boston. Good luck on your taper!

  5. Great half time girlfriend! Sounds like you’ve followed this coaching plan perfectly, and you will kick booty race day. SO excited for you. Enjoy the taper!!

  6. Good luck! I remember the taper in my last marathon about drove me crazy, but I still do small workouts in the 2 weeks leading up just shortened. I did strides the final week as well to keep my legs moving quick. I hope to be at your pace by the time I run Boston in 2016 (I qualified after the cut off this year) but I will be there cheering my husband and YOU on!!

    • Strides are part of my plan, too for the last week. They’re a great way to keep up the speed!!
      I read your BQ race story right after you qualified–AMAZING!!!!!! I love stories like that! You worked so very hard that I know you can get where I am at now!
      I’m so glad that you’ll be there! Your husband is an amazing runner and I have to tell you I’m pretty jealous that you have a husband who runs!!
      Taper cannot end soon enough for my liking!

  7. Wow not to shabby AT ALL! πŸ™‚ 7:19 MR pace is on target for about a 3:10-15 marathon. Go get it! I’m in the 2nd week of my taper now, I might do something like this in my next build up.

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