Snowpocalypse training update!

Otherwise known as Feb 9-15. But really? It’s the snowpocalypse. Another 12-16 inches hit us up in MA Saturday night into Sunday. It was a whole lot of fun being snowed in! Oh, wait, no, no it was NOT because this has now become a twice-weekly occurrence. I really love the color white…but I could do without it from now until…Forever? Until the snow melts? Until I defrost from the deep freeze? Yeah…You get the picture..

We unexpectedly had a couple of extra visitors on Saturday night in the form of my favorite niece and nephew! (They’re my only ones…but I”m pretty biased because they rock!) It was so great that these three could hang and play together the whole weekend!

Mileage totals for the week..
Tuesday. Easy run, 7 miles total, 7:43 average pace. I did a couple miles of easy intervals on this run. I would flip flop between my easy pace of 7.6 to a range of 8.2-8.5. I did this for 1 minute intervals for a couple of the miles because i get BORED!

Wednesday: ZERO. I was supposed to do my workout on this day. I just was NOT feeling it. I came home from work with a belly ache, and since I’m in taper mode, I didn’t force the issue like I normally would.

Thursday. 6 miles, 47:13, 7:52 avg pace. Still not feeling a workout so I did 6 easy miles on the mill while watching Nashville. This show is my guilty pleasure!!

Friday. 8 miles, 2 mile w/u, 3 x 1 mile repeats with 800s jogs in betweem, 2 mile cooldown. Mile repeats at 6:35 pace. 59:02, 7:23 avg pace. I actually got UP EARLY and ran before work! Man that feels good when I do that! I walk around all day feeling like I have a secret superpower because the hardest part of my day is already done before 6 am!! šŸ™‚ The only thing that makes it tough is that I have to get up at 4:30, so I’m pretty exhausted by the time I get home from work. Although, Having had one day of morning running back in my life makes me VERY excited for April-October when I will be able to commit to it once again! šŸ™‚

Saturday. 10.64 miles, last double digit run before Hyannis. 1:24:51, 7:58 avg pace.
It was pretty cold out Saturday. I haven’t run outside in about 3 weeks so I made myself get all bundled up and get out there! I did not care that it was cold. I did not care that my face was a little numb. I did not care that I had on 3 layers and felt like a pink marshmallow, or that my hair was so snarly that it took me 20 minutes of solid combing to get out those tangles. I was ecstatic that I was able to get outside!!
Hair snarles and cold temps= still one happy runner!

We got another blizzard Saturday night. (If you are keeping score, this was number 4 in a three and a half week span) Two more big storms are predicted for this week. I think its safe to say that the Grocery stores, liquor stores, and plow men are making money hand over fist this winter. It is unbelievable.


For all of you warm weather peeps, or even those who haven’t gotten hit like us…This pic is a frame of reference for you. Please notice the firepit furniture in the back lefthand corner. That pic was taken Jan 24th while a smaller storm was starting to fall. The bottom picture was taken this morning…You can only see the tops of the chairs now…everything is completely buried under!

Sunday. 5.40 miles, 41:19, 7:39 avg pace. A morning baby shower to celebrate one of my good friends, M! I wish I had taken a single picture but I did not! Five treadmill miles later on at night because my little buddy was under the weather. That meant afternoon snuggles and naps.
37 miles for the week, 7:43 avg pace for the week.

One of my best friends, B, continues to send me these lovely pics on the reg..Love her!

And now I am off to deal with ice dams, leaky things, and cooking up a storm for family night later on tonight! OH, and continuously stalk the Hyannis Marathon homepage. The running gods are hopefully smiling down on me…..

Happy Monday everybody!

What was your favorite run of the week?


24 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse training update!

  1. OH girl, you guys are getting slammed, I ‘m so sorry. My family is as well in NH! We are getting our first snow storm of the season here in DC as I type! The kids are so excited. I had a pretty kick butt tempo run this week which definitely made up for my sucky 16 miles on the treadmill this weekend! Hope you guys catch a break soon!

  2. Good gracious lady! That is some SNOW. I would go crazy!! We are just now getting some kind of wintery mix… And I’m angry!! Lol looks like many mill miles for me as I’m stuck up our little mountain. :-/ I feel like it’s already making me not want to train. Not good. How do you stay motivated in the winter on ‘mill?! Almost marathon time for you!!

  3. It’s been rough here, huh? I’ve been really struggling to get workouts in, so seeing how well you’re managing is inspirational to me. This weather is breaking my spirit! When even Dunkin Donuts closes, you know things are bad here in Boston šŸ˜¦

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