Well that’s that.

Please excuse me while I continue to cry into my breakfast smoothie.

This news came through late last night…followed up with bonus news that there also aren’t refunds (things have been bought/contracts made) I’m living the snowpocalypse so I get it, I do, I’m just….sad. So this is my moment to whine and cry (I am actually crying like a little kid over here) and waa-waaah-waaahhhh all I want because I’ve been working so goddammotherfeaKinghard on this goal of mine and I’m allowed to be sad and mad and pissed and cranky and want to throw things (I didn’t. Yet.) It feels like something has been stolen from me and I’m really sad about it. I know me, and I know I will take this, spin it positively, and move on. But that day is not today, because today is for wallowing.

Ever had a race get cancelled on you before?
Nope, definitely a first.


58 thoughts on “Well that’s that.

  1. Yeah, I’m really bummed too! I was doing Hyannis also. Thank God the hotel is reimbursing me as I would have been super ticked off…..thankfully I signed up for Black Cat 20 miler on the 7th of March figuring I’d be all trained up from the marathon. So I guess that’s the race replacement instead of extra for me. Last year I signed up for the Half at Hampton and that got cancelled, first time I ever had a race cancelled, I guess I should not sign up for races that are in February anymore…Darn snow……keep running Nicole, you’re doing great and Boston will be epic for you!

  2. So sorry to hear that! That really sucks, both that the race was cancelled and that they refused a refund 😦 Hopefully you can find another race soon!

  3. Yep, this happened to my daughter and me this spring. I was running the half marathon, she’d trained for the full 26.2! my daughter found another marathon to run a few weeks later and had her best race ever! I hope that happens to you. Stay in race shape and good luck! (We didn’t get refunds either)

    • Thanks Meg. that’s great for her! I Wish it was the season of race saturation and that there were a whole bunch to run and train for around here but sadly there are not many until the spring. I’m registered for a few more races that are coming up, but no fulls until Boston.

  4. Well, it’s no great consolation, but the 5 College Realtors 10 Miler could be a great backup race to put some of that awesome training to use. And then find another marathon a month from now maybe? I’ve not had a cancellation yet, but have had to find backup marathons due to injuries setting back my training. So sorry for all affected by this. Winter 2015 deserves a good punch.

  5. oh no!!!!!!! this actually surprises me quite a bit. i went out for a 5 miler today in boston and the streets were clear. i just saw that half at the hamptons is rescheduled from this weekend to 3/15. i am so angry and sad for you! and they should absolutely refund or give free entry next year. so so so upset for you.

  6. Sorry your race was cancelled! I had 3 races cancelled due to bad weather all scheduled in December 2013, Dallas Marathon, St. Jude marathon, and a smaller one in Arkansas. The smaller one in Arkansas rescheduled and I think also offered discounts for the next year’s race. Dallas gave a discount for this year’s race. I can’t remember what St. Jude did, but they did do something. However, when you sign up for a race it always says no refunds so I don’t know why everyone gets so upset when there are no refunds?? Is that just me?

    • Oh wow!! That is terrible that you had 3 races cancel on you!
      I understand the “no refund” clause when it’s something like an injury that causes you to pull out of the race, or whatever else causes you not to run it. But a race cancellation that’s cancelled by the race itself really irks me.

  7. Oh hon. Hugs. You are entitled to every emotion you list and then some. Wallow, have some wine and treats tonight. You will shortly shake it off, re-focus on Boston and completely blow the doors off that race. No doubt!

  8. I got an email from my running club about this, even though I wasn’t running it. They get a team hotel room every year and can’t even cancel the room because of how close in time the cancellation was. I feel really badly for you and everyone else that was running it. That’s what sucks about having a race this big in February in New England.

  9. I’m really sorry to hear this news and I feel your pain. I’ve never had a race canceled, but I had to cancel my plans for physical or family problems and that, too, is incredibly sad. Just sign for another marathon soon, even if it takes some planning and travel, and your training won’t be in vain.

  10. I saw the news first thing this morning and thought of you 😦 I have a half in early March that I am just not sure about . This has been so much worse than last winter. Least year I had eyelashcicles, but at least there was some road to RUN on. I need a freaking treadmill.

  11. That is a MAJOR disappointment. The cancellation of the race is a total bummer but the fact that there is not going to be any sort of compensation? No. That’s ridiculous and I’m so sorry. 😦

  12. Awww, I’m so sorry. I’ve never had that happen to me either but if it happened for one of my marathons I would be devastated. Such a bummer 😦

    Contracts/etc aside, I still think it’s BS that you don’t get refunded. That’s completely unfair. I’m hoping they’re at least trying to do something for you, like comped entry into next years or into some other local alternatives.

  13. I’m so so sorry. I was running the half marathon and as soon as I got the email I thought of you and felt sad. This is the first time I’ve had a race canceled and I’m pretty bummed, even though it was only a half. But on the bright side you can save your body and push it even more at Boston this year. The snow might be all gone by then…

    Remember, there’s always more races. And at least you’re still healthy and injury-free. We’ll get through this winter together, dang it.

  14. I just talked about this… and honestly I’m pissed about the no refund. I live in another state so I can’t collect my shirt, I don’t want a medal to a race that I never ran, and I”m sorry about contracts but lets be honest. I was actually more sad for you because of how hard you have worked and more disappointed because I was thrilled we were finally going to meet up. I’ll be waiting on the positive twist… I’m pissy this morning, I”m saying it,,,,,

  15. I am so sorry to hear that. That completely sucks! I know how hard you have trained. You have every right to throw things today:). You will KILL your next race!

  16. Oh no!! What a bummer. No refunds either? Are they letting you have entry into next years race then?

  17. Poppycock!!!! I just read Charissa post on the cancelation so sorry to hear this news twinnie 😦 I know you have been working your but off for this race. As far as cancelations you might remember that two out of my first four races this season were canceled on me and I live Florida if that says anything so I definitely feel your pain.

  18. I’m with you. It was supposed to be my 1st. Bahhhhh. Oh well. On we go.
    Have you thought about doing the Black Cat 20 mile in Salem? not a full, but more than a half 🙂 (March 7th)

  19. oooh girl. That really sucks! I haven’t had an event cancel on me yet. The marathon is kindof a big deal. You work ridiculously hard for it. Wallow away my friend and I will wallow with. Are there any marathons coming up around the same time you could run?

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