Mileage recap 2/16-2/22

Happy Monday! (sort of!) I know its Monday….and Mondays are DUMB. However, we are THAT MUCH closer to:
-Turning the clocks ahead.
-THe Boston Marathon!

Monday-OFF. Family day in celebration of my awesome father in laws bday! Lots of food & laughs!

Tuesday– 6.85 hilly miles outside in the cold, 7:15 avg pace

Wednesday– 11 mile workout. Even though the weather was decent, I wanted to make sure I hit my paces on the nose, so i chose to do it on the mill. 3×2 mile repeats. 7:28 avg pace.

Thursday-7 hilly miles, 54:21 7:45 avg pace.

Friday-OFF. Lunch with Memere, Sissy, & my mom! ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday- Long run! The original plan had been to run 17-20. I had to change up my favorite long run route because the snow hasn’t melted (at all) yet. You have to be quite crafty with the narrow roads, and I had to devise a unique route for myself ahead of time.

This is how you know your body is adjusting to winter running… You see that the temp for the start of your run is only 14 and you aren’t even bothered by it. In fact, you’re actually pretty excited about it because its not negative temperatures….

IMG_5029I’m pretty happy with my overall splits for my long run. I wish I could have picked back up the pace at mile 11, but the wind had started and was blowing me back like crazy-To keep a low 8 pace was SO challenging..But wind is like cross training, right? (i hate wind.)

Sunday dawned SUNNY. AND 38. AND Did I tell you yet that it was SUNNY???ย I threw the idea of a rest day right out the window because i could RUN IN MY SKIRT. I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador and have received SO many amazing new skirts/capris in the mail and I haven’t been able to wear them outside yet because it’s been CRAZY cold. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by! ๐Ÿ™‚ The skirt here is the “Lionness“. (To save 20% on this beauty, us coupon code “SSGWR20” at checkout.)

(Stay tuned for later this week for more on Skirt-Sports Amazing-ness. You will thank me)IMG_5046

After living in Alaska-Chusetts for the past 2 months…this felt heavenly. Pre-run, I sent my girlfriends a pic of me running in my skirt and my Wifey told me “You are going to get frostbite on your ******” (Use your imagination for that one!) After running in temps <20 for two months…38 was definitely a heat wave-a skirt was NECESSARY! I think that I had a smile on my face the WHOLE entire run due to warm (ish!) weather!

The fact that I can see my shadow in this picture made me VERY VERY happy!! Spring is coming!

47.9 miles for the week/ 7:42 avg pace/6:09:23 spent running

I will be back tomorrow with some tips/observations for you on things I noticed from my long run this week vs long runs on the treadmill, and transitioning back to outdoor running from treadmill running!

Tell me about your runs last week! If you live in the cold areas, could you get outside at all??


26 thoughts on “Mileage recap 2/16-2/22

  1. Woo great running week.! Still sounds cold to me though. ha Over here in Oregon we reached 65 last week.! this weather is crazy everywhere. You look happy to be outside ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great training week! 38 sounds practically like summer now! I was in Seattle for the weekend and it felt so warm! Most of my runs this week were on the treadmill because it’s never getting about 0 degrees in Indiana, but I was able to get outside during my stay in St. Louis!

  3. Lol here in Colorado we bust out the flip flops and tank tops when it’s sunny even when it’s still in the 20 ties . My treadmill last night heated up on my long run and now the belt looks wavy ! Huh? I love your skirts.

  4. Nice work Nicole!!! I had a VERY low mileage week but solid as I continue to rehab my leg. And I accomplished my race goals yesterday but any other info I’m holding close to my vest until my recap post. Soooo no spoilers twinnie ha!

  5. Wha?? 38? Dang, that *is* a heatwave. It’s sub zero here in Ohio so I did my 20 miler on the treadmill last Friday. Not as bad as it sounds because I got to catch up on a lot of DVR’d shows ๐Ÿ™‚ I did get out an run on Sunday. It was in the 20s, so it seemed like a heatwave too.

  6. Haha! I did my long run in 22 degrees with snow and wind and was thinking about how nice it was compared to earlier in the week. This winter has got to let up!

  7. It was so warm yesterday!! Not sure if I would have run in a skirt, but good for you!! I ran outside Saturday and 13 degrees didn’t feel that bad at all. That was my only run outside last week, and now we have lots of snow and ice that will probably prevent me from getting outside most of this week as well!

  8. Ha! I would have put a skirt on too! We had a snowstorm and ice storm this week so all of my runs were on the treadmill, again. You are such a badass. I can not run in those frigid temps!

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