Fantastic is….

…A date with your running partner that you don’t get to see as much anymore! Why don’t I get to see her as much anymore? BECAUSE SHE IS HAVING A BABY!!!!!

I’ve left that off the ‘ole blog for quite a while, but last week when we had our date, she told me I could post this pic! And along with that, I am going to tell you the weird story of how we met, and then give you some reasons why I LOVE to run with people!

I met my RP last year (around mid-January 2014) in the most unusual way. We both had commented on another blog, and on this particular post, the “question of the day” was something like “What is your next race?” I commented that my next race was the Boston Marathon and it was extra special to me due to the fact that I couldn’t finish in 2013 and that I was about 10-15 feet from the 2nd bomb, and less than a tenth of a mile from the 1st.

A girl replied to my comment “Dude, we must have been right next to one another because that’s where I was.” We took a look at pictures, and it turned out she was right next to my patient partner during the marathon bombings and probably 15-20 feet away from me!
(she is the circle, my patient partners’ mom& sister are the arrows)

We commented back and forth on that post a little more about our whereabouts on that day, and then I decided to check out this chick’s blog, The Fast And The Foodiest. I started reading her most recent posts and it turns out – she had just run a race in the next town over from her-Lowell, MA. How about that-The next town over from ME is Lowell MA. We began to email back and forth, and it turns out that we both live in the same town. Weird, right? It gets weirder. We start talking running routes- We run the exact same roads every day. We decided to meet at a spot close to our houses, and little did we know that for the past 5 years- We have been neighbors. We live less than .25 miles away from each other…and had never seen one another before!!

We started running together right away. Running with a partner is Sooooooooo different than running solo. Night and Day.

These are my top 10 reasons running with a friend is way more fun than running solo:

-Getting the “Workouts” done. Even when you are just not that into today’s workout-When you have somebody waiting for you and counting on you to be there, it is much easier to just do it that to wait and do it solo.

-Motivation. Even When one of you is tired, you can count on a partner to help motivate you along.
-Waking up early for a run. When you have sombody meeting you, getting up early takes on a whole new meaning. Its much easier to get out of bed because you know someone is counting on you.

-When you’ve got a good match, running with a partner is effortless. You will draw from each others strengths. We are attune to each others footsteps. When one of us has a “slower” day, running with a partner can get you going faster.

-Long runs. Slogging through miles is better when you’re slogging through with someone else!

-New routes. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine with the places you run. Running with someone else offers you new routes and challenges that you’ve never done before- from hills to hidden neighborhoods, you can learn a lot of new stuff.

-Bouncing running plans off of one another. I love to tell my RP new things I want to try, and she will tell me what she thinks of it and what has worked for her. Only a running friend can listen to you drone on and on for hours on end about race strategies and then give you great feedback.
-New friendships! One of the best things about running with a friend is the bonds that develop really quickly. Running with a friend guarantees lots of long talks about that thing called LIFE. It’s not just time to see your friends, its therapeutic, too.

-Races. Doing a race with a friend is way more fun than doing it solo!

-Safety in Numbers. Not only is it Fun and Friendship-forming, it is safer too. Running at 5 am solo in the dark- dangerous. Meeting my friend to run at 5 am in the dark? Not dangerous. Bringing a friend along means 2 cell phones, 2 of you to be seen on the roads, 2 of you to look out for ice…you get the picture!!

Do you run with friends? If so- Whats your favorite thing about it?


28 thoughts on “Fantastic is….

  1. Congrats to your running partner! I have a running partner, but he’s furry and has four legs and only goes one speed – but still great company when we do run together! There aren’t many runners my age/pace/distance in town, so I haven’t found a human running buddy yet.

  2. That’s a great story! I used to run with a friend, but she got a job and now she’s not as available as she was 😦 I do miss running with a friend! I love just catching up with her and chatting the miles away.

  3. Congrats to your running buddy! I’m pretty sad because my long run partner is moving to Texas this summer, there aren’t too many distance runners in my town and I’m totally spoiled by having found someone who runs all my paces and is a great friend. Partner running can be so awesome!

    • Aww, Michele I’m so sad for you! That STINKS. Being that you’re close enough(in my opinion) to NYC, I would think that you would have a heck of alot more runners near you! I feel like the “big” marathons project a radius of running towns/cities that surround them.

  4. omg that is so weird but awesome.!! I wish I would discover a runner right next to me. haha.
    and sounds like you guys are the same pace also, doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

  5. what a small world! so fun that you two live so close and never met! congrats to her! the only time i had running partners is when i ran boston for the leukemia and lymphoma society and we had saturday group runs. i prefer to run alone, just because i dont want to hold anyone up if i am having a slow day! btw, when i click on her blog link, it doesnt come up, but i googled it and it does!

  6. Fun story! And congrats to her! I’ve been running with friends lately, but only on the treadmills at the gym. Once we start running outside again (hopefully in the next few days now that there is space AND bike paths!!) I won’t be able to keep up with any of them, but it was nice having them next to me in the gym at least.

    • I’ve been wanting to join the gym my SIL goes to all winter so that we could do that! Treadmill running next to a friend is better than treadmilling in my basement, alone. So depressing. I ran on sidewalks this week that i KNOW were not clear two weeks ago..spring is here..although it still doesn’t feel like it!!

  7. Congrats to your RP! So exciting! I have loved running with Erica and the girls this winter. They totally kept me going when I thought I wanted nothing else to do with any of it! Like right now, after a terrible night of sweating and not sleeping well, I am sitting on my floor knowing that I should run and that I will feel so so so much better after but I don’t want to be cold and I don’t want to run on the mill and I just feel ugh. Right now? I need someone to meet that will make me go!

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