It’s owning me& five things I loved about this week!

Marathon training. It’s so fun! It’s rewarding! You learn so much about yourself!

I’m freaking exhausted. Marathon training is owning me! Peak week of marathon training= complete and total exhaustion. And hunger. No, no, scratch that….runger. I had a speed workout on Tuesday and I swear—come Wednesday? I could, and would have eaten you out of house and home.

Let’s recap some runs so far this week…


Tuesday: tempo! My paces ranged from 6:46-7:14, 6:57 avg for 6 miles, 10 miles total-7:24 avg pace 

Thursday-nice easy miles @ 8:03 avg pace. It was pouring rain out but I love to run in the (Warmer) rain! 

Friday-I plan on doing mile repeats today and I just got the best news ever: my track is clear!!!!!!!!!! 

Five things I love about this week….

1. These capris! Thursdays run was really wet but it felt so good! I wore my fave capris from Skirt Sports…they are SO comfy and I love them! (Use code SSGWR20 for a 20% discount!)

I’m soaking wet but smiling!!!

2. Good mail days! 💙💛💙💛 24 more days!!

3. That my last really long run is this weekend. Oh man I need it bad. 22 miles on Sunday morning! 

4. I get to meet my friend M’s new baby tonight!!!! New babies=happiness!!!

5. Yesterday was Greg&I’s 6 year dating anniversary! I still like to celebrate it because the love has to start somewhere! This is the first picture we ever took together…awwww:)

Happy friday everybody! I hope you have a great weekend!


19 thoughts on “It’s owning me& five things I loved about this week!

  1. I hope your last long run went well! Im headed out for my last 20 miler before Paris in 2 weeks!

  2. Too cute ❤ Happy 6 years together!! Hope you kill those mile repeats tonight – I've got 800s on tap 🙂

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