The Friday Bla bla bla’s.

I really don’t have a heck of a lot to tell you all today! It felt weird not to do a Friday post though, so I had to type a quick little something up!

As you read this–I have hopefully already done a run on my treadmill prior to going into work…Fridays are typically the day I take off because Saturdays are my long run days! This week, since I’m in taper mode, it’s way less mileage than usual. Due to feeling a bit under the weather, I haven’t run much this week….only 2 days-and only 13 miles. Ick. I’m going to get up BEFORE work on Friday and finally do the workout I’ve been putting off since Wednesday.. No excuses! (yes, feel free to call me out on it!) My coach has me doing some mile repeats and MAN that makes me miss my track even more than usual! Mile repeats are way more fun on the track!

flashback Friday to my last track workout before Baystate 2014!

I feel more like I’m “going through the motions” with running right now. (RE: all of you who opt to NOT do a spring marathon and NOT train during winter…you are winning!)I’m SO SO excited for my marathon next weekend…but I’m also SO SO over running indoors. It. Is. Killing. Me. I cannot remember my last outdoor run. My Garmin is so sad! I swear I hear it’s little garmin-y beeps beeping out a morse code 1-4-3 in my sleep (who remembers what that means, beeper people!!) telling me it needs me to wear it! I hope I can get outside Saturday before it starts to blizzard…again…


I know I should feel grateful for the gifts I’ve been blessed with and take advantage of all I have developed.. but this is what I’m actually thinking right now: “Bla bla bla bla bla”. I can’t help the overwhelming urge I have to punch Mother Nature in her face. (were you perhaps just thinking this would be a post where I wouldn’t complain about the weather? Oh, you….you’re silly. Of course I’m going to complain about the weather…just grin and bear it from now until March 21, Please and Thank You.) I’m SO Over snow & the bone chilling temps that are accompanying it! (man I’m being dramatic & whiny right now, I know!) It seems to snow EVERY DAY.

(this is my annoyed/exasperated with the snow face. You’re welcome.)

The meme below has kind of been my theme of the week…flying monkeys almost came out a few times…


Ok. So now I leave you with my funny faced expressions and complaints. Hopefully you still like me after all of the belly aching I have done lately! Now it’s Your turn…. please tell me your winter motivations because goodness knows I have complained enough about my lack of it over here. Give Me your survival skills!

and also..who remembers what 1-4-3 meant on a beeper?!

happy weekend!


6 thoughts on “The Friday Bla bla bla’s.

  1. SOO excited for your marathon too! Sorry you’ve been feeling meh, I think it was smart to rest a couple of more days than usual because you definitely don’t want to make things worse now! Mile repeats are tough no matter what, but I agree the track is better! I’m also curious about the weather with your race, hopefully it all works out. I’m glad not to have a spring marathon but I’m already thinking about what I might do for fall if I don’t get into NYC. Too far in advance to think about it!

  2. Ohhhhh … beepers!!! You did not just go there Haha lol love the face in color splashed photo twinnie ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw on the weather last night that you guys are about to get pounder again. Sorry Chica xoxo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. Uggh, I know it’s a long winter up there. My family is in Boston and NH and they like you are still digging out. I must say I don’t miss living up there in the winter! Although it’s still bitterly cold here in DC, but no snow. This is my first spring marathon that I’ve been training for and I don’t think i’ll do another one. All of my runs have been indoors as well with the exception of 1 because of the cold. Looking at 16 miles on the mill tomorrow, that will be my longest yet. Hope you have a great weekend…spring will be here soon!

  4. I never had a beeper, but Alex does because he is a doctor. I got a phone pretty early on (I convinced my mom to let me because I had gotten sick and my brother was driving). I can’t imagine dealing with the weather that you all have been dealing with. We are going to get a major cold snap this weekend, but it is nothing compared to what you all are going through! Stay warm!

  5. Ah I remember that it means I love you! And I also remember that my beeper code was 8517 because its my name upside down (sort of). Ok I have to admit that I am a little grateful to not have to worry about a spring marathon this year..although around here we are having a better winter than last year. Is the weather bad where your marathon will be? Any chance they won’t be able to have it? Its kind of hysterical that I have heard that they cancelled some races around here this weekend for a little snow thats in the forecast. Pretty ridiculous! But who knows maybe there is supposed to be ice. Hang in there- just over a month until spring!! And in that time you have a taper and recovery so less treadmill running!

    • I had a really good friend Lisa back when I had a beeper and I remember typing that!! Haha!!! I’ve actually been wondering about a cancellation this week-it’s in the cape and they aren’t getting as MUCH snow, but I’m hoping they wouldn’t cancel it, I would be so sad! I guess. That’s how people felt about NYC Marathon that year it was cancelled!
      You’re so smart, thanks for the positivity!!:) another taper, spring, and less treadmill running is heavenly!

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