One sentence per a pic Sunday!

A good hair day needs a party! IMG_4894

Wifey and I!


Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita…yum!!!


Heart shaped cookies!!


These two❤️: cousin love!


Leggings ARE real people clothes…now I wait for them to be considered “work appropriate”


Last double digits before Hyannis!


My husband is the best!!!!


Last but not least….
Will it or won’t it???????


Please, please send me all your warm thoughts….a cancellation just cannot happen!!

What’s your sentence today?


12 thoughts on “One sentence per a pic Sunday!

  1. Those strawberry jalapeño margaritas look awesome!!! Love the coach watch!!
    I hope that the marathon doesn’t get canceled – so frustrating to put in all that time training and not be able to run.
    BTW – I read your about page. I’m right there with you on loving cowboy boots – pretty much if I’m not in running stuff I have boots on:)

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