Friday Randomness: Life lessons, some workouts, and some things that make me smile REALLY BIG.

This winter, I’ve learned quite a bit about roofs, ice dams, icicles, and insulation. So much so that you could quiz me on it. Our winter is now SO BAD that there are now plenty of “teachable moments” with the snow. Oh man.. I never thought I would write that sentence!

I am going to teach you some of my new found knowledge, if only for your OWN snow situations!
-roofs are not built to sustain the kind of snow we have gotten. If you do not clear off your roof-you will, without a doubt, have water damage.

clear the ice dams from your gutters. If you do not, you are likely to have lots of big leaks in your ceilings. Ceiling leaks require fixing, which requires money, which leads to weekend/vacation time spent fixing leaks and you know what the bottom line on that is? You will not have as much time to RUN.. OR as much MONEY to spend on sneakers, money, races…etc!!!) (Everything can boil down to that, doesn’t it?)

you can tell how good the insulation is in a house from the icicles on the roof. Really ridiculously large icicles mean that that roof does not have good insulation. During every outside run I have had this week-ALL I have stared at are people’s roofs. (If I run by your house, I swear I was NOT looking in your window, just at your roof!) There is really not a whole lot to look at that isn’t the color white (snow) or brown/gray (dirty snow). My own house does not have the great insulation so my husband is pretty great at doing the roof raking and gutter ice dam removal stuff–> I wish i had taken a picture of HOW HUGE our icicles were but alas, i forgot, and now he is just so great at knocking them all down and there are none left!

-Snow removal from your roof and gutters is a HUGE business right now! How big? $100 an hour big. Get Yo self to the HD and buy a roof rake. This is $100+ less you will have to spend on All Things For Your Running.

I have to confess that I have learned all of these things from my husband, the snow shoveling- snow blowing- roof raking extraordinaire. He is quite the handy man and an actual jack of all trades. This winter, he has been amazing. He has helped out EVERYONE with their shoveling and snow blowing and roof raking. On monday— he travelled around our little town to his various family member’s houses to rake their roofs so water damage wouldn’t happen. WHAT A GUY. #ihitthejackpot

Anyway. I don’t really know why I started this post this way? I Happened to be driving with my hubs to My Favorite Grocery Store and I was playing the “who’s roof has good insulation game” (its not really exciting-but that just goes to show you HOW LITTLE THERE IS DO WHEN YOU LIVE IN ALASKA…aka Massachusetts) that I seem to lately be playing and was also making mental notes for Friday’s post…so VOILA(?) Here is your roof knowledge. #YOUREWELCOME.

What is my favorite grocery store?
TJs. Although, I do think its overpriced..But I know my belly will be VERY HAPPY. (i’ve never been to Wegmans OR to Whole Foods, so please keep that in mind)

I’ve also had some pretty great runs this week. Tuesday’s run was outside, and it was amazing. Wednesday, my coach had me do a hard workout (this wasn’t my original workout..she changed up my plan after Hyannis was cancelled) 3×2 mile workouts with 800s jogs in between, goal pace for the repeats to be 6:50-7:00. At first I thought “why so slow?” because she normally has me cranking at a 6:25-6:40 pace. HAHA. Once I started I knew why…because it was THREE HARD SESSIONS of 2 mile repeats…Thats why the paces were a little easier! I wanted to die a little bit, but in the end, I was REALLY happy they were done and that I could nail those paces. 11 miles total, 1st set of repeats at an avg of 6:56, 2nd @ 6:54, 3rd @ 6:51. HARD.

Thursday, I set out for an easy run that started off GREAT. Halfway through, I almost turned around and went home because it suddenly started snowing and I could barely see out my eyeballs. Not fun. But I kept going because I couldn’t stand the thought of getting on the treadmill. It was one of those days where, if I had gotten onto the treamill, I knew it would have been filled with a lot of start/stop/texting/bathroom breaks…you get the picture. Its great to get outside and find that my legs were quicker than if I had been running with a motor and belt underfoot set to a certain speed.

.I am smiling hugely as I write this: My SIL has a friend, Michelle, who is probably the nicest human being EVER. I posted a pic of this about a month ago, but to recap: Michelle saw these two beauties at a marathon expo and she bought one for both me and SIL. She does not know me, but she bought me this beautiful shirt becuase she knew how much my BQ meant to me. . . I hadn’t seen SIL in a few weeks (we are busy people!) and she brought this over to me on Monday…Michelle even wrote me out an incredible card to go with the shirt(that made me cry!). I’m so touched! I wore it for my workout on Wednesday (because I was inside!) It’s SO CUTE and comfy and stayed dry even though I had sweat pouring down my face. I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!


Happy Friday Everybody!

What makes you smile big?

TJ’s: love it? Never been there? Favorites…do share!
-Cookie butter. It’s SOOOO hard to stay away from it because it actually IS the crack of snack foods.


24 thoughts on “Friday Randomness: Life lessons, some workouts, and some things that make me smile REALLY BIG.

  1. My girlfriend actually texted me yesterday – her mother’s house was unoccupied because they’re selling it – the pipes burst and ruined the ceilings and the floors. Winter sucks!

  2. Definitely love TJ’s and is actually reasonably priced compared to Whole Foods and Wegmens I think. And LOVE that tank top!! So cute!

  3. Interesting all of the stuff you have learned about the super amounts of snow on roofs!! I have only been to Trader Joe’s once and was surprised how expensive everything was. By the amount of food bought at TJs I see on other blogs, I was thinking it was going to be a lot less! It did have a great variety of great tasting foods though.
    Congrats on your great training!! Snow in the eyeballs is not fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hearing things like that makes me kind of nervous to be a homeowner! Hopefully my husband knows stuff like that because I certainly don’t!
    I have only been to TJs like once or twice because we don’t have one thats convenient. Lately we have been loving Fresh Market which is much less stressful than Whole Foods:)

    • We don’t have any Fresh Markets around here…but it sounds like an interesting grocery store!
      I didn’t know ANY of this stuff before him- I used to hire landscapers and plow guys before and call my dad when there was a leak! Our house was built in the 1940s so it is pretty old. New houses have the great technology that incorporates the ice melt plastic stuff in the roof shingles…you should be okay!:)

  5. Hi, I am impressed by your running speed, so much so you have inspired me to run again with a challenge,to get to your speed, probably will not happen in the short term, but I have a goal. thanks

    The t-shirt suits you.

  6. It’s amazing to me how fast you are getting, even since I started reading your blog just this past summer. Keep it up, you are an inspiration to those of us who really want to get fast and wonder if we’ll ever get there!

  7. Getting caught in the snow is rough, but I guess in some ways better than another treadmill run! Having a handy husband is priceless, lucky girl you are! I’m thinking of going to TJs today actually, not my typical store but I have my kids with me and need a smaller store.

    • The fact that TJs is so small is definitely one of its biggest benefits-less to choose from and all options are pretty healthy.
      …although…i have to say that when I was there yday -all of the people who were taking their time reading labels, sorting, choosing….were driving me INSANE bc I couldn’t get in and out as I normally would..I hope you faired well!

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