Mileage for the Week, March 2-8th

Happy Monday, everybody! Yikes, this one went FAST. Another weekend gone, and Monday is here again. Sometimes, it feels really unfair HOW fast Monday comes. I would just like Saturday to be extended about 24 hours…is that too much to ask??

Tuesday-7 miles, 1 mile @ 8:20, 6 miles @ 7:21 avg.

Wednesday-7 miles, 7:54 avg pace- An attempt at a speed workout, but my mind could not deal with it. Sometimes and some weeks-this happens. I did one mile at 6:25 and decided I did not want to do any more mile repeats. I am realllllllly missing my track workouts this week..The treadmill is just NOT the same. I keep telling myself that I am going to take my butt to Planet Fitness and try out their treadmills but it has yet to happen. I still miss my old treadmill and every time I hop on my new one, I am wishing for it magically morph into the one I loved. Still has not happened, but I will keep ya posted when it does πŸ˜‰

Thursday-Tempo miles. 2 mile warmup, 2 mile cooldown-middle miles at a 7:10 avg pace. 8 miles total.

Friday: OFF. I needed the break. This week was so exhausting at work, I don’t think I could have dragged myself through even an easy run.

This pretty much sums up how I felt about my work week….

Saturday– 20.10 miles, 2:47:24, 8:19 avg pace. I wanted to be faster, however, I’m pretty happy to have pulled off 20 miles at a pretty good overall pace. I felt pretty strong until the very end, and never had the “i just want to die or fall asleep right now” feeling that you sometimes get during a long run. I haven’t been able to do a 20 mile long run outside since December 27th. All of my 20 mile long runs have been split up in some way with some miles outside and some on the mill. I had only planned on 18 miles, but I just went with it and did a full 20. My thought process was that I will be running way less this week (only about 40 miles) because I have a race on Sunday, and I haven’t done 20 solid miles since the beginning of February. Ok, Scratch THAT..I just checked my log and January 31st was my last 20 miler. Whoa, for someone who loves 20 milers-It has been a while! I really miss my 20 mile long runs!
I took an “ice bath” by sitting in a snow bank. I have to say-I have never done that before and it felt REALLY good! Maybe I will actually start doing it on the reg!

After my long run, it was lots of foam rolling and couch time. I’m not one to usually sit around post long run, but this weekend is the only weekend for a while that we don’t have 84,000 plans…so it was kind of nice to have some couch time! My little silly stepdaughter thought it was hilarious to roll her butt just like me…She is too funny and giggled like crazy the whole time..

Sunday-8 miles, three at an 8:35ish pace, 5 tempoish miles at a 7:16 avg pace.

50.10 miles total, 7:56 avg pace for the week, 6:38:07 hours spent running!

Is anybody else as overly excited as me about daylight savings time? It is practically a holiday to me-> i love it that much! Lighter/longer days are soon going to equal warmer days!!! I know that some of you early morning runners might be mad at the time change because its dark out again now, but it will be light out again soon enough, I promise!

This weekly forecast makes me SO happy:

Look at all those 4’s! Amazing!!!

What was your long run this weekend?
Do your kids think foam rolling is hilarious too?


34 thoughts on “Mileage for the Week, March 2-8th

  1. Smokin’ running week and you killed that 20 miler! We don’t have a foam roller BUT my kid does think that draining our lactic acid with our legs put up the wall is a trip. Ha. Have a beautiful week! You are killing it!

  2. Great 20-miler! I’ve never even thought about taking a snow bath…what a great idea!
    I agree, there should definitely be more wine in a bottle πŸ˜€
    Looks like your stepdaughter had a blast making fun of us runners. Just wait until she starts using that one day for real πŸ˜‰

  3. Fantastic runs! I actually considered plunging myself into a snow back at around mile 16 yesterday so it’s funny to hear that you did it (and it worked!) At least this snow is good for something, right? πŸ™‚ I hope you have a great week!!

  4. such a smart idea to sit in a snow bank! way to power through all your runs, including that outdoor 20 miler! i flew out to san fran this past weekend and only had to run like 3 miles…and was sweating in my tank and shorts! so glad i was able to bring us back some warmer weather; boston is finally starting to thaw out…i ran in shorts today!!!! just really hoping the charles river paths get better for my long runs…HUGE puddles on the storrow side, and the memorial drive side isnt even shoveled. i may have to drive out to the marathon route this weekend!

  5. Great long run! And yay for warmer weather – time for all that snow to melt!
    My puggle (who is practically my child) gets very concerned when I foam roll. He stands in front of me and just stares with an upset look on his face.

  6. Nice week Nicole! My long run was only 6 miles … baby steps, but my most solid run since the end of last year πŸ™‚ and my kids usually steal my roller and start rolling themselves ha! πŸ™‚

  7. Yay for a great long run! Well of course you didn’t have one for like ever–you were basically in taper for the month of February, but without doing any of your planned races… I really really hope that this warmer weather holds. Ish needs to melt, yo.

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