If I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck?

What a weird week.

First of all…. I have to say I’m really sorry to all of my readers, and also, sorry to my fellow bloggers…I’m really having an “off” week this week. I have not really sat down at all to write or read blogs. UGH. I’m not liking that. Work has been exhausting. Sometimes I swearNOT taking a vaca is actually easier than taking one. It’s crazy how much there is to do when you get back. Good thing I was well rested to take on the post vaca stress? Hmmmm….

So. My next race was cancelled/postponed: I am Two for two.


(Insert all the swear words here_____________)

I picked the Black Cat out around the same time I had signed up for Hyannis . It is was only two weeks post Hyannis…however, I knew I wanted another race to re-motivate myself towards keeping up my Boston mileage. Although I didn’t register for it until Hyannis was cancelled-in my brain I was always planning to run it. They postponed/cancelled it this Tuesday. Two for two within a week. I hate you, winter 2015.

SO, it was back to the drawing board.…this meant ANOTHER big discussion with my coach on my training, race schedule, future marathons etc…. please let this be the last change up for a while?! please and thank you.

Still, even though it seems things always have a way of working out, I’m sad! My husband says I’m being extremely dramatic and there isn’t any reason for me to get upset. In his words: “You run 500,000 races, and you’re probably going to run 500,000 more.” While All Of That is certainly true–> im just having a hard time getting/staying excited & motivated about running a different race. I was ALL fired up about Hyannis. And BAM! Cancelled. Then I decided to get excited (again!) over Black Cat. I know I should be more “just go with it” but come on now.. when the heck will these weather malfunctions be over? I don’t even have an end date in mind AND, at this point–> I’m seriously hoping there is no snow at Boston. For real, that is not a joke, I’m ACTUALLY worried about the giant snowpiles still being here towards the end of April.

What irks me THE MOST about cancelled races is that I’m still willing to spend MORE MONEY for another one! Yup: I’m mad at ME! As soon as a race is cancelled- I am immediately going into die hard research mode. Let’s be serious-At this point I know just about all of the area races by heart, anyway. YUP..I know where all the races are, and their dates…you could quiz me.. . My coach and I decided on a local half who’s original date had been changed from Feb 22 to March 15. Because it is ALWAYS the same day as Hyannis, I never run itย because it means choosing, and i just love the Hyannis Marathon. I actually emailed the race director to ask if they have any forseeable plans on canceling … If I have ANOTHER race cancel on me, I’m going to lose my ****. Hopefully she doesn’t judge me too much because I put that in the email… #sorryimnotsorry. I will consider my emailing skillzzzz to be a step in the right direction...#imgettingsmarter

I am REALLY excited about my long run this weekend. It’s going to be HARD, but so, so worth it. This coach of mine is really working me hardย and i like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 5.54.03 PM

In other news of Things To Be Excited About… my benefit is on Saturday night..Its an amazing time with amazing people for an amazing cause! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I will do a rare “Saturday post” with some Benefit Throwbacks over the past 8 years!

This weekend one of MY FAVORITES is running her third marathon…The Phoenix Marathon! Please join me in wishing her THE BEST DAMN RACE EVER!!!!!! XOXO Hugs and Kisses, Suz!

HAPPY WEEKEND !!!! Tell me something you’re looking forward to!!


24 thoughts on “If I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck?

  1. So many races are getting canceled around here too! (There was a 10 miler today that I was thinking about and it was postponed for ice. UGH!) I totally feel your pain. We are all going to be appreciating running in the spring so much more! I’m sorry this happened!

  2. Winter has been killing races left and right!!! Such a bummer! That would derail me. In fact, I’d probably rock in the corner with a jar of cookie butter. To SPRING! Dammit. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. Ugh you poor thing… I”m having a hard time getting motivated myself….I need to start racing bc I’m losing steam very quickly over here… I love racing and I really miss it… the Hyannis being canceled really threw me off…. I’m in search of my next/first race of the year and I need to find one fast bc while Boston should be a huge motivator, it’s just too far away for me.

  4. I totally get being upset by changed plans, it really messes with your head, as we know running is so mental! The weather by me has been crazy and I know by you it’s worse. It has to clear up for Boston though, and I think the end is near! Have a great run this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. So sorry another race is cancelled, and it’s so frustrating that you don’t get a refund I’m assuming?! There is a light at the end of the tunnel though…spring will come!! Have you thought about travelling for a race? We have a ton of races down here in DC with minimal snow cover!

  6. Aw Nicole, I’m so sorry you’ve got another race issue to deal with. I really hope March starts bringing some good weather upon us. We deserve it after all that’s happened this winter – most especially you! Now go kick some butt on that long run this weekend!

  7. Ohhhhh twinnie I love how similar we are but I didn’t want you to travel down the same road as me in regards to race cancellations … UGH!!! That makes 2 for you and 2 for me this race season for a total of 4 … DOUBLE UGH!!! With a touch of grrrrr!!! The snow will melt and the warm weather will come for you I PROMISE!!! Hang in there ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  8. Wow, sorry to hear about another cancel. That’s hard- to be so excited and then to be let down like that. I’m glad you’re looking at another race and even emailed the director. I’m sure it will be a go. I know you are destined to run a fast fast race very soon!! Have a fabulous Friday! XOXO

  9. Okay, So I was all fired up myself for Hyannis and boom cancelled! I had already signed up for the 20 miler in Salem figuring I’d be all trained up from Hyannis and my plan was to bring my running down after the 20 miler just a little – as I have been running long since I ran Dublin in October and that turned out badly so I signed up for Hyannis right away and continued training….so we see where this is all going…..it’s like the gods have said no just keep running long but there is no finish line as all your races have been cancelled….crazy, but if there is one thing us runners are is adaptable…..I’m not sure I’ll be signing up for anything between now and the Boston Run to Remember which I run every year…although never say never….good luck with your long run this weekend, I’m sure you’ll rock it….

  10. I was supposed to run the 20 miler in Salem too and I’m SO sad it’s postponed. I’m just crossing my fingers they reschedule for a weekend that I can actually do it. I think the worst part is I got 2 of my really good friends into running finally and convinced them to sign up for the 10 miler. They’ve been working so hard for a few months and they were really excited to do it, and now I feel personally responsible and terrible that it’s been moved/potentially canceled. I was so excited for them and for all of us to do it together and I got a littleeee teared up at the thought of it not happening now. Fingers crossed I’m worried over nothing.


  11. Thank you thank you darling! That means so much and you know you are one of my favorites too and don’t you forget it. I’m super bummed and frustrated for you though. That is just pure and utter bs. Hello, your name is Black Cat so get out a freaking snow cat and plow that ish. Seriously. But I’m glad that you still have some fun torture of your own to look forward too! enjoy it lady!

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