Some random Friday things!

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all of your awesome words to me after my ace this past Sunday. I know it was not a planned race for me and I didn’t have a goal time for it, but I am however, incredibly glad I did it. You guys are so awesome for all your kind words!!!!!

Hills are speedwork in disguise and those 18.6 miles were 100% full of hills. On Tuesday, I almost completely skipped my run. I was still feeling “meh” after Sunday. I hopped on the treadmill for a planned 7 miles, and could barely get through an 8:20 mile. BARELY. It was still kind of light outside so I quickly got dressed and headed out the door. I’m SO glad I did! I had an amazing run where my fast splits felt easy peasy. I love when this happens! I think that “running” this race verses “racing” this race helped me to recover faster. Pre-Stu’s, My coach and I had discussed me running it, and then she ended up saying we should focus on my half on 3/15 and not Stu’s because of the hills. Welllllll she was 100% correct on THAT. In the end it only made me stronger, both mentally and physically. If I can survive that, Boston is a BREEEEEZE.


It’s not even funny anymore just how fast I am racking up cancelled races. Yes, you read that correctly…cancelled races. I’m three for three with my third cancellation being a half I chose for next weekend, the Half at the Hamptons…..


Upon getting this cancellation, I was of course, immediately bummed out. But I found another semi local race that came highly recommended by a few friends, and I ended up singing up for last night. At this point, I feel like a jinx though since I keep having races get cancelled on me!
New Bedford Half it is!

My girlfriend got a bunch of these samples for a race she is directing and gave me a few…has anybody tried them? They are DELICIOUS! I guess they are a healthy runners candy. I need to seek them out in a running store ASAP.

Wore my adorable new capris from Skirt Sports the other night….I love this pattern! I can’t wait to show them off Outside!

Speaking of outside–check out what the jacket I’m wearing does…its 100% reflective so it’s perfect for nighttime running (when it isn’t too cold or slippery out!)


have a great weekend everybody!

Tell me something random!


29 thoughts on “Some random Friday things!

  1. lol I think you should laugh or you will cry. Maybe Boston will get cancelled! lol. My training has been soooo spotty and I can’t get motivated. The weather is killing me! I love that you are staying optimistic and continuing to sign up for races…lol. You are an eternal optimist. send some my way girl!

  2. Wow, can’t believe another race got cancelled! Are they offering deferrments for the next year or are you just losing all of your money? LOVE those Skirt Sports capris! So cute!

  3. That jacket is amazing! I adore reflective jackets, although my husband tells me that they make me look like an alien to oncoming cars.
    That’s such a disappointment about a third race being cancelled. Warmer weather is hitting the Midwest this weekend so hopefully it keeps heading east your way!

  4. Holy crap, another race cancelled? That sucks. Was it you that was wondering about the snow melting for the Boston marathon? It’s my first year running it and I’m seriously wondering about that myself! I figure with my luck the weather will be bad, as some cruel joke.
    That jacket is pretty awesome! I would never have guessed from looking at it.

    • Yes that WAS me wondering about the snow melting for the marathon…I’m keeping my fingers crossed because it would be CRAZY if it were to be cancelled in April!!
      Don’t say that! We will have to just keep thinking those positive thoughts!

  5. Three for three.! wow super bummer.. sorry to hear that. Hopefully this time it’ll all work out 🙂
    love the jacket.!

  6. That pic of your reflective jacket is blowing my mind! I love the capris. After you talked up SkirtSports on your blog a few months ago, I recently went there and bought a couple of the Cougar skirts. I love them so much! I get tons of compliments on them and they are so cute.

    Sorry about your races being cancelled! Such a bummer, I don’t know if I could handle it 3 times! You are beast for doing so much racing in the winter, though. The thought of doing a marathon in the snowy, slushy, icy grossness of this time of year is too much for me, so props to you!

  7. Oh the inhumanity!!! Another race cancelation. We are just racking those up this year. No worries you are not alone. I was due to run a half next weekend as well but have withdrawn due to not enough to recover from this injury. So that is 3 missed races for me too this season. 2 due cancelation and 1 due to injury. Love you capri’s. You have the cutest outfits lol 🙂

  8. That jacket is whhhhoooaaaaaa. An dlove the tights. I just can’t even with your races. Alex is bewildered by the whole thing. He was like She’s gotta be so pissed. I was like YA THINK??!!! Well, at least the big boy won’t be canceled, you know that! KNOCK WOOD>

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