Feb 2-Feb 8th Mileage totals and THE WINNER IS……

Today is February 9th, and I feel like February is already flying right by. Which is GREAT because that means that it is almost March and March is GREAT because it’s daylight savings time AND spring begins. So there is THAT to keep your excitement levels up!! My amazing girlfriend sent me this on Friday night and it pretty much made my night…


So this was as of Friday, minus 3 days from each…so 26, 39, 64, 71…. YESSSSSSSS. I hate to wish my life away but MAN I have no recent memory of being stuck in the house like I have been lately. It’s really starting to mess with my brain. Blaaaa. I have all this awesome winter gear that I’m not using because it’s just not that safe to be outside running. Plows can’t scrape away the snow at the rate its coming!

I like to torture myself and I made my husband drive by my one of my happy places on our way home Sunday night…the track was buried under. The top is Sunday, the bottom is from sometime over the summer of 2014. I like the bottom view best. IMG_4867

Where is the track? Oh thats right, you can’t see it because there is SO MUCH SNOW. GAH….

Wow this post is now getting a little depressing…so I will show you my new favorite gum.  SO GOOD.IMG_4863

Sunday was a quick 6 miler followed with a date to the movies to see Spongebob. Clearly, not my choice for a kids movie but it made my little happy so thats all that counts!IMG_4856

Mileage totals for the week..
This was my first week of a 3 week taper for Hyannis (Feb 22). I would say that all of my runs were fairly decent, but I can’t shake the feeling of being nervous at this point. I have a big goal, and I wish that I was spending more time outside hitting these paces& totals instead of hitting them on the treadmill. I miss outdoor tempos. I REALLY miss my long run route…its funny how certain roads can make you feel “at home” in your running. My favorite 20 mile route has my little sister’s house at mile 12. I love that she is about half way, and if I needed her (or the convenience of her house!) she or my awesome BIL would be right there. I miss that. Ok, I’m getting sad again…MOVING ON!! 39 days! #ICANDOHARDTHINGS.One of my warm weather friends-please send some sunshine love my way, please and thank you!

Monday-off..squats, planks and ab video

Tuesday– Easy run, 8 miles-7:43 avg pace

Wednesday– Workout of 2 x 2 mile repeats with repeats @ 6:40, with a mile between each, w/u& c/d of 2 miles each, 9 miles total, 7:20 avg pace.

Thursday– Easy run, 8 miles

Saturday-15 miles, 3 mile w/u, 10 miles @ GMP, 2 mile c/d.


Sunday-6 miles easy.
46 miles total, 7:36 avg pace, 5:59:52 hours running.

It’s kind of ironic that i only actually spent 6 hours running because I definitely spent a lot more time THINKING about these runs! Well, maybe not the easy runs, but definitely the workouts and the long run!

OK…..I Know what you’re all waiting for! The winner of the BrightLife Go Compression socks is…


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 9.02.42 AM

Rachel, send me an email at thegirlwhoraneverywhere@gmail.com…you get to pick your choice of color (hot pink or black) and size (XS-L). Congratulations!

Has anybody (in the cold weather regions) been able to get themselves outside lately in this weather?

How much snow do you have?

-About a million feet. A million.


17 thoughts on “Feb 2-Feb 8th Mileage totals and THE WINNER IS……

  1. I can’t believe how much snow you have and how its somehow missed us all season. The most we had was about 2 inches in the beginning of January. However, it’s still been super cold and there have been alot of icy days (including tomorrow morning!) It makes me feel a little better that the spring countdown is on!

  2. I’m so sorry about all the snow! I’m sick of it too and I definitely haven’t had to deal with nearly as much as you. In the NJ/NY area, we’ve maybe had close to a foot total over the past couple weeks but our issue is the constant freezing over of all the roads. And it’s not safe to run outside, slipping around everywhere, especially as I am just recovering from injury. I’ll be cooped up inside on my treadmill for awhile too :/ It always amazes me how you can make the most out of all your situations anyway. Way to go! You will crush it in Hyannis despite this nasty weather 😀

  3. Luckily we don’t have any snow down here in MD, but it has been hard to get out of the house when it’s below 30. You’ve had a solid week regardless #YOUCANDOHARDTHINGS! 🙂

  4. Nice solid week Nicole!! 🙂 And I know the answer to you and your family’s snow issues … FLORIDA lol … just sayin’ you’d have “Heather Runs Fast” and myself to train with just to name two peeps 🙂

  5. I am in Whiteland too, surrounded by castles of snow. I always loved spring, I never thought I could love it so much as I will this year.
    I have been treadmill bound for the last few weeks. I so regret wimping out in January the few days that I could have run outside.
    I am supposed to run Hyannis too, my 1st one. I am so nervous that I have not been able to run outside.
    How would you describe the course? is it flattish?

    • It is a flat course. I’ve done this race a few times, it’s a really good one!
      If I think of it, I’ll post the elevation on the blog this week:)
      Here’s to hoping that spring comes in march and not may! And may we be able to get outside later this week?? THAT would be HEAVEN!

      • You are truly awesome, thank you! I can’t wait to cheer for you at hyannis 🙂
        and yes, spring as in ” Starting March 22nd you use the verb “snow” and the phrase “it’s cold” only in the past tense”

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